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85.55% Into the Anime World- Dragon Ball / Chapter 77: Chapter 77: Krillin takes two challengers at once

Chapter 77: Chapter 77: Krillin takes two challengers at once

Piccolo and Gohan are staying together and the first person they are up against is Botamo (yellow rubber bear) and Gohan alone fights against him

And without even showing his full power, Gohan manages to defeat Botamo with ease but then they are challenged by Obni and Rubalt, the last two remaining fighters from Universe 10, and Gohan is having a hard time.

But it didn't take much time for Gohan to understand how he can fight back and so he wins his battle also.

And then Universe 10 is also kicked out.

The story played as it should and soon the main battle for each fighter of Universe 7 came in front of their eyes.


As the cold wind blows around the stadium, Krillin looks at his new opponent who he has seen before

They are none other than the fighters of Universe 6, Frost and Auto Magetta

"If you want, I can give you a chance to jump off from the arena or I can myself take the liberty to inflict such a huge amount of damage that you will beg me to kill you"

"you really speak like our Frieza, but then again, this was expected considering you are our twin universe.

As for my answer to your suggestion, my answer is NO!"

Krillin gave his answer without any hesitation, there is no fear in his words and his eyes are filled with the spirit of a martial artist.

Supreme Kai, Elder Kai, and Beerus made a concerned look as they looked at Krillin's opponent, they know that Krillin is a pure earthling and that puts him at a big disadvantage when it comes to growth but still

They all are hoping for the best.

On the other hand, Champa is shouting as loud as possible and telling his fighters to make sure they kick Krillin out of the ring no matter what it would cost them.

That battle….. BEGINS





Frost took the first step, he launched a laser at Krillin but Krillin managed to dodge with ease then it was Auto Magetta who appeared behind Krillin to attack him from a blind spot but Krillin one more time manages to dodge another attack

"impressive for such a weakling to make such movements


How long can you do it?!"



Frost launches one after another Ki bullet at Krillin as he follows Krillins movement, Krillin still manages to dodge all those bullets while he also manages to block a few attacks from Auto Magetta.


-At Vegeta's side-

Nappa looks around the place, he is sensing one after other strong foes and he is starting to feel an itch in his whole body to make a move.

And Vegeta can notice the body movement of Nappa, he knows that Saiyans love to battle and he himself feels the desire to battle let alone Nappa.

"You want to fight?"

"umm… No Vegeta

I will guard you until you are back to your full health"

"Hahaha, I am happy to hear those words but it's okay if you are feeling the desire to battle strong opponents

I know our Saiyan hearts

But do not worry, you shall have your chance to battle a strong person

A very strong person"

"Are you referring to that Jiren, from Universe 11?"



A giant explosion takes place somewhere in the arena and the whole stadium shakes because of it.

Vegeta can sense the power of Goku, fighting against Jiren

"hmmm… yes, you are right.

You shall fight him very soon"

"That man is sure strong

It will be fun hehhee"

-back to Krillin's side-




How long can you keep this up?!



These two are becoming a pain now"

Frost and Auto Magetta are enjoying their time against Krillin and so far it looks like Krillin will lose this battle and this is making everyone worry




*Deep Breath*

Krillin jumps high up in the sky and lands away from Frost and Auto Magetta, he takes a long deep breath and then looks at his opponents.


Frost is giving an evil smile, as Krillin right now is corned, behind the large boulder is the edge of the arena, and if things go how they have been going so far then they can push Krillin away from the arena.



Don't you dare lose to them at the very least or I shall destroy you!!!"

Beerus shouts at Krillin, he doesn't want to have his fighter loose yet so he warns Krillin.

Krillin closes his eyes, he knows his situation better than anyone else and he didn't pay attention to Beerus words but when he opened his eyes


The whole air around him changes.


Don't you dare loo-


Even Beerus and Kai's can feel the change in Krillin.

"Hmm, you don't want to move anymore?

Guess you accepted your fate

Alright then, allow me to send you off in one go

Without… making you feel any pain hhehehe"

Frost charges his Ki around his right hand and aims at Krillin while Auto Magetta prepares himself to make sure he catches Krillin if he tries to dodge the attack



An energy bomb is being launched by Frost at Krillin

"THIS IS IT!!!!" Champa shouts in excitement, for him- it is confirmed that Krillin is out


At the very last moment, when the bomb was about to land or touch Krillin


"Water Stream Art- SHIELD!" [or water stream fighting style, taken from OPM Bang]





"What was that?" Frost asks in a face filled with complete shock as the bomb he charged up was meant to throw Krillin away from the arena but it didn't happen… how? And why?

"What did that chibi do?" Champa asks in surprise as he didn't pay any attention to Krillin because he thought that its there win for sure

Whis, to Beerus and others, explains-

"It seems like Krillin san has achieved a new height in his Martial Arts and he has long surpassed what a mortal could achieve.

He is now standing in a different realm which no mortal has achieved and this is the fruit of his own training.

Just before the energy bomb could land on him, Krillin san moved his hands in a way that created a dome around him

And his hands were filled with a concentrated energy that created a water stream-like effect that destroyed the energy blast without facing any backlash during the whole process."


Supreme Kai (Shin/ Kiao Shin) is shocked to hear this, he never expected to hear such skills be used by Krillin, an earthling.

In the arena-

Frost and Auto Magetta are shocked to see Krillin alright but they are not so done with him

"Nice… how about this one then!"





One more time Frost launches another energy bomb and then, just behind the bomb, Auto Magetta launches himself to make sure Krillin is done for good from this one attack


Krillin opens his mouth and sucks a huge amount of oxygen and then he pushes his body to a whole new level


Every single muscle in his body bulges a little bit as Krillin awakes his "Force Breathing" skill that allows him to push his body limits to a whole new level for some time and his eyesight also increases by a huge margin.

*Force Breathing- x2

Current Battle Power 20 Billion with additional eyesight and other buffs*

"Water Stream Art- SHIELD!"



"You may survive that, but what will you do against Auto Magetta?!!!"


"You are done!


"Water Stream Art- Roaring Fist!"





Frost had his eyes go all wide in surprise as he sees Krillin not just blocking Auto Magetta's punches with his own punches but also pushing back Auto Magetta with his own punches

Something which was not even done by Vegeta in his base form, let alone some earthling who is so not so strong.

But that's not the whole issue here, the issue is that even if Krillin is using the Force breathing method to double his power, he is still not so strong as compared to Auto Magetta let alone push him back so how?

How is Krillin able to do it?

"I don't know how this young man is able to do it, but he is doing amazing for now" Elder Kai remarks as he looks at Krillin who is pushing away Auto Magetta

Whis, speaks, or explains-

"The answer lies in Krillin sans hand if you look carefully around his both hands

You shall notice concentrated ki

And this Ki doesn't belong to him but it's the Ki that is being collected from his surroundings.

As for how he is able to do it? I believe he is the only one who knows the answer to that question"


Supreme and Elder Kai are completely speechless after hearing Whis as using Ki from the environment is no small feat and that too by an earthling on a stage where the whole universe is on the line.

The pressure is HUGE



Krillin screams as he pushes Auto Magetta away and keeps on pushing him further and further

Auto Magetta is surprised but just when Krillin was getting his momentum




An energy beam was launched by Frost at Krillin but thanks to his sharp senses, Krillin manages to move away.

"In the end, even a midget like you does have some special skill

But not anymore!"


Both Auto Magetta and Frost launched a group attack on Krillin


. . .

To be continued-

mrCat mrCat


Time for a mass release... but not today, but on Xmas night

Now, time for you all to guess who will be lasting till the very last moment (except the MC)

and also, who will have the most surprising battle?

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