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92.22% Into the Anime World- Dragon Ball / Chapter 83: Chapter 83: Universe 7 lost 3 fighters

Chapter 83: Chapter 83: Universe 7 lost 3 fighters

Krillin walks to the side of Vegeta and Nappa leaves the place.

When asked about the situation, Vegeta tells Krillin that they will be facing Ribriaanne by themselves and this surprised him a lot as a duo with Vegeta is something he never expected to be in

Even Beerus, Supreme Kai, Elder Kai, Beerus, and Piccolo are surprised to hear such a suggestion by Vegeta as Vegeta is not someone who likes to join hands with anyone and likes to fight by himself only.

But today, Vegeta is proposing to fight together

"ara… I guess I am getting old

Prince Vegeta has become a fine man who knows his limits." Whis remarks after seeing how much Vegeta has changed as compared to the first time he met him.

Back to the arena-

"Your sure about this Vegeta?

I mean, I don't think that we will have that co-ordination that you had when you fought together with Goku"

"No, don't worry about it

Be it Kakorot or you Krillin

It doesn't matter to me who my partner is as long as I know their fighting style, I will be able to match myself with your level of skills and that will give us a good co-ordination

Do not worry, you and I have trained a lot inside Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Did you forget that already?

So I know very well what you are capable of performing

Do not worry about anything and just believe in your skills, today we will show the world what it means to have a duo"

Krillin didn't say anything as Vegeta has made up his mind, he gulped his saliva and got ready for the battle.

Ribrianne jumped up in the air and showed herself to them, she is all good to go.


Doesn't your friend have any decency?

Doesn't he know that you have to be gentle with girls or else he will face judgment for being so brute?" Ribrianne asks Vegeta as she makes her own funny angry face.

Vegeta didn't pay any attention to it, he stretched his back and neck and got ready for the battle.


Not gonna run this time?" Ribrianne asks

"No, I am all good.

By the way, can you… take us both at a time?"

At Vegeta's question, Ribrianne released a heavy air from her nose in a funny manner and said "Love can take anyone no matter what the number is!"

"That's what I like to hear



"Let's go!!!"




The air goes wild as both Krillin and Vegeta attacked from the front but Ribrianne blocked their attack with ease

"Do you really think that love will be beaten by your tiny strength?" Ribrianne asks in her mocking tone

But to her and everyone's surprise,

"Well well well… I guess there is no point in going for a warm-up match

Lets go all OUT!!!




Ribrianne is shocked as the power surges in both Vegeta and Krillin

Krillin activates his force breathing, while Vegeta goes straight to his SSJ 4 form



And finally, they pushed back Ribrianne but the battle is not done yet.


"I will be taking the lead, you follow up"





Vegeta takes up the lead as he holds much raw power while Krillin will give his assistance and follow up as the situation needs him.

[Vegeta- SSJ 4 form- 1.5 quadrillions]

Vegeta goes first and launches one after another attack at him without giving Ribrianne any room to push back

"AYE, you can't win against me!"


Ribiranne manages to grab Vegeta's fist, but Vegeta gave her a smile and then he landed a kick at her face

Freeing himself from her and jumping away from the place.


You also are not a delicate Person!

I am go-


Ribrianne was cursing Vegeta for kicking her in her face, but suddenly she notices Krillin who has charged up his skill



"Pretty Cannon!"

Ribrianne launches her own energy attack at Krillin's Kamehameha, a pink heart shaped bomb


A huge explosion takes place and everything gets covered in dust


Where are you?" Ribrianne asks as she looks around the dust and tries to find Vegeta and Krillin

But to her surprise


Vegeta appears out of nowhere near her and starts launching one after another punch at her




I hate you!!!

You don't have any delicacy!!!!"

Ribrianne screams and then she releases a huge amount of power


The ki from her body destroys the dust around her and now everything is visible to her


And now she is not just able to fight back but also push back Vegeta


Vegeta is shocked to see how well Ribrianne is doing against his attacks and then she made a special attack on him

"Rear Impact!"


Ribirianne jumps one more time and starts rotating like a wheel, and goes straight at Vegeta, targeting him with her buttock this one more time confused Vegeta to whether he should attack her weird laughing face or that buttock he should not and this cost him to get crashed against her buttock


Vegeta is sent crashing on a boulder and Ribrianne gave out a big smile, she is happy with her attack

"That's what you get for not being delica-"


"Roaring Fist!"


Krillin appears out of nowhere and sent her crashing on many boulders with his fist.

"Don't forget about me" Krillin tells Ribrianne as he clears away dust from his fist and then looks after Vegeta

"Vegeta, are you okay?"

"yes, I am

I was just confused to whether i should attack or not

You sh-

Behind YOU!"

Vegeta shouts and Krillin hears him but its too late to respond


Ribrianne launches herself at Krillin as she rotates vertically, making a pink aura around her, and at a high speed she crashes into Krillin



And Krillin goes flying away, not eliminated but got sent flying away far


Now that he is down, it's only you and me" Ribrianne tells Vegeta as she gave out hot air from her nostril

Vegeta stands firm and calms his breath, he is ready for another round.

"I guess I have to fight by myself now" Vegeta remarks as he looks around him, finding him all alone

"Guess it's time to show my cards"






Vegeta started showing his amazing skills, now that he is left alone and has to fight

Ribrianne may be stronger than Vegeta, but when it comes down to pure skills… only a few can manage to be compared with him

Using his Gods Step from time to time, Vegeta managed to land one after another blow from the blind spot of Ribrianne and started pushing her back


Stay in one place!!!


Ribrianne casts her flying skill to create wings with her Ki to get the higher ground and then attack Vegeta

But to her surprise, her flying skill is of no use



How can you even come so high in the sky?" Ribrianne asks in disbelief as she sees Vegeta near him

Vegeta gave a reply, "Till the time I can see you or sense you, I can appear by your side with no restrictions"




One punch in the gut and Ribrianne is sent crashing to the ground


"FINAL...…. FLASH!!!"




A huge explosion takes place and Ribrianne is sent flying out of the ring.

The winner of this battle is Vegeta


"huff huff huff

Fuck, I used up everything... huff... I had to make sure she is out for good"

Vegeta could have saved up some energy when blasting away Ribrianne but he didn't want to lose his momentum and neither he wants to face her Giant Form

Thus, Vegeta used almost everything he had to make sure the explosion is more than enough to put her down for good.

On Goku's side-

Goku, Gohan, and Android 17 manage to defeat the last remaining warrior of Universe 2 and Universe 2 also vanishes from its existence.


Its only 4 universes that are left.

Universe 4, who still has his invisible fighters

Universe 6 still have Kale and Caulifale (dr. rota has also been eliminated in the crossfire)

Universe 7 who have Goku, Gohan, 17, Frieza, Raditz, Nappa, Krillin, Tien and Vegeta

And finally

Universe 11 has Jiren, Top and Dypson

Seeing the numbers alone, it's clear that Universe 7 has the highest advantage, and just when Beerus was feeling great about his situation….

Krillin, Gohan, and 17 appeared by his side



Universe 11, lost 3 players in a second, and Quitela, God of Destruction from Universe 4 gave a big evil smile.

At Tien's side-

"So you are the fastest huh?"

"yes, what about you?"

. . .

To be continued-

- - - -

Authors note-

I wanted to post 2 more chaps but... naa

I wanted to have some time for myself also Afterall its Christmas eve

And also, i am feeling exhausted

Thought that i would be able to make a mass release, but i guess i overdid and didn't manage the time properly and that cost me in having less time for so many chaps.

Thus, its a small mass release only.

I will be pasting more chaps in the future, there will be 5 chap at the very least per week, but when they will posted is not confirm as i need to manage my time with two jobs.

So... sorry for that

But most probably, there will be an update on Saturday or Sunday for sure.

and yes, the story will go one and after this tournament is the Super Heroes arc, then the Broly movie arc, and so on...

See ya

Have a great Christmas NIGHT!!!!

mrCat mrCat

karma is a BITCH for Beerus ahahaha

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