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96.66% Into the Anime World- Dragon Ball / Chapter 87: Chapter 87: Nappa The Saiyans Pride

Chapter 87: Chapter 87: Nappa The Saiyans Pride

The reason for Vegeta's anger against Frieza is simple, every single plan he had was ruined by Frieza.

The time Vegeta came to know about the tournament, he started making plans on how he can win against the monster Jiren and what are the possibilities of losing the battle.

For sure, Goku has the plot armor so he will remain in the tournament but is that what Vegeta wants?

Vegeta wants to be no.1, it's now his own desire and he wants to be the one beating the shit out of Jiren but it is not so easy and that is the reason why he created a plan.

Raditz and Nappa are more than enough to give Vegeta a hand in defeating Jiren even if he is not fully healed but having a few more hands is not so bad.

But after seeing how strong Jiren is, Vegeta made some new plan when he was hiding from everyone else about Krillin also participating in the fight against Jiren.


Krillin lost due to his own carelessness and this made Vegeta worried a bit seeing how the story has changed

so Vegeta thought of eliminating the last two remaining fighters of Universe 4 as that would eliminate the chance of them pushing other fighters out of the arena when they are exhausted but, in the meantime… Frieza just blew up both Dyspo and Tien

Completely ruining his new plan of using Tien against Top as of right now... Nappa is not fighting against Jiren but TOP.

During the time when Nappa showed himself, Jiren felt something inside him and so he starts meditating.

He is going to receive a huge power boost when he wakes up, so Nappa tried to stop him but he was stopped by Top

And so, the battle between Top and Nappa begins while Raditz is recovering his stamina.

Seeing this very situation, Vegeta made plans to use Tiens Nen's ability while he provides some healing to Tien as they get a good defense from Nen


Frieza ruined everything and now Vegeta is pissed off

Things had long been looking grim for Vegeta and he was already at the edge of losing control over himself because of how weak he is right now

And then Frieza doing his own stupid things was the only thing left that gave the final push and now Vegeta wants to kill Frieza for good.



Both Vegeta and Frieza looked at the person who fell near them and to their surprise, its Nappa

"I am not down yet!!!!!!!"


Nappa stands on his feet and releases a huge amount of Ki, showing Top that he still has more to show, and at this time only the two (Vegeta and Frieza) put their anger to the side as they have an enemy to fight

"Nappa, calm down

Don't lose focus"


Uhh… you are right, I always lose focus

Thanks for the call"

Nappa realizes that he is being controlled by his anger and within a second he calms down and then looks at Top.

"Are the three of you gonna come at me together?"

Top asks as he looks at both Nappa (in his Saiyans Pride Form), Frieza (Golden Frieza Forn), and Vegeta (in his SSJ 4 form)

All three of them are looking like they are ready to go against Top so his question is valid.

Nappa wanted to reply that he alone is more than enough but Vegeta stopped him and said "Don't know about him (Frieza) but we are going to come at you together"


"He is strong Nappa, there is no reason to hold back against him

Lets put him down"


But before these two could leave, Frieza told them "Seeing how you both are ready to join your hands against one person

My heart is filled with all sorts of emotions

HOOOO hohohoho

Allow me to give you both some assistant


Make sure you don't come in my way or else it could hurt you a lot"

"We will see that who is gonna get hurt" (Vegeta)

"Come, all three of you!" (Top)


And so the battle begins-





Both Nappa and Vegeta are the ones to take lead in this battle while Frieza also assisting time to time in this battle.

Nappa tried to smash his fist at the head of Top but Top was able to block his fists

"Useless!" (top)

"Really?!" (Vegeta)

Vegeta came out of nowhere and lands a strong kick from the side, sending Top crashing into many boulders


"HOOOO hooo hohoho

Here is a little helping hand!"



Vegeta and Nappa wanted to keep the momentum going on when suddenly Frieza launches a giant energy bomb at them and Top


Vegeta curses and jumps away with Nappa, out of the explosion radius.


The explosion was big and loud and when everything cleared out, only pebbles could be seen in the place where the explosion took place.

"Where is he?" (Nappa)

"Don't know, but seeing that he is not in spectators place-

He must have gotten pushed inside the ground due to explosion" (Vegeta)

"HOOOO hohoho

What less can you expect from my pow-" (Frieza)


The moment Frieza opened his mouth, they all heard Top's voice, and then appeared a purple light


and so Top appears in front of everyone in his rugged clothes and eyes that are filled with anger

"So he is also now going all out huh

Get ready Nap- !!!!!" (Vegeta)



Before Vegeta could finish his sentence, Top appeared in front of Vegeta out of nowhere and smashed his fist right at the middle of his chest- at his heart



Vegeta crashes into hundreds of bolder and finally stops when he crashed at the middle time pole.


Nappa screams Vegeta's name, but that was his mistake as he gave an opening to Top


"Should you be worried about him?"



With the destroyer's energy surrounding his whole body, Top attacked Nappa and sends him away crashing a few boulders.

And then he looked at Golden Frieza

"now that they are away from the picture, it's time for you to go down!"

"Hooooo, is that so?

Then why don't you show me how you are going to put me down, Top San?"

Top points one of his hands at Golden Frieza and calls forth destroyers' energy




Top creates a massive sphere of energy of destruction and launches it at Golden Frieza

And Frieza tries to stop this massive sphere with his bare hands only to get destroyed by it.



When the dust clears up, the destruction done by Top is visible to everyone.

All three, Vegeta, Nappa, and Frieza are down on the ground.

"This is bad, this is BAD!

We only have 5 fighters, but seeing the situation it looks like we are gonna lose some more

Just what are these Universe 11 fighters?"

Beerus is worried about his universe's survival and Belmod, God of Destruction of Universe 11, is giving a very pleasant smile as he is happy to see the performance put on by his two best fighters.

But suddenly they hear a scream


Followed by a destructive noise


The final fighter of Universe 11 is also down and so Universe 11 also vanishes from its existence.

And now it's only Universe 11 and Universe 7 in the arena.


This tournament is really amazing!

Only two universes are left"

Zeno's remarks as he looks at the arena, he is really happy with how things are going on.

In the arena-


YOU… You pathetic ANT!!!!




Frieza, reverted back, somehow manages to stand back on his feet, and starts charging his Ki to attack Top

He is really angry and this caused him to forget his own current condition and the condition Top is in right now

The moment Frieza charges his ki, Top notices him






Top charges at Frieza with his Fist first and then launches a barrage of blows at him and then lands a final blow that pushes Frieza away

And then Top launches another attack-

"Destructive Fracture!!!!!!!!"

In his destroyers form, Top lands a heavy blow on Frieza's stomach, squeezed his head, and then tossed Frieza out of the arena



"FUCK YOU!!!!"

Frieza curses as he looks at Top from the spectator's side but it's all useless as now Top is on its way toward Nappa to throw him also out of the arena




Red flames emerge from the place where Nappa has crashed and soon these red flames disappear and the whole air around the arena becomes heavy as Nappa stands back on his feet.

"I wanted to save this power against Jiren but I guess I should leave that to others and put you down first"




With every single step that Nappa takes, the whole arena trembles, and when Top looks at Nappa, he is surprised to see Nappa with increased height and a more buffed body.


Nappa stands in front of Top and looks down at the face of Top

"It would have been better if you had shown such skill before rather than waiting all this time"

"It doesn't matter, be it before or now




*SSJ Pride Buff, from x1m – x10b*

*Nappa, full power = 5 sextillion [base power (500 billion) x SSJ Pride Peak buff (10 billion)]*

*Nappa, Full power (5 sextillion) x controlled Rage (x3) = 15 sextillion*


*Top, full power burst = 15 sextillion*

. . .

To be continued-

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