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98.88% Into the Anime World- Dragon Ball / Chapter 89: Chapter 89: Raditz vs Jiren again

Chapter 89: Chapter 89: Raditz vs Jiren again


A huge burst of ki could be felt by every in the arena and in the spectator's place as Nappa stands back on his while he didn't lose grip on Top's hand.

As Nappa stands back on his feet, he looks into the eyes of Top and one more time tells him "MY PRIDE IS BIGGER THAN YOU!"


Top is completely speechless right now, he is shocked to his core from seeing how Nappa stood back on his feet and that too when he clearly made a headshot to make sure Nappa is down but he is standing



Nappa lands a punch right at the guts of Top, making Top throw saliva from his mouth but Top is not an easy person

Top is still standing on his feet and as he grinds his teeth from pain, he tells him "Do you think its enough to put me down?!"


Top also lands an attack, on the face of Nappa, but

Nappa didn't even flinch



Top shouts as Nappa pulls him up and then throws him on the ground




Nappa is not done yet, he one more time screams and again pulls Top and then he throws him on the ground again


And again


And again


And again…

Nappa kept on throwing Top here and there on the ground, boulders, rocks, and much more.

Top tried to free his hands but he could do so as Nappa is in his complete rage form where he has lost all control over himself

So, right now, even though Nappa is completely exhausted- he is still far stronger than Top in his current exhausted state.





Top is one more time throw on the ground but now he is also done with his tag play.

One more time, even though exhausted, Top releases his destroyer's energy and launches this energy at the face of Nappa


"This should put you down"

Top remarks as he sees that Nappa is now standing motionless, but just when he was trying to free himself




Nappa moves his head and gets close to Top, scaring the shit out of Top, and then smashes his fist at the head of Top

Literally pushing Top's head into the ground with one punch and still, Nappa is holding the hand of Top



And so Nappa launches a barrage of fists at the head of Top and finally, he stops after a while

"is this it?

Did he win?"

Beerus asks as he looks at Nappa, unsure about Top being down or not, and on the other hand

Belmod is feeling worried as his 2nd best fighter is getting manhandled but Nappa.

*heavy breathing*

With his heavy breathing, Nappa starts taking his steps in the direction of the end of the arena

And seeing this, Beerus becomes really happy and cheers for him but soon his happiness fades again as he sees Top launching an energy blast at Nappa in order to free himself.


Beerus remarks seeing how the situation is right now and seeing him, Whis suggests to him


Beerus Sama, I advise you to not smile a lot as overtime you smile- something wrong happens"





Top stands back on his feet and launches one after another attack at Nappa, but still, he didn't manage to lose the grip of Nappa on his hands

But Top kept on hitting in order to put Nappa down

Still, Nappa didn't give a shit about it and moved forward as he drags Top with him with no care in the world


Just stay in one place!" Top shouts as he attacks Nappa again and again

But no matter how many times he attacked, be it physically or energy-based attacks

Still, Nappa dragged Top towards the edge of the arena and soon they reached that place.


Do anything but don't fall!!!!" Belmod screams at Top as he doesn't want to see one of his last two fighters down

And Top is also trying his best to free himself from Nappa but he can't


"JUST LEAVE MEEEE!!!" Top screams at Nappa


Nappa turns around and then looks at Top in silence as smoke starts oozing out of his body


Top remarks as he gives out a sigh as he believes that Nappa is completely exhausted and his last push is also over




Nappa gave a wide smile, which is not a warm one but Evil and so he jumps


Top screams as Nappa still had his grip on Tops hand and he pulls Top down with him

And so, both of them are also eliminated from the tournament.


The final battle of this tournament is approaching and everyone had their attention on their fighters.

Universe 7 has a total of 3 fighters still in the ring, Raditz, Goku, and Vegeta

Whereas Universe 11 only has its one fighter, Jiren, but he is their strongest, and now that he is awakened from his meditation…. He is now a lot stronger than before.

But the same is with Raditz as he is feeling something special in him that is not a zenkai boost but related to his Ultra Instinct.

At the spectator's side-

"It seems that the final moment is approaching

All the Raditz San and Goku San have to join hands together if they want to defeat their opponent." Whis remarks as he sees Jiren who is excluding a strong aura since he has completed his meditation.

At his words, everyone agreed but Beerus is not feeling too good as he looks at Vegeta who is still on the ground.

It's clear that Vegeta has taken a huge toll from Top's punch and seeing his battle so far, Vegeta cant give a hand to Raditz and Goku so… it's gonna be a tough fight.

On Raditz and Jirens side-

Both of them opened their eyes at the same time and watched the battle of Top and Nappa

And then they both looked at each other

"You have grown strong" Raditz remarks as he looks at Jiren

There is no need to even fight or use any other method to test Jirens strength as Raditz's instincts are telling him that Jiren is stronger than before

But still

Raditz believes that he can defeat Jiren with his newfound power and with his Susan's support.

Both of them stared deep at each other and so Jiren starts releasing his pressure and this shocked everyone watching him

But just when everyone thought that Jiren has the upper hand, Raditz also releases a huge amount of pressure which transforms directly into SSJ Blue


He didn't stop there

Raditz took a step toward Jiren and as he takes each step, his power kept on growing more and more and more to a point that even Jiren is surprised

Raditz's blue hair turns lighter as a dragon head starts appearing around him and finally he stops near Jiren.


So Raditz San has surpassed the Blue form" Whis remarks, stating that the Raditz SSJ Blue form has evolved

[Raditz Base (510 Billion) + SSJ Blue Evolved (x500m) + with susano (x50) = 12.5 sextillion]

Jiren doesn't need to hear Whis's remarks as he can tell that Raditz is far stronger than before


Is it enough to decide the battle between them?



Goku, after his short break, stands up to see what is going on as he senses a huge amount of Qi from both Jiren and his Big Brother Raditz

And when he looks in the direction of the sound, he is shocked to see a dragon head that is way bigger than before.



One after another explosion keeps on taking around the whole arena as Raditz pushes away Jiren around like a toy


Jiren crashes on many boulders and finally stops himself from getting sent further away from Raditz's attack

"Jiren, watch out!" Balmud, universe 11 destroyer, shouts at him as Raditz is charging a big attack at him.

Raditz raised his right hand and points his palm at Jiren, he said "Dragon Charge"




Every single spectator had their eyes almost pop out from their socket when they saw Raditz Dragon Head start roaring and shaking itself as if it's a separate entity

And then it is launched by Raditz toward Jiren.


With a roar that is enough to explode anyone's eardrum, the dragon head charges itself toward Jiren while Raditz stayed on his spot.


Jiren is standing all calm as he believes that he can take the attack head-on, so he also shows his right hand and charges his energy attack


A giant explosion takes place as both attack lands on each other and a huge cloud of dust takes place in the arena

"it is not enough to defeat me"

Jiren remarks as he stands calm in front of the dust





. . .

To be continued-

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