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100% Into the Anime World- Dragon Ball / Chapter 90: Chapter 90- Ending the tournament

Chapter 90: Chapter 90- Ending the tournament

Raditz appears as he tears away the cloud of dust and lands a kick right at the chest of Jiren


With the dragon's roar, the Jiren is pushed back by the force of Raditz's kick



Everyone from universe 11 screams Jirens name as Jiren is pushed straight toward the edge of the arena

It's clear that Raditz doesn't want to play this match for a long time

But Jiren is not the person to be looked down upon.

"Impressive, BUT USELESS!"


Jiren raised his right foot and smashed it as hard as possible on the ground, literally blowing away the ground behind him and stopping the Dragon Kick of Raditz.


Jiren doesn't want to waste any more time, so he one more time grabs the dragon head of Raditz to tear it apart just like the last time


And yes, Raditz is scared but suddenly



An energy bomb came out of nowhere and lands on Jiren, giving space for Raditz to back off.



It is you…"

Even though Jiren took the attack, he is still fine, and when he looks in the direction from where the energy bomb came

Jiren finds Goku with a big smile on his face and Goku also appears by the side of Raditz.

"You should have taken more rest"

"It's okay, I am all good and there is no way that I can let you have all the fun by yourself"


I don't know how in the world someone like you get born in our family who loves fighting way more than any other Saiyan"


Raditz wanted his little brother to take a much longer break but there is no way that Goku would have stayed away from the battle for a long time so Raditz can't say much.

As the two Saiyan brothers took their family time, Jiren interrupts them by asking them "Are you both gonna fight me?"

"I would love to fight you all by myself alone but I don't think that Big brother would allow me that and also, I can't make any mistake at such a crucial moment"

"So we will be taking you, Scared?"

At Raditz's question, Jiren gave no expression

All he said is

"Its useless"





And so the battle between Jiren and the Two Saiyan Brothers begins.






Raditz shouts at Goku (he is in his SSJ BLUE x Kaio Ken form) as he jumps up in the air and points both of his palms toward Jiren and launches his new attack

"Twin Dragon Charge!"


Two dragons from both of Raidtz's palms came out and as they circled around each other, they crashed on Jiren



Goku knows that even though the attack from Raditz has made the whole arena tremble, it is still not enough to take down Jiren so he charges his Signature move

Goku is ready to launch the attack at Jiren the moment he sees him







Jiren appeared out of nowhere near Goku and landed on heavy punch at Gokus gut, ending his charged-up Ki with that one attack and sending him flying away crashing into many boulders

Raditz calls out to his little brother but when he looked back at Jiren, he is shocked to sense the amount of pressure he is feeling from Jiren

Jiren is done with the play, his whole body is releasing an aura of Destroyer and right now, Jiren is far stronger than any other person in this very moment in this arena.


Raditz curses the situation as he knows that even though he is strong right now, he is still not enough to take this very monster of Universe 11 down.



Raditz launched Dragon Charge one more time and also went behind that attack to make a continuous one on Jiren



Raditz had his eyes go wide as he sees Jiren standing all still.




One punch from Jiren, broke away all the defense of Raditz and he is sent straight crashing at the time pole in the middle of the arena

Just a few feet away from Vegeta.


What the…"

Raditz is shocked to his core, the power-up he got from his rest didn't work against Jiren

Even the spectators, Tien, Krillin, Piccolo, Gohan, Nappa, Android 17, and Frieza, are also shocked to see Raditz in his current state.

Raditz has completely reverted back to his base form and even getting back on his feet is hard for him.


This is looking bad for us all" Krillin remarks as he sees Raditz down so bad

Others were also thinking the same and seeing Jiren moving towards Raditz, their worry increases more but then


From the other side of the arena, huge pressure is released by none other than Goku


It's here!" Beerus shouts as he sees the same energy as before, Ultra Instinct

But this time, it is much stronger than before and Whis claimed that Goku is getting nearer and nearer to mastering Ultra Instinct

Jiren could sense this huge surge of power and so… the battle between them begins again




While everyone is cheering for their fighters, at Raditz's side-



So… you have finally gained back your powers?"

"Not really, I expected more but this much will do for now"

"What do you think about that monster?"

"hmm… Monster?

Where do you see a monster?

All I can see are ants fighting against each other.

You can quit if you want to as the winner has been decided"

. . .



The battle between Jiren and Goku in his almost complete UI state is going wild and with each step, Goku is gaining mastery over Ultra Instinct

This is increasing the chance of Universe 7's Victory but Jiren is not the person to be looked down upon as he is able to counter all of Goku's moves.

At Spectators side-

"Its… amazing"

"yes, it is…"

"I have never seen such power"

"They both are giving their best"

Everyone from Universe 7 and 11 is shocked by the ongoing battle between the strongest fighters of their universe and everyone is praising both fighters.

But suddenly, at Universe 7's side-




Everyone is shocked to see Raditz by their side as there is no one who would have eliminated him

Raditz tells them all that he himself jumped out of the arena, which made Beerus angry but Raditz tells them that the winner has been decided

At this, Beerus asks

"The heck do you mean by Winner is decided?

Can't you see that Goku is fighting that Monster Jiren?"

Everyone agreed with Beerus word

"That is right, Goku is fighting with everything he has to offer against Jiren… but even if he does loses the battle

Then also, we will be the winner-"

"and how is that possible?"

"Because Vegeta is up

He has regained back his strength


Raditz didn't need to say anything further as everyone started looking everywhere in the arena to find Vegeta

They all know that Vegeta is strong but isn't Goku right now the strongest with his UI?

This is the question they all had in their mind but when they finally find Vegeta, the question was answered by Vegeta's expression

In the arena-


With explosions taking place everywhere, Vegeta stands all calm while his eyes are closed as if he is not even interested in this battle.

His expression and body language alone is more than enough to tell them all that Vegeta… has received one heck of a zenkai boost for sure.



With one giant explosion, the battle between Goku and Jiren has finally put to a stop and the winner of this battle is…


You have one heck of a stamina"


Goku falls to the ground, he has lost a huge amount of stamina and he needs a short break to get back on his feet.


Everyone from Universe 11 screamed in joy as the battle is finally over and Belmud orders Jiren to throw Goku out of the area

Everyone from the Universe 11 are having an expression filled with joy and relief


This happiness stops when they hear Vados, the angel of Universe 6, say


Vegeta San

Did you finally decide to show your power? hehehe"

And at this moment, everyone felt a huge pressure on their bodies, to the point where even Beerus and the Grand Priest made a serious expression

"So you were hiding your strength all this time?" Jiren asks as he looks at Vegeta walking toward him

"I had my own reasons but nothing matters as this battle ends here."

"You think that you can beat me with your tiny bi-


Vegeta, the moment he woke up from his injuries, received a huge zentai boost and his base power rose to 50 trillion

And all of his buffs are also back with a complete Kaio-Ken Infinity

Vegeta, base power = 50 trillion

Base Power + With Sage God Mode (x100) + Kaio Ken Infinity (complete form x50m) + SSJ Blue form (x100m) = ??????????????????????????????????

Goku has completely mastered his Ultra Instinct form just like the original story and got a buff of x500trillion in that UI state (base power of 100 trillion)

Which surely makes him the strongest in his universe until… Vegeta released his power

Vegeta SSJ Majestic Form power level = 25 nonillion

"You wanted to say something?"

"..." (JIren)


Whatever the tournament ends here"

"!!!!!" (Jiren )

"JIREN!!!!" (Top)


Half of the arena explodes the moment Vegeta made his move.

The Tournament of Power ends here.

. . .

To be continued-

. . .

authors note-


I thought that i would be able to take the pressure and keep the story going on but i was completely wrong.

Working all 5 to 6 days in a week really stresses you out and also the flow or momentum you have when you are writing a story also breaks really hard.

I wanted to keep the story going on but i am not feeling that momentum due to exhaustion (you can see the effect in the latest chapters as they are not well made) and i don't want to overdo myself as HEALTH IS WEALTH

Guess this is how far i can go for now.

I am sorry for not going to the latest chapters of the manga, SORRY

and, i hope to see you in some other new novel (if i write that is ahaha)

One more time sorry and... SEEE YAAA


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