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2.59% Is that a Wisp? / Chapter 22: Time to leave.

Time to leave. - Is that a Wisp? - Chapter 22 by Suiyan full book limited free

Chapter 22: Time to leave.

Krune came back a week later. During his time battling outside against the Foundation Establishment beasts, he got a lot of experience, and he can finally control his human body to an acceptable degree. Although it isn't as good as using his wisp body for battle, it is not without advantages. Later on, he might use weapons with his hands without the need to control the spiritual energy to grab things. His spatial ring is already on his finger, for example.

His human body can also be considered as a defense for his wisp core. His wisp spiritual energy body definitely isn't as strong as his blood and flesh human body. So in a situation where he can't avoid an attack, it would be good to have this body.

Of course, the disadvantages are also very obvious. Krune's mind now also needs to pay attention to where his body is moving and how it is moving. His control over the spiritual energy isn't as smooth either. He has to circulate the spiritual energy through his human body before being able to release it outside to use his skills.

Lakin noticed that his master was back and went out to receive him.

"Master, how was it? How much stronger did you become?"

Krune laughed out. Lakin is still much younger than him, and he has barely surpassed his first year of life, so he is very enthusiastic.

"It's not bad I say, any ordinary demon beast at the 3rd stage of Foundation Establishment or lower is not my match. I can even fight the 4th stage ones head-on. If I go back to my wisp form, I should be able to more or less fight even 5th stage ones too, but I haven't tried it though."

Lakin was amazed, his master is so powerful! He totally wanted to follow his steps, but he had long noticed that his talent with the Myriad Energies Technique is a far cry from his master. Krune took around half a year to get to the peak of the 9th stage of the Qi Condensation. Still, Lakin is already practicing it for a year and is only in the middle of the 8th stage.

If others heard what Lakin was thinking, they would smash their heads against the wall! Bro, it takes us over a decade to reach the 9th stage, maybe even two decades! What the hell are you complaining about?

"Master, do you think I should go for the universe foundation when I try to breakthrough into the Foundation Establishment?"

After hearing the question, Krune looked at him with concern. His universe foundation almost killed himself, and he doesn't want his disciple to pass through the Heavenly Tribulation too. But then again, it was directly linked to his disciple's future achievements, so he couldn't reach a decision. In the end, he decided to leave it for Lakin to choose, whatever foundation he decided to build, he would support him.

"I don't know, this is a very personal question. Remember that Ruik said that everyone can build a foundation the way they like. Still, you must remember that I was able to build the universe foundation because I witnessed your birth. I told you before, my way of operating the spiritual energy in my universe foundation follows the same path as the spiritual energies that gave birth to you. The problem is that you didn't see it, so you don't have a base of how it works, I also don't know any wisp who could remember how they were born."

Lakin looked a bit sad after hearing it. His master is right, he has no idea how he was born. All he knows is what his master told him about the process, but the feeling of that time isn't something that can be explained with words, he will need to see it by himself.

But where will he find a place where a wisp is about to be born? His master had already commented that the number of wisps has been continuously declining, so his chances of witnessing such an event are really low.

Krune noticed what he was thinking.

"Don't overthink it. When you reach the peak of the Qi Condensation realm, you should be able to put a fight against ordinary 1st stage Foundation Establishment demon beasts. You will probably be even stronger than them, so you won't have any issues defending yourself."

"Also, just because you got to the 9th stage, it doesn't mean that you must go through your breakthrough straight away. You can take your time to think over it. Who knows, a wisp can be born anywhere, you might have the chance to see it too."

"I only ask you to keep thinking about an alternative. If by the time that you are three years old, you haven't found a wisp being born, you should consider using your second alternative. We wisps have very limited life spans, and we can't afford to wait much longer. Try to think about something better than the island in the lake foundation. Remember that the more complicated the foundation is, the stronger you will get when you reach the Foundation Establishment. It's not because my universe foundation is powerful that other types of foundation aren't too."

Lakin agreed with his master that it is definitely the best course. It's not that he can't try to build the universe foundation without having witnessed the birth of a wisp like himself. But the chances of success will be too low, it's not worth the risk.

After that, Krune entered the cave.

"Let's go. I have some things to talk with you, Ruik, and those little guys."

When Krune came back inside, Ruik was sleeping as always. Krune then woke him up and brought the lizard Dragons near too. Although the Lizard Dragons are only at the Qi Condensation stage, their big brother has finally broken through the 9th stage of Qi Condensation. He now has sentience, and with Lakin's help, it could already understand words and convene his thoughts through his Divine Sense. With the big brother Lizard Dragon as an intermediary, the other Lizard Dragons could understand the situation too.

"Alright guys, I have always told you that so I will be short, I'll be leaving here tomorrow to go to the city."

Lakin and Ruik already expected that, and the Lizard Dragons were the only ones who didn't know. Not that Krune didn't want to tell them, but because before there wasn't a Lizard Dragon capable of understanding Krune. As expected, as soon as the Lizard Dragons found out about it, they roared in protest. They don't want Krune to go at all, he should stay with them, their big brother even said that he is strong now and will protect him.

Krune felt warm inside. To think that not only Lakin but even the Lizard Dragons also treated him like family. It even made him feel a little regret about the time he killed their parents, but what is done is done. The Lizard Dragons didn't mind it, though. They are demon beasts, and as demon beasts, they worship the strong. It's not like they haven't killed other demon beasts too. They are carnivores, they have to eat after all.

"I know you guys don't want it, but I need to go. I have made a promise over a year ago, and I have to keep my word or die trying. The Katiu forest can only bring me so far. Sure, I can still cultivate here for a while longer, maybe even reach the Core Formation realm here. Still, I can't find any information here. The world outside is modern, several times more developed than our forest. Although it will be more dangerous for a wisp like me to go outside by himself, I already have my human form. Unless I'm willing to show my true appearance, I will be safe."

The Lizard Dragons still didn't like it. But Krune was their leader, and they had to obey. As for Lakin, he looked at his master, and he was determined.

"Master, I will definitely reach the Foundation Establishment in the future, after that I will definitely find you again."

Krune just laughed

"Sure, I will be waiting for you. By the way, it's not like I will not come back to visit you guys. I do intend to leave the planet one day, but before that, I will still look out for you guys."

Ruik, on the other hand, was pretending to be as calm as ever, even though he also didn't want to part with such a good friend.

"So much bullshit, a male has to adventure! Its better die trying than regret never trying in the first place. All Foundation Establishment beasts and above who achieved the human form have paid a visit to the human cities at least once. Although the majority comes back after a time, there is still a good amount who decided to live with humans. There is nothing strange about that. I haven't gone yet because I can't transform. Otherwise, I would go with you too."

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Krune was happy to see Ruik's instance.

"Ruik is right, I hope that before I get strong enough to one day leave the planet, all of you have already grown strong enough to take your humans' form. Who knows? I might even bring you with me when the time comes!"

After hearing that, a look of determination appeared on Ruik's eyes too. Leave the planet! He never thought about such a possibility, but with this heaven-defying wisp, maybe, just maybe, he might be able to.

Lakin was also shining brilliantly. He was obviously hyped out! He will absolutely breakthrough the Foundation Establishment no matter what!

As for the Lizard Dragons, even their big brother didn't understand the 'leaving the planet' thing. Still, by looking at the situation, it seems like something very good. So he told his siblings that they should try very hard too, he will ask Lakin about what leaving the planet means later.

Krune decided that he would give Lakin the authority to pass the Myriad Energies technique forward. Still, before doing that, the other party must sign a blood contract stating that if he or she tried to spread this technique, they would die. Also, he must trust them first before doing that. Lakin is also a wisp, and wisps are very intelligent by nature. With Krune's guidance, there aren't many people or demon beasts out there who can fool him.

Fortunately, Krune had quite a few blood contracts with him, he came to understand that blood contracts are very common outside.

"Ruik, I will pass you my Myriad Energies Technique too. But I will be honest, I don't know how effective it is for demon beasts. Anyway, if you can create my Spiritual Energy Meridians, it should boost both your cultivation speed and your battle prowess tremendously. Just make sure not to spread it outside, it might bring you a calamity."

"Also, although I know that any race can cultivate my technique, they can't learn it as easy as a wisp. The wisps sensitivity for spiritual energy is at a level that very few races might compare, so do not rush it. You are different from us, you have a very long life span ahead, so you can take your time understanding it. If you have any doubts, you can ask Lakin. I passed all my experiences to him. He will be able to answer your questions as long as it is something that he or I have gone through before."

Ruik looked puzzled at Krune. He knows that 'Myriad Energies technique,' and he had heard before that this is the most ordinary cultivation technique outside. He even knows a few beasts that have a copy of it right here in the Katiu forest, so what is good about it? Krune explained to him that he found out that the cultivation technique was not complete. Its real use wasn't supposed to be able to form just nine Pseudo Energy Meridians but to form real Spiritual Energy Meridians instead.

He explained to him how marvelous the Spiritual Energy Meridians are. By the end, Ruik was astonished! Is there such a heaven-defying cultivation technique? Ruik looked ecstatic, and Krune wasn't going to make him sign the blood contract. After all, he trusts Ruik. But to his surprise, Ruik demanded a blood contract. It's not that he will slip his tongue, but that the blood contract would also prevent other forms of forcefully taking the information from him.

Krune then passed Ruik a blood contract for him to write the terms himself. Ruik was indeed a demon beast, he was very ruthless in terms of the contract about spreading the cultivation technique without permission.

"Wasn't it a little bit exaggerated? I trust you, you know?"

Ruik simply snorted

"A male has indeed to keep his words, this is just a security measure."

He then took a copy of the Myriad Energies Technique and went back to his nest to start to comprehend it.

Krune turned to Lakin and asked him to follow, when they reached outside, looked back at him tenderly.

"Lakin, you are young, but you can already defend yourself. You are also a wisp, the other races look down on us all the time. But this is not bad, it is because I have always been looked down upon that I achieved what I did. This is not your defect, this is yours, no, this is our, the wisps, strength! Never forget that."

Lakin answered dutifully.

"Yes, master!"

Krune continued

"As a wisp, you have high intelligence, so you will help the Lizard Dragons to protect themselves. As for Ruik, he will help you if there is a need for it. Behind that prideful look of him, there is a soft heart. Just don't let him know that I told you that since he will never admit it."

Krune and Lakin laughed at the comment.

"Be at ease, master. I won't let him find out about that."

Krune nodded, he then turned back to his wisp form, he then approached Lakin until their cores touched each other. It was quite a beautiful scene when the energies of those spiritual energy bodies touched. They gave off a very warm feeling, Lakin felt puzzled though.


Krune simply said

"You are my disciple. Also, I don't have parents, just like you. But I do consider you as my son as well. As long as I'm alive, master will always support you."

Lakin felt like he wanted to cry, but since he is a wisp, he doesn't have eyes or tears to speak of. He only felt extremely touched. He could only think that he will absolutely not disappoint his master, no, his father!

Krune looked back at him and went back to his human form, he is trying to stay as long as possible in this form to get used to it.

"Let's go back, I will use this night to tell you everything I understand about my Myriad Energies Technique and my experiences with it. Later, if Ruik asks, try to help him too."

Lakin agreed, and they came back to the Spiritual Vein Lake. This will be the last night with his master for a very long time, so he has to cherish it.

The next morning, Krune left.

Destination: Kaley City!

Suiyan Suiyan

I'm not feeling emotional, not even a bit!

~moist eyes~

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