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Why incubus became the most desirable species among the most powerful empresses and even by the primordial goddesses.

There's a famous legend on ALZANIA planet. Who says that every hundred thousand years, an incubus will be born, through a mystical ritual. He’ll possess mysterious powers that could allow any empress mage to reach divinity, any goddess to succeed supremacy!!....... But would the possessor of such power have the blessing of a peaceful life?!
Alvine opened his eyes and suddenly found himself in the body of a boy celebrating his 18th birthday.

[ Ding!! ....]

[The host has reached the age required for Incubus legacy's activation ]

[The turning process into an incubus will begin in 5 seconds...


Tags: Action - Romance - Adventure - Females dominant - Slice of Life - Harem - R-18 - Yandere - Sadistic- Tsundere - Martial Arts - summoning -Taming- Kingombuilding- Comedy - Beautiful Male Lead - Worshipped MC - Mysterious Past - Succubuses - Vampires - Possessives - Heartwarming - Cute Female Lead - Elves- Blood elves - giants- cyclops- fairies- blood faires- ... - fantasy courses - demons - Enemies become allies - enemies become love - Clingy, obsessed Lover - Weak to Strong - Beasts - Monsters - Gods - Ruthless - Historical - Famous Protagonist - Dragons - Demi-God...

NA: This Novel is not recommended for:

[Those who do not like Mc who progress slowly throughout the bows before becoming over-powerful and vicious.]

[Those who hate naive Mcs at first before becoming ruthless and intelligent.]

[And finally, for Stanford teachers who can't tolerate the slightest spelling mistakes. Sorry to be rude, but this is to tell you that English is not my mother tongue and that there may be some gross errors.]

If you are tolerant of these three remarks, I am convinced that you will not regret your choice.

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    The protagonist is like a child in the body of an adult, he simply has no justifiable reason to be so foolish and reckless. The mc before he transmigrated was 27 years old not a child, to give context to what I will say below. I understand that his experiences in his past life created insecurities in relating to people but it doesn't justify him hurting himself even when he is told that what he is going to do is dangerous because he is too weak. The author tries to make you empathize with the protagonist but personally I find it impossible to empathize with the mc because everything that happened to him is his fault and it was pure recklessness not to say stupidity (I won't say what happened because it's spoiler). I just can't find a justifiable reason for the mc to be so stupid. His act of self loathing is pathetic to say the least. In the words of the author the mc feels "guilt, rage, disgust, contempt, despair, hatred, anger and panic... all these feelings were directed at himself" all because of something the mc did to himself (I won't say why because it's spoiler... something really stupid), the point is... the mc transmigrated I feel like a nobody and when all the drama of being an idiot happened he went back to being a nobody, again, it just doesn't make sense all those negative feelings. I read until chapter 22 where according to the author "the true story" begins, so my opinion is limited to that chapter. That criticism aside, if we leave out that the mc up to chapter 22 is silly, this novel is good give it a chance if you can ignore that. Sorry if some of what I wrote doesn't make sense, English is not my native language.

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    hello there Author is here.... Fellow readers, I decided to release chapters daily basis, you will get 1 chapter Daily starting from now. You can support this novel with power stones and golden Tickets, don't worry I will try to release a bonus chapter at the end of the week...please support this novel

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    It's a really interesting novel. The only problem is the childish and idiot personality of the mc that will be corrected in the advanced chapters! For my part, I can say nothing but congratulate the author for his hard work! And also, some grammatical mistakes that he really has to correct! Another point I loved... was the personality of his maids. Especially that of Nicco.

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    even though the story is interesting but it has the most idiotic and trash MC ever. It's not like the mc is naive or something in the beginning which will get better after character development because character development is for mentaly sane people but the MC is mentally disabled with a brain of a donkey maybe even worse

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    Poorly written. Doesn't make much sense. MC is just a stupid brainless jerk I can't just keep reading This review just needs so many characters. Ugghhh!

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    LV 2 Badge

    Unbelievably stupid and pathetic MC. That's all I can say. its very hard to read especially the earlier chapters. i suggest you find other novel to read

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    it just like every other reincarnation story. More importantly stupid mc. He is incubus, so he should not be get play by around. An incubus who drools,gets played around. Does Author not know anything about.

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    LV 13 Badge

    Trash,Trash,Trash,Trash,Trash,Trash,Trash Trash,Trash,Trash,Trash,Trash,Trash,Trash Trash,Trash,Trash,Trash,Trash,Trash,Trash Trash,Trash,Trash,Trash,Trash,Trash,Trash

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    Very interesting [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]

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    A terrible book had so much potential but was ruined has nothing Madam plot armour unbelievable stupid despite having a mental age of someone in his 30s story is rushed

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    Trash ……………………… …………………… …………………… …………………… …………………… …………………… …………………… …………………… …………………… …………………… …………………… …………………… …………………… …………………… ……………………

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    I don't think an incubus would act like the MC.

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    started good went to **** [img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp]

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    So the story would be an interesting read if someone more responsible wrote (not trying to be mean) because the Grammer is really bad. The author sometimes puts random words that don't even belong.

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    Could have been a good story but it hurts to read [img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp]

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    Honestly this novel is all over the place it makes no sense He reincarnates but even that part in Itself makes no sense the more you read. Its like rhey wrote the beginning and then just discarded it also timeline is confusing. had potential to be a good story but it was ruined

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    LV 15 Badge

    Pretty good concept could be executed better for sure but the main problem is how it feels like a cheap knockoff translator was used to write the whole thing… Its so bad it makes you think it was done on purpose so yea extremely broken English borderline unreadable

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    A novel with a world background, and interesting and unpredictable characters. I am currently in my 150th chapter and I must say that I am more than surprised to have discovered such a rare pearl. The beginning is disorganized and contains several spelling errors that even a school novice will not be able to commit, but the author did not stop repeating them in the first ten chapters. But after being doubtful several times, I discovered what many people had missed! The mc that seemed stupid and harmless turned out to be more ruthless, more intelligent than ever! And spelling errors are no longer exists! If only he could correct them at the beginning, I'm sure this novel would become more popular than now! All this to wish him good luck and a big thank you for allowing me to appreciate such a novel, and to hope that he will continue in his work! This is the first time I have taken the time to give my opinion on a novel. I hope this will help other slaves of readings to appreciate like me.[img=recommend]

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    Someone tell me what chapter to start from - coz my brain is rotting from this ... .. . . .. .. .. .. . ... .. .. . .. . . .

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    the story was very interesting in the beginning but it was was ruined for me by character of the mc, if you can get over the initial 30 chapters it is a good novel but sadly its not for me

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    Author Golden_raise