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"If you intended to die anyway, don't die quietly like a pussy! Go out in a fucking blaze of glory!"

That was the statement that changed my world forever.

I was a loser in life. I died and got reincarnated into a Revenant. Revenants were people who defended the living from the dead. In exchange for a second life, they had one task and were blessed with one cheat ability.

The task? To kick as much zombie ass as possible.

Unfortunately, my cheat just made me "Rewind". It didn't give me super strength, speed or the ability to fly. Hell, it didn't even give me a way to fight!

Without any way to kill zombies, I nearly died on my first day on the job! Back then I remember crying and puking all over the place like a little bitch.

But while I started out like a little bitch, I didn't stay one.

Dying full of regrets changed me you see. So much so that I made a promise.

I refused to repeat my mistakes when I was human. Reborn as a Revenant, I vowed to never bow down to anyone ever again.

Unfortunately, these Revenant bastards were old school. Like they hacked zombies with swords and all that crap old school. As a man born in the USA, I saw no reason why I needed to follow their outdated way of thinking.

The modern world had the superpower of gun powder and lead. So instead of swords, I came after every zombie I saw with bullets. Like countries in the middle east, I proceeded to blow the motherfuckers to kingdom come.

And surprisingly because of "Rewind", I found out I could never run out of ammunition.

$200 for each kill. Hefty bonus for each area of hell liberated.

What scared normal people shitless suddenly allowed me to earn millions every day. The richer I got the more "Freedom" I could unleash! Mortars, tank, air strikes to even nukes. Backed by modern science and technology, I slowly but surely drove the undead back.

Along the way, I met and saved seven heavenly beauties. And without my knowledge all of them suddenly fell in love with me.

They were a little obsessive, scratch that, they were all fucking insane. My precious harem was comprised of nothing but psychopaths. They were Yanderes in every sense of the word. Still, despite the dangers, I would trade not any of them for everything under the stars.

For when I called, only my battle harem answered.

And that was before I learned of another secret.

Exchanging bodily fluids with my girls gave me their cheats. Suddenly, in contrast to every Revenant in the world who only had one, I alone wielded eight. One from each girl plus my own.

And so, I lived my 2nd life.

Which eventually became my legend.

Who am I you ask?

I was born as John Smith.

But these days not even my girls use my name.

Both on Earth and in Hell everyone else just calls me Limitless.

And I am the Strongest Revenant.


Author Notes:
Harem size: 7 | No NTR | No Yuri | No Grape
Novel Focus: Action, Adventure, Urban Fantasy, Reincarnation, Dark, Weak to Strong, Battle Harem, Beautiful Heroines, YANDERE Heroine, Military, Loyal Subordinates, Kingdom Building, War, Politics, Conspiracies, Overpowered, Face Slapping, Tragedy, Character Development, Multiple POVs, Betrayal, Alternate Realities, Demons, Zombies, Superpowers, Tower Climbing, Tower Defense, Wish fulfillment.

I have paid for and own the copyrights to both the cover and character images.

Official Discord link https://discord.gg/7yxSzd3szy, See you there!

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    Hello, Seeing as I have written this book to over 500 chapters for the last eight months, I feel like I earned the right to give myself another review. (To balance out the two braincell incels who cannot read tags.) Many things have changed since I began writing this for one people actually read it now. But in all seriousness If I were to rate my work it would still be a five. Because of the following reasons. 1. I have uploaded consistently for over 220 days as of this writing. (With multiple mass releases in between) While my Priv is expensive, I believe it is worth the price my readers pay for it. 2. My grasp of flow has vastly compared to what it once was. (So much so looking at my older chapters makes me annoyed.) 3. John and the Seven Sirens are multifaceted characters who I wrote very well. They have fears, dreams, quirks and personalities that give life to them as real people. (Give their character pages some love!) Unlike most harem book. my girls kick A! a lot of it. they are not damsels in distress, and you see how they fall in love with my MC in the Heroine Chapters in their POV. They need John as much as he needs them. and they argue, they fight but they still find their way back to each other. This is what I believe a harem should be. and I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing them. 4. My lore. I am quite proud of how I managed to tie so many different bits of history, mythology and fantasy. together. and like an onion, the readers accompany John as he learns and finds his place in the world. Hard to say anything because I don't want to spoil anything, but many have praised the lore. And if you give it some time, I am sure you will too. 5. Finally, the love and dedication I have given this book. With over 650,000 words as of this writing. Suffice to say I have written a lot. This book earned peanuts during the first 6 months (Missed my first MGS). However, I felt that even if it did not earn anything I wanted to finish it. I already dropped two books prior to this. The first one no one read, the second because the book died when I got covid. I wanted this book to be different. Quality wise, my work has a high standard. Unlike most authors my status screens are small. I also actively try to make them even smaller. I do not waste chapters on needless things. Each side character, each event are all part of the overarching story. Meaning of the 500 chapters up to this point. I am proud to say I do not have even one filler chapter. Each chapter is written to drive the plot forward. Apart from the research needed, each chapter needs about 2 hours. so, you can only guess how long the 500 chapters took. For reference, for my honeymoon (Smut) volume Elysium. I needed to research over 2 days before I wrote a single word. Quite happy with how it came out. Need to wrap this up. But yeah. this book is awesome. the characters are flawed, relatable and show us how even in the depths of hell, hope and joy can exist. If this work has given you some nuggets of wisdom. if it made you chuckle as the characters bond with one another. if it made your blood rush as you wondered what would happen next. Please support it. I offer all my work for Limitless to my God in heaven, to Jesus Christ my king. to whom without, I would not have been able to endure the hardship to continue writing this book. And to everyone who has supported Limitless but has stopped, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish for you people all the happiness in the world. To those that read and found my work boring. Thank you for your time. I hope you find a book that brings you joy. Finally, to the readers who support the work and join me in each chapter. Thank you all. Buckle in your seats and prepare for an epic Journey. Kiss your harem in love, and lock and load. Because I promise you this. by the time Limitless has concluded. it would be a journey unlike any other. May your fate, end the darkness.

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    Hello everyone, Mandatory Author review. This is my latest novel which I worked very hard on. It's about the story of an average nobody in his journey to become the strongest king in the world. MC will get a total of seven love interests. No Yuri, No NTR. No Grape. Book is in 1st person for the ultimate self-insert. MC has unique powers but is not overpowered at the beginning. Story will be separated between bits where the MC and the heroines are in hellsgate and back on earth. (Kinda like a VR game but with higher stakes). The MC cannot use fantasy weapons but will instead use Real life arms ranging from guns, bombs, tanks to even nukes. all arms and vehicles in the novel would have real life counterparts. The heroines are not wallflowers and are all fighters that will serve as the MC's squad. They too will be armed with modern arms. Main enemy of the story is the undead the MC and the Heroines are forced to fight against every night. But they will also fight political plots and have wars between every continent on the planet. The book will be comprised of Action, kingdom building and adventure. There would be romance but not enough to be considered one of the books core themes. Please note that this is a work of fiction and any similarities between people and places and events, are purely coincidental. Art for the Heroines and the Cover is done by Baswara Arts Editing is done by a paid Editor by the name of IkuSaari I hope you enjoy what this book has to offer. Enjoy the read.

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    So far an amazing story. Picked it up today and had no choice but binge it all to the most current chapter. I can't wait for more

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    Great book, both serious moments and funny moments. It's one of the few books I'll be keeping up with from now on. I can't wait to see where it goes. Keep up the great work!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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    Itโ€™s a novel that needs more attention in my honest opinion. Author has done an amazing job creating a story that has a lot of hidden potential. Awesome story homie.

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    How dare you make a story that plays on my emotions in such a variety of ways! Take my coins and votes you monster... but keep uploading. now this story runs from exciting fights to seeling of sadness in a wild whirlwind to a story highly recommended

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    Very well written, fast paced and with an original approach, I can say this novel is a joy to read so far (around chap 30). Darkness and humor intertwine and seem well balanced. Contrasting with other novels, where mysteries are wrapped in confusing paragraphs, we learn about them along with the MC. Oh, in case you wonder, yes, he has a really, really broken op cheat, but it manifests gradually. I look forward for his develeopment. Speaking of which, world and character development feel somewhat lacking, but this is just at the start, so I am confident. Keep the good work, Author Sama!

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    The main character, John Smith, is reborn with an incredible power that makes him super strong but still believable. The female characters are really well-written, and their relationships with John feel genuine. In just two weeks of the story's timeline, the plot covers over 500 chapters and stays exciting throughout. This webnovel is perfect if you love a mix of action and fantasy with great character development. Highly recommend!

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    I really like this book and hope it sticks around for the long run. I have to hand it to the author hes really creative with the MC abilities

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    You can see the care and effort put into this novel. This has become my favourite novel in this app. Apart from the harem setting, nothing in this novel follows your typical stereotypes.

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    I wish I could read more the story is amazing

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    Figured it was time to do a review, since starting this novel I have enjoyed it since the start. The story is amazing combining our worlds history with the new Reaper world and they fit together so nicely. The character development of the Sirens and John is wonderful seeing how they all have changed since the start. Updates very frequently so I don't have to wait long to continue with the story. I absolutely recommend this book, it does take some time to get going and there is a lot of backstory that has to be covered but it is worth reading.

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    LV 15 Badge

    Well the simple thing I can say about this story is that if you hate political correctness this is the story for you. This story shows the regular world not the people who pump and stands for political gain or to be a part of a movement. This story shows that every ethnicity can be racist can come together and work together even if they don't like each other for a greater purpose. The second Amendment of the United States in this story is on display and shows the reason for owning a firearm as a citizen. I am very grateful to the author for pulling apart some very poor excuses for American politics and puts them on display and shows that most of them are foolish if not harmful overall to people mental health and stability.

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    What can I say? writing quality is ok and getting better. I've added corrective comments, and the author reads them. The story development is good, though at times I find myself wishing it would move faster. The characters all have their background and trauma that they're working through. Their back stories provide a way for the author to build the world. Updates are regular so far.

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    I liked it a lot at first i thought it was intresting, with a lot of potential. However when the mc started taking needless risk, and didn't care about anything including living or dying as long as it was on his terms. I started to feel likethewtory was contradicting itself. At first hei s really mad at himself for dying even though it was his choice to interfere with the lady he saved. Hoever now he doesn't care if lives or dies as long as it's on his terms. I mean hejustgot another chance it feels so foolish to just throw it away because hes cocky and reckless.

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    I'm surprised that this story was hidden on webnovel for so long. Compared to 99% of novels here this book is better in every aspect, it's original, characters and background are interesting as well as writing quality, which doesn't have mistakes for a not focused eye. Considering how the book started some insanity in characters isn't bad, though sometimes sudden over-cringe moments happen, even then they are short so it's not a big problem. I'm happy that i clicked onto the recommendation(or whatever it was) picture when i opened the app. Let's just say that {fate} brought me here xD

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    Don't like harem and romance because the MCs are usually simps and this novels MC is definitely one and I can see that just from the synopsis so this one is definitely trash to me.๐Ÿ˜

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    Okay-ish. Very uneven, with strong points being authentic character moments and funny lines, and the main problem being the writing itself. It's a bumpy ride, but definitely prone to evolving into something smoother. I wouldn't lose all hope, but instead maybe like glue the author to a computer for research and practice, practice, practice. If it's hopeless, it doesn't deserve 2.4, but this is a 2.8 and that's because there is hope. Some fun things: John being John, gorilla, Bella

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    I love the main story and the actions the battle scenes are amazing The fun service are all right but it can be improved over all this book is focused on the main story and I love it only small amount of fun service which is good not not unlike those other books

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    The action sequences dull and predictable. Furthermore, the world-building lacks coherence, with glaring inconsistencies that detract from immersion. Characters are thinly developed, serving as mere vehicles for the protagonist's power fantasies rather than compelling individuals with depth and complexity. Overall, "Limitless" fails to deliver on its promise, offering little more than a shallow and unconvincing spectacle.

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    Author Yinghuo_392