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Loving Madeline Loving Madeline original

Loving Madeline

Author: sirenbeauty

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Chapter 1: I Am Shocked

Madeline's POV

My heart was pounding loudly against my chest as I ran to my aunt's residence after my best friend called and informed me she saw black cars parked outside our home.

Gina thought my aunt was in trouble. I asked permission from my boss to excuse me from my part-time job as a cashier in one of the twenty-four-hour convenience stores not so far from our place.

I feared something was wrong, and my steps faltered when I realized Gina was right. I saw gentlemen wearing black suits circling our cute house.

I can't stop my heart from hammering, and I doubt my aunt's deal with them.

I realize we had so many debts when my mom got sick; I understand my aunt loves me, but I can't blame her because her life became hard when we came to her doorstep one night since we didn't have a place to stay.

From then on, I am forever grateful to her, and if there is only one thing I can do to save her from all the debts she has right now, I will do it in a heartbeat.

"Are you Madeline Brownwood?" Asked one of the men who surrounded my aunt's house, and I nodded. And it feels like they have cut my tongue off because of my nervousness.

"We have been waiting for you, and please let us get inside and discuss this matter with you." He said, and I followed him as he got inside our cute living room. I saw my aunt sitting on the sofa, and my eyes widened when I realized my suitcases were on the floor. And before I can ask her what is going on, she stands up and moves closer to me.

"I'm sorry, Maddie. Mr. Divenson already paid all of our debts, and you know my debts piled up when I accepted you and your mother in this house. You should come with them so that we will be all happy, and you will have a better life." My aunt spoke, and I could see the tears that welled up in her eyes. I became so confused as to why she was saying sorry to me.

"Ms. Brownwood, your presence is highly needed at the Divenson Mansion since you will marry Mr. Hunter Divenson." He spoke calmly, and I stiffened upon hearing what he had said.

"What? I don't even have a boyfriend, and who says I am marrying someone I don't even know." I replied, and my shock made my entire body shake. The family name Divenson rang a bell in my head, and I became astounded when I realized he was talking about Divenson, who owned one of the largest mining companies in our country.

"You may not know him personally, Ms. Brownwood, but I am telling you, if you see him in person, I can guarantee you will love all about him. I can't believe you don't know him; he has been linked with celebrities before, but none of those issues were true. He is such a private man, but because of his stature and physical appearance, many are fascinated by him, including daughters of the Elite Society." He responded.

"And you are?" I asked him, and he smiled at me warmly.

"Oh, I am sorry, my dear, for I forgot my manners. I should have introduced myself first. I am Calixto Morgan, Hunter's right hand." He said and offered me his palm, and I shook hands with him. This is too much to process, and I don't know if I have a choice.

"Can I say no to this?" I asked, and he shook his head.

"I am afraid you can't, Maddie. Your dad, Frank Brownwood, had an agreement with Mr. Divenson." He declared, and I was frozen on the ground as I heard him mention my father's name. There was no way he had something to do about this since he left us when I was three years old.

"I don't know my father," I said.

"Yes, but he knew about you, and you can ask your aunt who helped her with your mother's medications; you may not know him, but he has done a lot for you, but sad to say, he has another family that is why he left you and your mother." He declared, and I couldn't believe this person knew almost everything about my life.

"Shall we go now? Mr. Divenson is a busy man; he wants you to be at the house before dinner so you can meet your future in-laws before he arrives for supper." He said, and his men took my suitcases, and I didn't know what to say.

I felt betrayed by my aunt, but I couldn't blame her since she had done a lot for us. I am still grateful for all the help I got from my mother's sister. She hugged me, and I embraced her back, but my tears didn't fall, and I wondered why. I used to be a crybaby, but after my mother died, I promised myself I wouldn't cry.

I felt defeated since he had already paid off all my aunt's debt. But I will beg Mr. Divenson, if I had to, to allow me to work as a maid in their mansion, and he didn't need to marry me.

I settled myself at the back of the black SUV while Mr. Morgan was seated in the front seat. I got my aunt's phone from my pocket and said goodbye to Gina, but I told her I would meet her one of these days as I realized I wasn't able to return my aunt's phone. As we drove away from my aunt's place, I leaned my back on the car's backrest, and I tried my best to come up with a solution to stay away from this mess.

I couldn't believe my estranged father would do this to me. He had so many shortcomings to me being my dad, and now, he made my life miserable. How can he arrange a marriage for me? I am not confident that Mr. Calixto Morgan is telling the truth.

I have never been in love, and Gina said it was an incredible feeling you couldn't express in words. She mentioned once I will fall in love with someone, I will feel it right away.

I am too busy helping my aunt pay the bills and make ends meet to have a love life. I believed I was not ugly. There are boys from high school, and even now that I am in college, who will ask me to come on a date with them, but I always say no.

"Maddie, you don't need to worry about everything. Even if you marry Hunter, he wants you to continue your studies." Calixto declared, and I felt glad at least I still had my options.

Maybe I can run from Hunter the moment I am at the university. I worked part-time to pursue my education; my aunt often reprimanded me since she wished me to stop studying, but I begged her that this was what I wanted with my life.

The minute we arrived at the Divenson mansion, my eyes widened as I gazed at the Divensom mansion for the first time. I have seen mansions and estates from TV shows, but it felt different looking at it now with my own eyes.

The massive pillars of the house were enough to tell me that this house cost a fortune. It feels like I am looking at a castle. The mansion is enormous and so beautiful.

The white color paint on the outer walls of the house makes it more elegant. When we get inside, Calixto brings me first to my assigned bedroom.

"Maddie, you must come to the pavilion after twenty minutes. I will wait for you in the living room. Hunter asked me to introduce you to his family." He said in a fatherly voice, and I couldn't stop asking him.

"Do you know my father?" I inquired.

"Of course, he has been close to Hunter and me because he was his driver." He responded as he opened my bedroom door, and I couldn't believe what I saw. It was more spacious than I could imagine, and I suddenly felt like a princess in a movie.

"This is your room for the time being since you will join Mr. Divenson after the wedding in the master's bedroom. There are dresses in the closet, and please suit yourself. You need to wear a dress from now on." He declared, and I could feel goosebumps in my body since I didn't imagine myself being married at nineteen.

Calixto closes the door gently, and I can't stop myself from admiring my room, from the king-sized four-poster bed to the enormous, beautiful bathroom, and the view on the balcony is breathtaking.

I was no longer shocked to find a sofa with a white cover inside my room, and the lilac bed cover made me want to take a nap. I followed Calixto's advice, and as I opened the closet, I couldn't believe the beautiful dresses and shoes I had found, and I wondered who had ordered these clothes.

I chose the most simple outfit I could find in the closet. After I took a shower I put on the dress and I was amazed that it perfectly fit my body, and I couldn't believe my eyes; I looked so beautiful as I stared at my reflection in the vanity mirror.

Even the mirror and dresser in this room are expensive. I was initially terrified, but now that I see the Divenson mansion, I have fallen in love with its splendor. But it didn't make me want to stay. I don't know if I can get away from this place, but I am strong, and I won't let Hunter Divenson ruin my life.

sirenbeauty sirenbeauty

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