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45.28% Lullaby of the Moon / Chapter 24: Return to the Homeland

Return to the Homeland - Lullaby of the Moon - Chapter 24 by PeterAlexander full book limited free

Chapter 24: Return to the Homeland

A moment ago, Isidore and the others were about to be teleported back to Mt. Brimlet. Or at least that is what they have expected.

"Where are we?" Chaneri asked when she noticed that the scene were unfamiliar with her. They were clearly not teleported on Mt. Brimlet and she was never been to this place before.

Isidore was confused and tried to analyze what had happened. He was pretty sure he calculated the teleportation accurately. "The portal must have been distorted from the force you have had release earlier and sent us on this place."

"Where exactly are we?" Marjorie asked curiously as she roamed her eyes around the very alarming scenery.

Everything in the place were remains of houses burnt into dust. The place looks like a ghost town and the soil was corroded. Not a single stalk of plant sprouted within the area nor a single life of animals or humans can be seen aside from them. The ashes and dusts were itchy on the nose and an eerie feeling crawl at the top of their skin. There is nothing on the horizon except from the dark and fetid smoke that serves as a veil and covers the whole place.

Zhia moved her feet forward and tried to investigate the area when suddenly she steeped into something that made a creaking sound.

"What was that?" Chaneri asked, a little bit scared.

To their surprise, a set of human bones arose from the ground. Not just one but dozens of them scattered within the area.

"I think we are in a graveyard." Chaneri said.

"I think not!" Isidore answered instantly assuming that he knows exactly where they are.

Abruptly, Mizuki got back on his consciousness.

"Why did you stopped me?!" He uttered angrily towards them.

"Hey! Calm down. You have no chance of surviving if you face those tyrants alone. They are not on the same level as you." Marjorie confronted him. "Your life is much more important, we cannot afford to shed more ally in the battlefield. Revenge is not what we we're doing but simply restoring peace and give justice to the people." Marjorie sermon him.

Mizuki, shut up and did not make any more response towards what Marjorie said. He just sat their silent with gloomy and deep emotions going on through with him. With his head bent down forward, he noticed the unnatural appearance of soil on the ground. It was dark like grains of charcoals spread on the surface.

He looked up and roamed his eyes on the surroundings that latter follows with a heavy tears that flows out of his gloomy eyes. There is no mistake, this is the Velaris where he once lived. That once prosperous place filled with music and laughter but now is only a massive grave of deprived Lunarians. He carefully walks across the corroded terrain as the tears on his eyes fell down on the ground, one after another. Although destroyed, he still clearly remembers the houses and structures built around the place.

He recalls the happiest memories he had on this place when he was a child. Those unforgettable memories which he treasured the most. However, among those memories he had, only one of them brings him great misery. No matter how hard he tries to forget them but it never does leave his thoughts.

"What's going on?" Marjorie approached Isidore.

"This is." He pointed his hand out wide in the ruins. "This is where he once lived his life as a normal child before it was taken away from him."

"How unfortunate of him to experience such tragedy. I feel sorry for him." Zhia said with visible sadness on her eyes.

"We must get him out of here soon or else he might think another vengeful action." Isidore said and immediately approached Mizuki who's a few meters away from them. Chaneri follows him carrying Mizuki's violin which she secretly grabbed while the mist was active earlier back at Nethilor.

"I know how you feel." A voice appeared behind Mizuki. "But we have to go now. There is nothing for you to return on this place." It was Isidore trying to lure him away from the awful and devastated image of the place. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Mizuki just simply give him a plain look. He did not listen to any of what Isidore said, instead he looked up high at the sky. Seeing that he had no intention of leaving, Chaneri handed him his violin which he eventually took and walks away.

Isidore and Chaneri watched carefully as he disappeared from the mist of dark smoke in the area. None of them knows where he was going or what he was going to do.

"Should we let him go?" Chaneri asked Isidore.

"No. We cannot leave him here alone." Isidore answered. "Let's go back to where Marjorie and Zhia are and wait him till it's dusk." And so the two returned to where they have been before.

"Where is he?" Zhia asked.

"Let's just give him some time to be alone. I'm sure he will return soon." Isidore answered.

Meanwhile, Mizuki was on his way to their house. Or we can say, where their former house had been erected. When he arrived there, there is nothing but ruins and remains of ashes yet the concrete walls and floors are still intact. Not far from where he's standing, he still remembers where his father should have died on that day. He walks a few more distance and eventually arrived at the spot where he saw his father for the last time.

The tears are still visible at the edge of his eyes when he tried to scoop a handful of corroded soil. He tried to dig the area hoping that he might still find the remains of his father, however there was so sign of him. They must have moved his body or killed him somewhere else. Hopeless to find the remains of his father, he comes back to where their house are and dig four tombstone. One of each of his family member who died that day, seven years had passed. He places bundles of flowers on each of the tombstones. He took off the necklace from his neck which originally belongs to her mother. He putted at her tombstone beside the bunch of flowers.

'Papa. Mama. Grandma. Jericho. How I wish all of you were here at this moment, living like nothing of this ever happen. I am very devastated to see the four of you go before me. I vow to seek revenge and give justice for your deaths and to all of our Lunarian sisters and brothers. May you find peace and tranquility in the afterlife. Please accept this melody I am going to offer. May this lullaby calm your distressed and deprived souls and for the souls of our people. I hope it may accompanies all of you in the afterlife.'

After a puzzlement of words on his mind, he stretches out his arms and gently places his violin on his shoulder. Sincerely closed his eyes with stream of tears below his cheeks as he starts to fiddle his violin gently. A heartfelt lullaby indeed. A gentle rain rides along his music that made the ground fertile and suitable for plants to grow with the help of his melody. Minute by minute, verdurous foliage and shrubs starts to fill up the place. Grass starts to grow across Velaris which were gentle for the feet to step in. Various flowering plants spread on top of them which served to be the offering for the dead Lunarians. Vines and stalks covered the remains of the ruined houses and structure that are still present in the area.

"It's raining." Marjorie said when droplets of water starts to fall from the sky and latter it gets heavier.

"Aura Veil!" A forcefield appears on top of them which serves as an umbrella from the rain.

It is Zhia's ability to create shield of energy which are sometimes used in conjunction of her scythe. Aside from creating a shield, she can coat her scythe with this stable energy and does more damage on the enemy.

"What's happening?" Zhia was surprised see the verdure of the surrounding that covered mostly the entire place which were just a pile of dust and ashes a while ago.

"Mizuki must be behind all of this." Isidore replied.

"Well, at least it is better to see the place like this than those like of a wasteland before." Chaneri added as the moss and foliage starts to occupy the stones and soil upon her feet.

They have waited for the rain to pass. The veil that covers them eventually disappears the moment the rain stop. From afar, they saw Mizuki approaching them with his clothes soaked wet from the rains that had happen earlier.

"Lets go back now." He said to Isidore which the mage was immediately delighted to hear.

They have not wasted any more time and got their selves back at the feet of Mt. Brimlet.

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