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32% Lullaby of the Moon / Chapter 16: The Fallen Angel

The Fallen Angel - Lullaby of the Moon - Chapter 16 by PeterAlexander full book limited free

Chapter 16: The Fallen Angel

Meanwhile, at the same time, Jeruzen concealed himself a few minutes after he sealed the gate with high electric voltage. Just like he expected, someone would come for back up. The figure appeared from above as it flies down towards the center of the plaza, flapping its wings covered with silky white feathers. The personage removes the hood that covers almost the entire head, revealing a fair beautiful maiden with shiny blonde hair and pointy ears.

Jeruzen watched from afar as she walks towards the closed gate. The maiden was confused trying to figure out what was the intention of the caster. She picked up a piece of stone just about the size of a child's fist and throws it towards the flicking lightning in front of her. Unfortunately, it rejected the stone shattering it into tiny fragments. Without any doubts, she spread her wings wide and swayed it forward releasing daggers of feathers that pierced and stick at the walls of the gate. It passed through the electric shocks unscathed just like she expected that leaves a smile on her face. Afterwards, she stretch out her wings and flew away of the plaza leaving a trail of white feathers in the ground.

Jeruzen was confused about what exactly the woman did back there. So he goes out from where he is hiding and tries to investigate the feathers that penetrate the gate. However, he did not see anything suspicious about them. He approach the trail of feathers that have been scattered on the ground and picked one.

'What could possibly be she's up to?' He thought and looked up to the sky with dim notion of what was going on. To his surprise, blades of feathers shoot from the sky which he was able to dodge luckily.

He tried to look for the enemy above but he could see no one aside from the vast sea of clouds in the sky. Again, another batch of feathers rain from above and the shooting continues uninterrupted. He tried to find a way to evade all the attacks rained upon him. If only he could find a way to channel his electricity up there. He can't use the daggers either as all five of them were use to seal the gate close

He hid under the roofs and shades of the wall inside the plaza but it was futile. They were easily destroyed by the raining feathers traveling at a tremendous speed like that of a gunshot.

Among the ruins and debris that has been scattered around, Jeruzen luckily found a metal spear which is good enough to use as a weapon. He picked it up and aimed towards the clouds. In conjunction with his electricity, he hurled it at a great phase as the lightning sparks around the spear and fly straight towards the clouds above.

The spear breaks through and penetrates the clouds as the lightning scatters over it. Someone flies out of it at a great speed like a jet soaring through the sky. It was the woman who Jeruzen saw earlier. After a few pace of flying in the air, she dashed towards Jeruzen swiftly and maneuvers gracefully as she approached him. When she got close to him, she spread out her wings with the tip just about to reach Jeruzen. He quickly noticed that the feathers were sharp from the looks of it and may slice through him. Fortunately, he was able to block himself using only the magnetic energy built up from his electricity that pushed him away.

"That's a close call." He whispered.

The angelic maiden paused mid air and give him a gentle look. "I applaud your excellence." The woman bows her head forward while her right hand was laid in her chest as if she was respecting him. "There are only a few who were able to evade my attacks unscathed. They were great people which I admire the most." She slowly flies around Jeruzen watching him from head to toe as if she was judging him from his appearance. "You were great back there, but how could I admire a hooligan who only do nothing but tarnish and destroys anything in his path."

Jeruzen cannot hold back his laughter upon hearing the words out the woman's mouth. "Seriously, all those comes directly out of your mouth." He laughs. "That's the shittiest joke I've ever heard."

The woman did not react violently at all, rather give him a plain innocent look. "There's nothing funny in what I have said." She rolled her arms together. "Or are you really have gone insane?"

"Now let me ask you this." His voice's tone suddenly changed and his face become serious. "What would be an alph like you be doing on a place like this? Shouldn't you be up there, serving the deities?"

What Jeruzen said struck the woman leaving her frozen there in a moment. Her face says it all, she was shock from what she heard.

Alphs are divine beings who served the gods and goddesses directly, ever since centuries ago. They live on Sylvaria, a remote floating island hidden in the clouds located at the farthest portion of the land, across the sea to the north-west. They have three pairs of white wings like that of a dove and a pointed ear like that of an elf. They proclaim that their wings are symbols of purity and divinity. The more wings they have, the more divine they are. At least that's what they believe. In the case of this woman standing in front of Jeruzen, she only has one pair of wings which is unusual for alphs for they were suppose to have three pair of wings.

"You should not be part of the Orions." Jeruzen uttered that brings her back to her senses.

"I have my reasons. And I can't let you ruin everything I have planned." She replied right away. "I have waited for this my entire life. I beg your pardon but I cannot let a mere human destroy everything I have prepared." She said as rage fills up her eyes.

"Heavenly Plumage Dance!" She began to spread out her wings again and flew around Jeruzen in a circle as hundreds of deadly feathers rain down on him. They were as sharp as a new polished sword.

"You can think about it!" Jeruzen yelled from the center of the raining plumage while trying all his might to evade the attacks. "It's not to late to go back! This is not who you should be." He is trying to convince her and hopes that the woman would change her mind yet it's futile. She continues to rain hundreds of feathers above him.

"There is nothing you can do human. You are all the same. You are all greedy. You are all tainted and have escape the grasp of purity." She uttered as she continues flying in circle at a great speed. "And I vows to return purity upon mankind and this land that has been corroded with extreme greed and selfishness."

"You sure do talk big, yet you're the one who needs to be purified, you ungrateful swine." Jeruzen said. "Maybe you have been thrown out by your own kind because you're not worthy of being divine." Jeruzen uttered that struck her spirit. Using those words, Jeruzen found a gap when the maiden was distracted and her movements were slowed.

'Hold on! Hold on, Hatysa!' A voice suddenly appeared inside her head, calling her name that made her tremble even more.

"Lightning Orb!" Jeruzen executed his attack. He created a magnetic field of electricity around him that expands throughout the place in a rapid motion, dispersing the feathers around. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Hatysa was blown away and was hit on a wall behind her. Her body falls down on the ground after she was hit. She was unconscious from the attack, lying on the surface with both wings spread out that covers her over. Jeruzen noticed a drop of tears around her eyes that made him wonder why.

"Look how low you have fallen, angel." Jeruzen uttered softly.

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