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Lumia: Other World Lumia: Other World original

Lumia: Other World

Author: Mel_Aniv

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Chapter 1: Retirement as an assassin

Chapter 1.1 Retirement as an assassin

'Just Married'.

It's written in the back of their car. Jane, who's currently in her wedding gown was carried by Mael Kael up on the threshold of their newly-built white-painted mansion. 

"The roof is chocolate brown." Mael Kael looked her in the eye.

"Mm, my favorite." Jane wrapped her hands around his neck and offered him a mischievous kiss.

It's their wedding night, and they will be spending their honeymoon in their newly built house. 

Mael Kael walked through the path of red candles from the door towards the master's bedroom. Roses were scattered all over the place, and heart-shaped roses sat on top of their king-sized bed.

Mael Kael hugged his wife and kissed her from the neck to her lips.

"I have a gift for you," Kael put her down on the bed and grabbed a box sitting on the bedside table. 

"Ooh, and what is that?" Jane clapped her hands together in excitement. 

He showed her a beautiful necklace and put it around her neck. "I love you," He caressed her hair and sat beside her. Jane poured themselves a glass of wine, saying how much she loved him back.

"Cheers!" They said in unison, drank, and went to bed to do the business that all newlywed couples do.

Jane woke up early to prepare Kael's favorite dish for breakfast. It's grilled pork with tamarind soup paired with rice.

"Honey! Breakfast is ready. Come and eat now or you will be late for work," she removed her apron and arranged the plates. Dressed for work, he went to the dining room. 

"Morning, honey! What's for breakfast?" he asked.

"Your favorite food. Rice and grilled pork with tamarind soup," said Jane as they settle down for breakfast.

 Kael giggled as he looked at his wife. 

"What?" asked Jane.

"You will forever be mine," Kael looked her in the eye.

"As you wish your majesty, Hahaha!" Jane did a bow.

"You like your food? I made it with love." Jane ate a spoon full of meat.

"Yes, I like it. You're the best, honey." Kael took a sip of the pork tamarind soup. "Let's wash the dish together." 

"Bright idea," she said. 

Kael and Jane remained a happy couple living a happy life without a care in the world. He's happy with her and her with him. So he's pretty content and peaceful. 

It was night time. Kael just finished reading his book from the library. The night was on its deepest and the vicinity was silent. Listening to his wireless headset, he went to their white-painted kitchen that glowed with warm yellowish light. He brewed himself some coffee on the coffee maker. After he finished, he laid down on the couch and rested his legs on top, when the sounding alarm blasted on his ears. 

 "Intruders, the motion sensors must have detected them." He thought, walking towards the kitchen drawers. Pressing the button underneath it, a calibre 45 pistol emerged. Without further ado, he grabbed it and went on to his wife. He turned off the power switch to make it harder for the intruders to see in the dark.

 He was running towards the bedroom when laser sights aimed at him. He immediately ducked and rolled to safety. The sound of breaking windows was the only thing heard. He saw bullet holes on the wall, determining where the perpetrators' location was. "Silencers," he breathed out. He crouched and crawled to a safe location. "They must have paid them handsomely to kill me." 

 He crawled on shards of glass to avoid their red lasers. Moving as quietly as possible towards a picture frame, gripping his pistol. He opened the frame like a window and there sat a night vision goggle and a silencer. He twisted it on the tip of his pistol to attach it and put on his night vision. He continued to move to the bedroom, his wife crouching beside the bed; She was about to attack him but he called upon her name.

"Jane, Jane, It's me! Don't be afraid. I will take care of this problem, Just hide, okay?" 

 "What? What is happening???" She asked, worried. 

 "You see, they are bad guys okay! They are here to kill me. I will explain later on, so hide there and be quiet."

She nodded at him and Kael went towards a room filled with computer screens, which was for surveillance purposes. All sensors triggered by heat and motion. A group of people in red were moving towards the corners of the house. Looking at it, he saw many armed swats break their window and threw tear gas inside. Others were snipers in position.

 He opened the drawers, grabbed another pistol, put on its silence, and buckled himself up with a magazine belt after he wore a bulletproof vest. He pulled the top of the pistol and a blank bullet was discharged from its exhaust. 

 "I'm gonna kill them all and finish this," Kael breathed out and went outside.

 The intruders kicked the front door with a loud bang, Kael immediately hid in the corner, running towards the library to grab a book hidden under the desk. He opened it and grabbed two flashbangs inside, pulled one pin, and waited for a second. The intruders walked near and when it was about to blow up, he threw it on their faces. 


 Kael stepped twice to confront them and aimed his double pistol right at their foreheads. As they were in a trance due to the flashbang, deaf and blinded, Kael fired at them one by one, approaching them.

 Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

 One by one, they all dropped dead. Their helmets failed to protect their foreheads. The others were alerted by his attacks so they went in his direction. The sniper was outside thus he saw what happened through the window.

 "Enemy sighted! Fire at will!" The sniper said then fired at him.

 Kael was prepared and knew where the enemy was so he opened the spotlights around the house. Blinding them.

 "That damn bastard!" Cursed the snipers.

 He was expecting them in the past thus he made preparations. Kael heard footsteps as the other raid team approached his direction quickly. He turned on the spotlight inside his house, and they all covered their faces firing at him. They approached the lights and fired to shut it down. Kael encompassed them and went on their backs. They were all looking at the damaged spotlight and their captain cursed for making a wrong call. Upon their confusion, Kael throws another flashbang towards them. 

 Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

 It became silent for a while. Their leader was outside calling on his team. Kael went towards his underground tunnels that have exited all over the area. He snuck into the forest where the snipers were scattered. He approached snipers from their backs and covered their mouths. Cutting their throats on the process. 

Kael grabbed the earbuds of a lifeless sniper and put them in his ears. "Team A report? Team B report! Sniper A report! Sniper B report!" Yelled the commander. 

 "They're all dead. Send better ones next time," said Kael, dropping the earbuds on the ground.

 Exhausted, he went back to the bedroom where Jane was drinking a glass of wine. She pointed at the other glass of wine on the bedside table and he couldn't help but smile.

"Hey, hon. Are you alright?" He sat on the bed beside her.

"Yes, of course. Here honey, drink this," she gave him the extra glass of wine and Kael drank with her, finishing it all in two gulps. He was going to ask for more when the room started spinning before his eyes.

"Honey…" Kael tried to get a hold of her but she stood up and watched as he tried to get up. Jane grabbed her phone and said, "Mission accomplished. Put the money in my bank account, we're done here."

Kael started feeling numb all over until he could no longer move. Jane took a knife under the pillow and prepared to stab him.

Shiek! Shiek! Shiek! Shiek!

The knife pierced through his heart multiple times, by the woman who he so loved. The woman who's now furiously stabbing him to death. 

 'I am a trained killer that assassinates high profiled criminals and big syndicates. After destroying all of them, I decided to retire and build a family with my girlfriend, Jane. We were happily wed and were on our second night when something bad happened.'

 He was killed by his wife. He closed his eyes and let out his last breath. His soul drifted away and he let go of his life. He felt betrayed and his heart was crushed by the fact that his wife murdered him. He wants to cry to the pain but he sipped it in. He wished to restart his life that if fate will make his wish come true; he would live again.

Chapter 1.2 Reincarnation

Letting go of his life, he felt his soul drift as he got sucked to the depths of a great wormhole. It's dark, there was nothing but darkness, and a few minutes later, he saw a light and felt like he was being pushed out towards it.


'Where am I?' he thought.

"Wake up, darling," A sweet kind voice permeated his ear and he opened his eyes. A man and a woman appeared in front of him holding his little hands in a very kind way.

 'Am I reborn as a baby!?' He panicked, and so he cried. He didn't mean to, but he did.

"Awwwwwe, baby."

"We will name him Mael, Mael Kael" said his mother.

"Mama! Papa!" Mael talked to his parents who were eating their breakfast. 

"My child just turned one year old and he can already speak? Since when?" Melvin looked at Erza with his wide eyes and a big smile.

"He's a genius! Let's see if he could already walk," said Erza. "Come here, son, come to mama." Mael tried to get up to his feet and walk towards Erza but he's afraid his body won't catch up with his advanced mind.

'Come on, step! Right foot! Left foot! You can do this, it's an easy thing! You were an assassin! Believe in yourself! You can do this, so walk!' Mael tried to control his feet with such determination.

"Yes! My boy's learning to walk! Come on! You can do this! Your father is rooting for you!" Melvin clapped his hands for encouragement.

"Come here darling! You will have a big kiss when you get here! Mmmmmmm!" Erza pouted her lips.

'That's not encouraging in the slightest but let me play along for now. Since I don't think I have a choice. Well, I do, but I have plans, mwehehe.' Mael thought as he reached for his parents.

"Mwah!" Kissed his mother. Melvin chuckled, impressed with their son's incredible speed of growth. He was such a cute boy. With thick white hair, eyes like a moon, and flawless fair skin. He had such great genes from his parents, especially his father. 

 He was in his crib, barely able to walk. But despite his limitations, he was still practising eagerly. He walks circular by counter-clockwise and clockwise in his wooden crib, over and over again. Without minding the time, he rested for a while, contemplating his plans.

 'This practice is good for me. Imagine a kid that could barely walk but is exercising that much already, just so he could build up strength and stamina.' Kael thought.

 Of course, he was talking in his crib with the use of baby words to practice his tongue. Panting due to his non-stop walking practice, he held onto the crib for support and leaned on it. Kael does this every time he was left solitary in his room. Teddy bears with the look of disdain plastered across their faces accompany him to sleep every night. In a room with a backdraft of the night sky and stars painted across the room, wooden toys arranged neatly on a shelf and scattered on the floor. He couldn't help but sigh. 

'Why am I punished with this predicament? I should act more child-like in front of them to be more realistic. Well, I'm going to watch and observe more often.' He said in his mind

 Still standing, small figures of men out the window caught his attention. He tried to get a proper look, and there he saw his father talking as he paced in front of their guards who were lined up standing in attention. Curious about what they were doing, Kael tiptoed to get a better view of the window. He cannot see everything from his position so he climbed off his crib, landed on the floor, and crawled to the side of the room. Expecting the height of the window, he looked around the room to find a chair that he can use. Fortunately, a metallic hollow chair was sitting nearby. 

He pulled the chair and with all his might. Luckily, it was light enough for him. It even had a soft cushion on it. Grasping with all his might, he succeeded with his plan. He climbed up the chair with his right knee first then pushed his body up with his right arm, failing a few times but did it eventually. 

Standing straight Kael then got himself a front-row seat to watch what was happening. He couldn't help but feel amazed by what was currently happening. His father was sparring with all the other guards at the same time. All of them have different kinds of weapons but his father was unarmed. He witnessed his father punch a guard and blew him away with just sheer force. 

Others were using shields, some used swords and spears. His heart raced upon discovering what they were doing. His hands itched, longing for a fight and his nerves were telling him to join them.

 He sighed because he could barely walk and that made him helpless. So he just continued watching, standing at the tip of his toes for additional height when his mother appeared at the back. 

 "Hey, little one! How did you get there? I can't leave you alone, can I?" She carried him in her arms.

 'Damn it! I need to watch more.' Kael thought.

 She put him in the crib and made him sleep. Singing lullabies while tapping his butt to make him drowsy. It was effective and Kael felt sleepy. It was his lack of energy from practising to walk. She caressed his white hair and blew air on it, finally making him close his eyes and sleep.

 And before he knew it, the time had passed. Opening his weary eyes. He noticed the room became darker and a candlelit on the table nearby was the only thing lighting several portions of his room. The window was pitch black and no sound could get inside nor outside the place. He stood up again and leaned on his wooden crib. 

As he was stretching his body, he thought about visiting their library. The place that will give him the knowledge and basic understanding of the world he was reincarnated to.

 "Thawth pwace wiwl be the answer to my quewstions. I gowtta checkst it out for a while." Kael said in baby words, twisting his tongue.

 He climbed the crib by leaning on the wooden handle and lifting his legs to pull up his body. Upon his efforts, he successfully made it to the top. He then slowly slid down and landed on the soft mat spread across the floor, making it easier and painless to land on his butt. 

He exited the door, and by the moment he stepped foot outside his room, the chattering of maids were echoing across the hall. He turned to look and see their shadow approaching. He immediately ran like a toddler, bumping from time to time. He hid in the library room and shut the door before they could notice. His heart was racing, but when he saw the library, his emotions turned from intense stress to excitement. 

His eyes gleamed as the ceiling lights shined a yellowish glow. Kael cannot help but wonder what it was that emits the yellow lights because it seemed like a stone. A glowing stone on the ceiling illuminates the whole place. 

 "Whoa." It was what he can only say at the moment. He spun around hopping like a child swayed by his blissful emotions. Books were the things he has always loved in the past up until the present. He ran around like a toddler and slid on his knees. Sliding a few meters farther from his initial position, his hands raised in the air.

 'Books! Books! Books! A place that's full of books! Let's see what we can get in here.' He said in his own mind.

 He grabbed a book on a tiptoe, successfully pulling it with his strength. But it slammed on the floor since it was surprisingly heavy. Luckily, the book has a hardcover and it opened upright on the middle part of its pages. Kael felt happy and curious when he saw the book. His heart raced in excitement but it sunk right after he saw what's in the book. 

He flipped the pages because he couldn't understand a thing from it but he laid down on the floor and continued to read although it was unreadable.

 He was in the middle of looking at the drawings when he heard a cough from his back. He jolted in surprise and spun around as fast as he could. He saw a man in a glimmering white robe. His face emits pure light that he has never seen before. It was a young-looking man whose presence was comforting.

 "Greetings, child! Do you need some assistance? I can help!" He has a calm and gentle voice. Kael was speechless and can only nod in reply. Immediately, the mysterious man pats his head and feels a surge of information being passed to him. 

He can feel the knowledge increasing in his very soul, the sensation of floating in the sea of knowledge itself. He can only close his eyes in pure calmness as he feels the power surge in him.

 "It is done, child!" He removed his hands from his hair.

 And Kael opened his eyes. He immediately flipped the books as they turned readable. 

 "Who awre you?" Kael tried to speak properly.

 "I am your Guardian! A messenger from the Creator himself. I am with you as you grow and wherever you may go. I report what you do to the Creator. The Creator of Lumia himself. Though you may not see me, I am with you and I will always be there." 

 "Wow! Mayw I askt why I was sewnt here in Lumia after I diewd?" Kael asked the most important question he had but he heard his mother's voice behind him. Kael turned to look and saw his mother running towards him.

 "Oh, dear! How did you get here? Are you okay? Who were you talking to?" She caressed his silver hair searching for possible wounds in case he got hurt.

 Kael pointed towards where his guardian was but he vanished like a bubble. Pointing on thin air, he looked everywhere in panic.

 "You had a friend there? He might be your Guardian Angel! I hear stories of children playing with them. Let's go now, you need to eat and drink your milk so you can go back to sleep," She carried him in her arms and exited the room.

Chapter 1.3 Binge read

Carried by his mother to be fed, he looked back at the library one last time. He felt sad not knowing why he was reincarnated in this world and the unanswered question of why he was chosen racked his mind. 

Worry struck him, not knowing the purpose of why he has to be sent to the world of Lumia. He can only pout his mouth while he's getting farther away from the library. The mysterious guardian bothered him as well. Asking why the Creator himself sent him a guardian. He was feeling extremely anxious because he didn't hear what the guardian was about to tell him.

 Scratching his head, he leaned on his mother's shoulder. It's what he can only do at the moment.

They entered his room and his eyes began to wander. Watching the realistically painted stars in the night sky-looking room. They glitter in yellow colors, randomly glowing at different paces from one another. Some were fast, some were slow and some were changing paces. The candle on the top of the table didn't hinder the stars from shining. 

Even with its radiance that lights up some parts of the room. His mother sat on the hollow chair he has used in the past, placing him on her lap before feeding him with milk.

 Kael looked at her eyes while he fed. She has red eyes that reflect the glow of the candle not far from her. Being her son, Kael memorized her looks, especially her sweet and angelic voice. He felt her soft and straight white hair that ended at her lap. She looked him in the eye and gave him a gentle smile. Kael averted his gaze from her and focused on his duty to be fed. 

She sang songs of melody while tapping his lap, making him sleep in the process. He was put in his crib, under the comfort of his sky blue blanket. 

 "Goodnight, my dear. Sleep well," Said his mother.

 Kael rested on the crib for a while, before finally succumbing to sleep. Knowing that a new day awaits him, he couldn't wait for the morning to come. He was snoring as he sleeps due to the tiredness from his past exercises, coughing eventually when saliva went to his lungs. The timing was off and it woke him up, coughing continuously.

 "What the?" He said in between coughs.

 He tapped his chest hard to alleviate his coughing and after a few more coughs, it finally stopped. He looked around and noticed that the candle was put off. Only the outside light lit the room. 

The stars were glittering the same way from a while ago. He wondered what to do. A surge of thought came on his mind and planned another self-discovery to the world he was upon. He climbed off his crib and fell on his butt, again, but he did it easily this time. He then walked dizzily towards the door, stretching his back and slapping his face to make himself sober. 

He squinted and rubbed his eyes when a strong light assaulted his vision. His eyesight slowly adjusted and went towards the brown wooden door of the library. He twisted the doorknob with all his might and felt it clunk. 

Finally, he's in his favorite place again, ever since he was reincarnated in the world he resided in. He suppressed his excitement this time and calmly looked at the books. Walking on the tiles barefoot and passing by several shelves of books. He looked down at the cold floor and saw his reflection. A book's reflection stood out and caught his attention. 

 "Family history?" Kael said in a cute voice.

 He tiptoed to reach the book and discovered a letter slipped inside when he opened it. "Read the books I have prepared for you just in case. It is located on an isolated black shelf. Sincerely yours, your guardian." Kael finished reading and turned around, the shelf sits right in front of him. Larger and isolated, covered with black cloth. Kael pulled the cover excitedly, seeing a ladder beside it, and thus he used it to reach higher books. 

Kael placed the book where he found the letter and searched for something he could read. He discovered a book about the Academy Job classes, pulled it, and sat on the floor to read. He found out about the Job classes taught in the Academy or taught to noble Job class holder families that founded the kingdom itself. 

There were nine Job classes in the Academy and they were the Ranger, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warrior, Knight, Paladin, Fighter, and Swordsman. He was shocked to see illustrations and drawings of them in the book itself. He thought of learning all the Job class he saw in the book for the future. Getting all of it made his spine get the chills and his heart to race. 

 He put it back and pulled the book called Races of Lumia. Reading it while he lay on the cold floor. He discovered that there were three factions of races. The Humans, Demi-humans, and the Beast-men. The humans were known as the Dwights, Skulds, and Barbarians. All have drawings and illustrations for him to see.

 The Demi-humans were the Elves, Dwarves, and Hobbits. He looked at their illustrations, surprised because had read fantasy books in his past life. He can only feel excitement as he imagines meeting one of them in the future. There were also the Beast men, they were known as the Lycans, Druids, and Vampires. All have illustrations and transformation pictures in the book.

He also discovered that the world of Lumia has monsters that can give you experience points to level up your character. He put it back on the shelf and saw the history of the Kael Family.

 He read that he was a boy born from the family of Erza Kael and Lord Melvin Kael. His father was twenty-seven and his mother was twenty-five at that time they got married and they lived in the Manor of Golden Valley. He also found out that the king gave them a mansion, an estate, a vast land, and a town to rule. 

Then he put it back on the shelf, having understood his family. His mind got clearer, now. He also read that his family teaches techniques, from what Kael imagined, it was a non-job classed combatant style. Now he knows why his father was that good at combat. 

 He also found out about other books such as A herbalist book, Survival book, Enchanting, Alchemy, Crafting, Character Stat Cultivation, and Monster bibliography. He smiled and continued to read.

 He read Character Stat Cultivation more than the other books. He discovered that the individual has so-called stats, they were Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, and Focus. All can be improved by working out or killing monsters. He felt good knowing more about the world he was reincarnated in so he continued to read the rest of the books.

 The next morning, his mother saw him be sleeping on the floor, full of books by his side. His mother smiled and carried him in her arms. Putting him on his crib to get proper sleep.

Chapter 1.4 Techniques 

"Gathering info is a success!" He crossed his arms and grin. 

As a previous assassin of criminals, it was important to know the info first before making the plan to attack. He learned it through his mistakes so he went to his father to kindly ask him. Because acting was one of his skills from his previous life, he thought he should use it. Walking towards his father, he exited while strolling around. Seeing the white-painted walls of the house that has gold paints on the corners and pillars itself. He saw his father just outside who were working out. Making push-ups while being topless. Wearing pants on the bottom while he was on the floor. The tree nearby was giving them shade from the heat of the sun and the wind blew their skin to make them refreshed. Kael approached him while he was about to finish to a thousand. He was about to reach it but he was interrupted by his son. 

"Dad, may I ask you something?" 

"And what is it?" his father replied.

"About this book called 'combat techniques' that you wrote? Will it please you if your son is excited to learn your fighting style?" he asked.

"No, son. It's still too early for you to learn that kind of stuff. I mean, you're just five years old! You still need to read a lot of books. And when you're six-well, let's see, maybe we can start with swords, then the rest will follow. But in the meantime, just read well. Okay?" His father pats his head.

'Even if I can manage to dodge a bullet in my previous life, it won't matter. Because I live in a kid's body,' he thought.

"Are you certain that your skills are really strong? Or you're just afraid to show your skills to me?" he handed the book to his father and winked.

The Lord, Melvin was taken aback, 'How dare an ignorant child challenge my pride?'

"This child! I will show you my techniques. So you better watch carefully and learn from it." His father led him to the training grounds and lined up all the equipment that he'll use. First, he demonstrated his swordsmanship. With all his focus, he did a combo of left and right diagonal slash then a turn and a slash in a wide arch.

"That's called a 'sword technique'. How you handle a sword in engaging combat," said Melvin.

"Next," Mael clapped his hands and thought that his father will be a good sparring partner. 

"Next was the spear technique." His father swung his spear, turned, and thrust it into the air. Then he pointed it, making a clockwise circular motion, rapidly thrusting it for five times.

Mael clapped then said, "next".

Then his father showed him the bow and crossbow technique. He loaded three arrows to the bow and fired it all to the target points. Reloading it with three arrows in his hands, he fired it one after another, hitting all the marks. He then grabbed the crossbow, reloaded it instantaneously, rolled over, and fired it to the mark.

Then, he dashed sideways as he released the bolt from the crossbow. He reloaded it again, then dashed backwards. He did a backflip while releasing it in mid-air, hitting all marks. With no dull moment, he reloaded and fired it towards the two hundred meter distance target and almost hit the middle of the bullseye.

"Next," Mael nodded, impressed.

"The next one is the dagger technique," His father slashed all over the dummy furiously. He distanced from it then eventually threw the dagger to its head. He grabbed and twisted it sideways as he drew the dagger, ripping its face. He distanced himself, dashed, and thrust the dagger on its belly. Then drew the dagger from its belly in a gut ripping manner.

"Bravo", Mael gave his father a round of applause.

"Next is two-handed techniques," He lifted two-handed hammers and slammed them vertically to the dummy causing all the dirt to splatter. He slammed it to the other dummy sideways which flew through a far distance. An unrecognizable dummy remained afterwards.


"Lastly, it's called the unarmed technique," He began striking the hands of the dummy with rotating hands. Striking faster and defending at the same time. Then for the final act, he made a one-inch punch that blew the dummy by force.

"That's all. Aren't you impressed?" his father asked breathless, covered in sweat.

"Well, it caught my attention and stored it well on my memory. I'll learn it as fast as possible," Mael picked up the book and left. His father let out a sigh, disappointed at the lack of gratitude and at all the mess he made at the training grounds. Sighing and shaking his head for not even thanking him.

Meanwhile, Mael's mother approached him with tea.

"This is for your relaxation," she handed him a cup.

"Thanks, mom!" He took the tea and drank.

"Now now! Let us proceed to our next lesson. Adventurers!" she laughed. Mael discovered the so-called techniques but thought that it's just the surface of all the details surrounding this world. 

"Now for the first lesson, you can improve by levelling up your character stats using a window card. Your job class is levelling up also. Your performance can be enhanced by the stat points that you will receive when you level up and that is after killing monsters. The character stats are based on strength, dexterity, vitality, and focus," she said.

"Wow, that's mind-blowing. mother. What about lesson two?" 

"Okay for lesson two. Everyone has a 'character sheet' and a 'Job class sheet'. As I said earlier, the character sheet was your physical characteristics specifically defining your strength, dexterity, vitality, and focus. Each one of them harmonizes with each other, summing up your full potential. The job-class sheet defines your skills. The combat job class is what appears in the job-class sheet but the non-combat job-class is found in the knowledge section. The job class sheet has skills like the area of effect, mastery, blink, buff, debuff, and burst. They are divided into passive and active. Your father and I have all of it. We have our Job class, but I won't tell you. You will find out soon." she crossed her arms. "Now, how about you play a bit with your father while I prepare our meal." She walked into the kitchen and Kael left, walking towards his father.

'There are still many to know. For now, my goal is to get hands on all job-classes here in this world. I only have a short life, I will make the most of it,' he thought, approaching his father who just finished cleaning up. 

"Dad! How about we play? Catch me if you can!" 

"Okay, okay. Haha," Melvin chuckled, giving him a thumbs up.

While they play, Mael asked himself why he was reincarnated in a world like this and that he needs to do further investigation. He can't wait to grow older.

Mel_Aniv Mel_Aniv

Hi it's the author here, I've made this book to contest it to the Web novel Spirity Awards Spring 2020 on the banner of "Knights and magic"

Please vote me using your precious power stone and leave comments and reviews if you want.

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