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Chapter 36: I Like Mature Ladies! So?

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Hika had changed out of her combat suit. Her high heels and dark-colored stockings made her legs look extra slender. Thanks to her training, her legs were well-proportioned.

Austin's eyes darted around.

Beautiful legs.

At the same time, Hika slowly walked toward him. She leaned forward and supported herself on the table with both hands. "Why can't I come?"

"Hmm, I seem to have arrived too late. I let Elder Chuan beat me to it."

Austin replied, "You're not late. I didn't choose to join the Thunder Magister Guild."

"What?!" Hika cried out before bursting into laughter.

She lifted Austin's chin with one hand and said, "Are you waiting for me?"

Austin smiled.

Was she teasing him?

Austin raised his hand and grasped Hika's slender wrist. He pulled her close and sat her on his lap.

Hika slightly struggled as she tried to break free but realized that there was nothing she could do.


Shika looked in disbelief.

To her surprise, she could not break free from the hands of a mere official magister?

So this was the divine strength?

Unable to break free, Hika simply stopped struggling and hooked her arm around Austin's shoulder.

It was then when she felt how strong and developed Austin's muscles were.

"Speaking of which, kid, what happened to your clothes?"

Since Austin ran over for the meeting, the journey ruined his shoes and even blew his clothes into rags.

"I miss you so much that my clothes have torn apart to meet you."

Austin boldly placed his arm around Hika's tiny waist and smiled.

Hika's body trembled, and he poked Austin's muscles with a smile as he said, "What a glib-tongued little kid. So how about it? Want to join the Chamber of Commerce?"

Austin asked, "What's the benefits?"


"Do I count?"

Hika blinked at Austin. He had to admit that she was good-looking. She was a different type of beauty from his sister.

Austin laughed at her attempt to tease him.

She seemed unafraid that she would get eaten until there was nothing left.

Austin said, "I'm used to freedom, so I don't favor joining any faction."

"Otherwise, why do you think I rejected Elder Chuan for the chance to join the Thunder Magister Guild?"

Hika looked at him in surprise and said, "You… you mean you reject the Thunder Magister Guild for your so-called freedom, right?"

Austin nodded.

Hika's mouth fell open slightly as she became momentarily speechless.

There was actually someone who rejected the Thunder Magister Guild just because he could not bear the constraints.

Should she say that he was unshackled and unrestrained?

Or that he was arrogant and conceited?

"Although I won't be a part of the Chamber of Commerce, I can still make friends."

Austin said as he rubbed Hika's palm.

Hika swatted Austin's hand away and said, "Go away. You don't even want to join the Faye City Chamber of Commerce. And you dare take advantage of me?"

"I'm only nineteen. You're already in your twenties. How can you say that I'm taking advantage of you?."

Austin laughed and released Hika.

"Stinky kid, you're saying I'm old?"

Hika stared at him, pretending to lunge at him, and made threatening gestures.

"Your age doesn't matter. I like mature women," Austin said quickly.

"I'll give you a chance to apologize. Treat me to dinner tonight!"

Austin wanted to say yes, but he remembered that he was penniless and did not have a single cent. How could he treat someone to a meal?

"Are you paying for me this time?"

Hika felt exasperated.

"You want me to pay?"

Austin threw up his hands and said, "I don't have a choice because I don't have any money now."

Hika was speechless with anger.

Many young elites and rich second-generation men who wanted to treat her to a meal got rejected.

Yet, now that Hika had taken the initiative, Austin asked her to pay for him?

Hika was furious, of course.

However, to befriend Austin, a meal was nothing.

"I'll see you at the Liboli Hotel at 7 PM tonight!"

Hika stomped off.

"The Liboli Hotel? It's the most luxurious hotel in Faye City. Hmm…"

Austin thought with anticipation.

After Hika left, the Martian hunter, Ankti, came in.

Austin was a wanted man as representatives of the major powers in Faye scrambled to invite him.

After all, Austin's performance in the official magister exam was too astonishing.

He could have killed one low-level vicious beast to pass the exam.

Yet, Austin had hunted down mid-level beasts and even high-level beasts.

A high-level vicious beast was comparable to a tier-three magister.

A tier-three magister could be considered an expert in a base city.

They would be treated as an honored guest in any factions they join.

No wonder Austin had become so popular.

They were not inviting an official magister but a tier-three magister!

The Martian hunter went straight to the point and invited Austin to join the famous hunting team in Faye City—the Stars Hunting Team.

In which, the vice-captains used Mars, Mercury, Saturn, and Venus as codenames.

And the captain was the Jupiter Hunter!

For a hunting team to have four tier-three magisters and a tier-four magister, it was no wonder they were famous in Faye city.

The Martian hunter promised numerous benefits, and Austin was rather tempted.

Unfortunately, Austin had never intended to join the hunting team.

Dividing the spoils was always a problem.

Austin only wanted to sell everything he hunted and earn profit without the need to argue with others.

As expected, Cass from the royal family arrived shortly after Ankti left.

Apart from promising all sorts of benefits, Cass even brought up social responsibility.

"Lord Cass, even if I don't join the royal family, I will still do my best to protect my home."

Austin refused without saying much.

Other major forces in Faye City had extended olive branches to Austin. However, Austin had rejected all of them.

Austin was ready to leave.

Before that, he received a metal box.

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