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Marshal Alfred the Undefeated

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Author: Niuxize

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Demons are invading the world, they are seeking the fruitful land of humanity.
After 12 years of fighting, Alfred, his dragon and 4 other pillars of humanity stand up to fight the Demon Lord "Arc Mortem"
Alfred on the brink of death used a secret skill that forced the Demon Lord back into the Demon Realm.
However he paid a heavy price for this, within a month he will die.
After getting backstabbed on the battlefield, he gets reincarnated.
Alfred Reincarnates into the body of another Alfred
He vowes to kill the human Commander who betrayed him, and the human race.

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Hey guys! Author here. I will be honest with this novel, It's my very first and I've put quite a lot of time in thinking about the plot of the novel. So the plot revolves around Alfred who after a traumatizing incident, full of hate is for the Demon species. His potential is unleashed and after a lot of hard work he becomes one of the pillars of humanity. With the help of his 4 colleagues and his dragon, he forces the Demon King back into the demon realm, however, he had to use a forbidden secret skill which lowered his lifespan to just 20 days. He decides he will do all for humanity and roams the battlefield killing monsters and stray demons. However, a human Commander notices his weakened state and sets up a trap to kill him with the help of demon Commanders, After he dies, he gets reincarnated into a boy with almost identical looks as him, and with the same name. Alfred notices only 10 days have passed since his former death. So he plots and vows to kill the human Commander and the rest of the Demon race. So the main plot is after he reincarnated. As for Alfred himself, he has lived on the battlefield for almost his whole life, so he is calm and collected. On top of that he also had a lot of authority in the military and the world itself. I won't be giving this story a 5 star review as I don't think it deserves it. I've read a lot of novels so I believe my judgement on this work is spot-on.

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Author Niuxize