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Mask of the Villainess Queen Mask of the Villainess Queen original

Mask of the Villainess Queen

Author: maiddict

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Chapter 1: Prologue

Velina walked confidently.

Her feet stepped right and left firmly, regardless of the gazes of those around her who looked at herself in awe, she got into a car that had been waiting for her.

"Welcome, miss," said the driver, who quickly closed the door as soon as he was sure the young lady was sitting comfortably.

Then, he immediately put the suitcase into the trunk and started the engine and exited the international airport.

In the car, Velina read a fashion magazine with a smile on her lips. Her gaze was fixed on an article about a beautiful model on the rise.

This was the first time she had returned home, after several years of travelled around the world, looking for life experiences. Her father had repeatedly asked her to go home, but at most she only returned for a short vacation.

She stared out the window, watched the changes in the city since she has been gone.

She observed the towering tall buildings adorned with electronic billboards, her view was locked in an advertisement that showed the charming face of a girl whose article she had just read.

"Is that Meryl, the model?" she asked the driver.

He just nodded while focusing on the streets.

Velina smiled.

Suddenly, a thought crossed her head, and she laughed to herself, imagining her family's reaction if she told them what she wanted to do once she got home.

Shortly after, the car entered a very large yard, greeted by the guards who surrounded the compound.

An old man who was watering the garden was stunned when he saw Velina got out of the car.

The look on his face which was initially shocked gave a smile but suddenly the old man looked very angry, he swinged his water hose towards Velina.

"You bad girl! You finally know the way home huh! Is your GPS broken??" he asked, annoyed, flushing Velina with water.

"Aaaaah! Eyang[1], forgive me! I'm Sorry!" Velina tried to hold the water sprayed on her with both hands, while jogging away.

She was laughing because his grandfather was trying to make her wet like a child. Not wanting to lose, Velina took a dipper and scooped up water in a bucket to avenge her grandfather.

After both of them were exhausted, they immediately changed their clothes and sat on the back porch overlooking the pool while enjoying snacks and afternoon tea.

Her grandfather stared at her face endlessly with a longing look. He felt very happy with the return of his granddaughter.

Velina looked extremely similar to his late wife.

Without realizing it, it became a reason for him to make her his favorite granddaugther.

Velina's family was one of the elites families in the country of Vanesia.

Many people respect her grandfather as one of the most important political figures who are highly respected.

In addition, he also had the largest private bank, and the largest investment company in Southeast Asia called Val Capital.

For their family, money was just a number, not something to be pursued, but played.

Born into a wealthy family, did not make Velina's life pleasant, but difficult and full of responsibility.

From a young age, since she was six years old she had to live apart from her parents, lived independently in Hang Zhao, where her grandfather left her with her uncle to train Velina and her brother martial arts and they also did not go to ordinary school, but homeschooled until they were ready to study at the university.

In addition, they also used to camp in the wild to learn basic survival skills.

It was reasonable, because their family was an elite, the attempted murder and being kidnapped was just a daily food for them.

That was why her grandfather inevitably forced them to be strong in order to protect themselves in case of danger someday.

Unbelievably, his decision actually made Velina loved the wild life of nature and made her eager to travel around the world in order to learn martial arts from each country she visited.

Not surprisingly, Velina's tall, slender body seemed to look sturdy even though she looked feminine.

She was not thin, the muscles in her body look beautiful to look at. all in perfect portions.

Her face was a mixture of Asian and European, making her look very beautiful with long brown hair.

The color of her eyes which was also brownish made anyone who looked at her wonderstruck, even though until now she was still single and had no intention of dating.

"I heard my father is dating a model?" Velina asked, while she peeled the watermelon.

"Your father has gone crazy," her grandfather said, snorting. "The girl is the same age as you," he continued. "He has the smell of the grave but still has such a behavior."

Velina didn't know whether to cry or laugh at her grandfather's words.

Her father and her grandfather from the paternal side were always in a 'love-hate relationship' but they were always kept in touch with each other even just to say 'hi'.

Although Velina's father knew that his father did not like him dating models or actresses, her father always made sure that Velina's grandfather was the first to be told if he had a new girlfriend.

Velina's mother died a long time ago, when she gave birth to her third child, Velina's younger sister, Nadine.

Since then, his father has never remarried.

However, in the last few years, he had dated several times or gone on dates with several actresses or models, even though he has no intention of marrying them at all.

Velina herself didn't mind at all, she knew that her father was very lonely, and to this day he had not been able to find a replacement for her mother.

After dinner with her grandfather, Velina entered her room, the room looked well maintained even though she was very, very rarely at home. She looked at a picture frame and smiled.

Shortly, she was sleepy.

She immediately took a shower and went to sleep, prepared a new day ahead.


Eyang[1] Means grandfather in Javanesse.

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