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Memories of the past (Hazbin hotel) Memories of the past (Hazbin hotel) original

Memories of the past (Hazbin hotel)

Author: Author_Author

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 The fall of a new angel

Walking down the streets demons could be seen. It was just a normal everyday everyone just did the things everyone would usually do. Crimes were being committed, drugs were consumed, and some just did something. Charlie the princess of hell had been walking around the streets to try to convince demons to her redemption idea but like usual none of them got interested to it. She had leaned on a wall of an alley holding the flyers with one hand only while covering her eyes with her other arm. A sigh had come out from her mouth she did not know how long she can continue to try something that really do start to look impossible.

Since the day the hotel was established, it been multiple months but still nothing. The Extermination Day was also near again only 45 days till it happens again. This had made her sad knowing that many of her people will die and that even though she tried her best to get demons or sinners to the hotel.

`Maybe I should just give up´

those were the thought she had the past days.

`Maybe they were right maybe there is no such thing as redemption it may be impossible´

she slapped her own cheeks.

`No don't be tricked don't give up it will be possible for me I just need to keep it up´

She tricked herself to motivate herself and it did help.

She walked out from the alley with her new motivation that she made herself believe. As she walked around trying again a feather had fallen from the sky. Charlie reached her hand out and grabbed it she looked at the feather. It was completely white emitting even a mysterious light Charlie had never seen it and this feather also took the interested from the demons around the street. More feathers started to fall from the sky all the same pure white color emitting the same mysterious light. In the castle that Lucifer the ruler of hell resigned looked out from the balcony a feather had fallen to his balcony on the ground. He went on his kneels grabbing the feather looking at it. He stared at the feather it was for a short time, but he knew what it was

"This is from an angel"

He stood up again and looked in the sky

"The extermination still has 45 days till it comes so why are the feather of an angel falling to my realm"

he said his thought out loud while crushing the feather in his hands.


Lillith the queen of hell and the wife of Lucifer walked to the side of her husband. She had looked to the sky and saw the falling of the angel feathers too

"Are those..."

"Yes, they are these things the father of an angel"

Lucifer face was angry his hatred was visible on his face, but Lillith touched his shoulder

"I know how much you hate them"

hugging her husband

"I know what you will do but don't forget extermination day still has not come the clock has also not changed in anyway. Meaning something else is going on".

"Then what could it be not like there is much choice of what can happen"

She tiled Lucifer head to make him look at her eyes.

"Dear I have to go"

"I know honey but don't act irrational especially as we don't know what is happening" Lillith had let go of Lucifer now.

Wings came out from his back six magnificent black wings came out each and one of them was bigger than the other one. Lucifer started to move his wings

"I will come fast" after saying those words he said he kissed Lillith head and flew of.

He looked in the sky looking where the most feathers were falling but he had not to look like that as a bright light was shining down from the sky while it was small it was visible easily. Lucifer flew at his top speed to the place where the light shone. When Lucifer was on top of a building looking up then down to see who is all down there, he saw his daughter Charlie.

He flew in an instant down to her and grabbed her shoulders

"You need to get out of here"

he told her, but she was confused at first


"It may be dangerous, and I have no idea why the feather of an angel is falling from the sky...."

Before he could finish those words, something fell from the sky down to the street as Lucifer looked back seeing a small crater. He used his wings to cover Charlie and he looked down to the crater and he saw it an angel.

The angel looked like a regular extermination angel, but it was not black rather its body was covered with something shining. The extermination angel looked up to the sky it had white wings which had started to decay. It looked around as it was looking around the demons and sinners around started to run away it then saw Lucifer and Charlie a bit but ignored the two. The angel went in a squatting position the wings started to move extremely fast. A spear started to form in the extermination angel hand, and it jumped up in the sky with great force with already being high in the sky the angel used its wings to fly up back to the light.

Lucifer started to laugh

"Oh my what a pitiful angel!"

He said it with a smile on his face enjoying what he sees. Charlie came out from her father cover

"Why is it pitiful?" She did not understand what would been funny seeing that.

"Charlie my daughter you may not know it, but the angel is now the enemy from heaven which is clearly seen here so going back there would be impossible. This reminded me of my past when I rebelled against heaven"

"I know that you rebelled against heaven father but what does this has to do here?".

"Simple if going back to heaven after being their enemy was so easy, I would have done it a long time ago" She now understood what her father meant with it she looked to the sky and the extermination angel who was near the sky was falling once again.

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