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MHA : Light is Everything MHA : Light is Everything original

MHA : Light is Everything

Author: RockSForD

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Good afternoon, my name is Victor.

I am 37 years old, a businessman, was married.My life was contentedly good, the tasks set since childhood were fulfilled.I achieved happiness, but sometimes I "pampered" myself with charity. The part of his profit that he received, he sent to the needy.

But as all good things come to an end, so did mine, except that my end was final, so to speak, I died. Yes, yes, he died. And my life was cut short, in my opinion, with dignity. Saved a girl's life.

Returning home from one of the charitable foundations, I stopped at a gas station, since at that time there was almost no gasoline in the car.Refueling, I thought I heard a voice, and clearly female.Without waiting for the end of the filling of the gas tank, I turned off the handle of the gun for fuel supply, and quickly headed to the source of the voice. He was walking from the back of the gas station, most likely where the staff goes.When I reached the backyard, a very bad scene appeared before my eyes.A hefty man molested a girl, and I'll tell you for sure that it wasn't for the sake of patting on the head. The man was clearly letting his hands loose, and the girl can't defend herself, she clearly doesn't have enough strength.

"What are you doing, scum?!", I shouted, jumping and raising my leg to strike, or rather bent so that I could get my knee into my head, which I did.

He recoiled, putting his hand on his nose, turned around and mumbled something.Having made this blow, I was able to pull the girl out of the man's hands, turning my head to her, I asked her to run and call the cops, which she did.

Turning my head back, I saw that the man began to take a knife out of his pocket. The knife was definitely not small, or rather it was for cutting meat, why he carried it with him, it was not clear to me.Judging by his movements, smell and his booming, the man was clearly drunk.

In his drunken state, he started waving a knife, which I tried to dodge. Turning away from the next blow, fate decided to show me the middle finger, I hit either a piece of iron or a brick and fell. This drunk guy clearly did not want to wait until I got up and began to act, somehow jumping to me, he hit me in the heart area in an unknown way, and the next seconds became cloudy for me.My body became a motionless fortress for me, the energy in my arms and legs began to disappear, my vision became hazy, and my voice began to subside.


Darkness and emptiness. That's what Victor felt after his death. Being in absolute emptiness, he was overcome by grief and boredom, which is unexpected, what person will not be horrified by his demise? The campaign is clearly not Victor.

He didn't have to wait long, so a ray of light appeared in the dark, slowly but effectively this light became more and more blinding and burning this emptiness.

And after that, Victor realized a few things.Firstly, he can see again, secondly, he feels his body, thirdly, that he is in some kind of palace and a man is sitting on a throne in front of him.

It could not be called a simple person. Entity. This entity exuded unprecedented wisdom and knowledge.Just by looking at him, he seemed to know everything. His face was old, but strong. He was dressed in robes that Victor had only seen in old books and movies. In his hands he held a staff made entirely of gold, this staff radiated power that even he could feel.

- Welcome to my abode, Victor.Glad to see you, certainly not so early—" the entity greeted with its mighty voice.

- Thank you, how do you know my name and who you are, I will not ask, because I assume that you are God. - said Victor, looking at him expectantly, hoping that he was right, if not, he really did not want to go to hell.

"You're right. I am God, but it will be right if you call me the All-Father.I know what you want to hear and be calm, you will definitely not go to hell " at these words, Victor's heart calmed down and stopped worrying.

« I'll tell you everything now.You get a gift from me for your deeds, a second chance at life.Of course, whether to accept it or not depends only on you.» - Said the All-Father.And immediately added. - Unfortunately, I can't take you back to where you lived... you know.Therefore, you can choose a place where you want to go, from the world of famous books to anime universes.

Only two emotions flashed across Victor's face, understanding and joy. By the way, Victor didn't show much emotion, he was always a man of deeds, not words. And so he immediately decided where he wanted to go.Do you think how so fast? Well, once in a lifetime, an anime lover ... and, more to the fact, Victor watched Anime.One Piece is a priority for him, but while the new series were coming out, he started watching about which radio students, "My Hero Academy" was the name of it.

Victor decided that he was not ready for the world of the Piece yet, because it would be difficult for him without electronics, without video games in particular, yes, he is a gamer with experience.

And the world of the Hero Academy is more than suitable, although there was a huge influx of abilities, but for a while technological progress in this world was suspended, so they did not go far from his time, unless of course you count robots, but he will deal with them.

An idea came to Victor's head and he wanted to voice it.

- Allfather, forgive me for being rude, but after death in the world in which I will die again, I will return to you and what next? I can ... — lowering his gaze, Victor coughed into his hand, hoping that after his next words, he would not get a problem on his head. - try to go to another world?

The Allfather's gaze lingered on him, which made Victor sweat, but after a second the Allfather showed a very kind and approving smile.

- Of course, if you live your new life with dignity.

From these words, Victor showed the strongest joy on his face that he had ever had: he smiled all over his mouth.

 — Then All-Father, can I wish you "some" things? - having received a nod in response, he continued. — if it is possible, I would like to get into the world of M.H.A., I have no desire to study heroics in Japan, I would like to get a hero license, get a Kizaru fruit, its height and strength, and if possible I would like to get knowledge about Rokushiki.

It became quiet, terribly quiet. Of course, it was quiet in this place before, but this confused the conversation between Victor and the All-Father.

Victor lowered his gaze again, his arrogance took him forward, he was like a child in a candy store and therefore could not resist such a chance.

"HA-HA-HA—" the Allfather laughed at the top of his mighty voice. — Of course, Victor.If someone else were in your place, I would throw him out, but you deserve it.

It was impossible to describe in words how happy Victor was now. Not only multiple rebirth, but also such a gift? Damn it, he's a super-lucky guy. No wonder he went bankrupt because of charity.

- Very well, Victor, now it's time for you to go— - having said this, the All-Father waved his hand and a rounded portal appeared next to Victor. - I will say two things, firstly, if you want to leave your name as it is and at what time you want to appear in this world, it's up to you, when entering the portal, think about what you want, and secondly, have a happy life!

Seeing the Allfather's face, he also smiled, waving his hand, he entered the portal.

Well, the World of the Hero Academy, expect a new guest at your place!

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