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You've probably heard such words many times, "Good will come back like a boomerang."
Even after your death, it returns. That's what happened to 37-year-old Viktor Bragin.
For his actions, he received an interesting gift in heaven. Rebirth.
Rebirth or "Reincarnation".
In India, it is believed that this will befall everyone after death.
Victor himself did not believe it, but he had heard about it more than once and considered this idea absurd.
Without expecting it, it turned out to be true.

P. S

English is not my language, but I wanted to share my work with you and to get your opinion. There will be mistakes, that's for sure, so I'm sorry in advance.

I also want to say that this is an unusual excised fanfic, but it is different in general. There will be no strong deviations from the canon.

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This is a fun story to read. I really like the idea of starting the story a long way back before the canon starts. This story is also constantly uploading which is really noice!

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This is MHA, not One Piece. Something like the Rokushiki shouldn't even exist. He is already overpowered. How much more will you provide to his abilities !! He is already the foookin strongest

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Bro, you seriously need a editor. I mean it. if you want, you can contact me to help you with it and yes , please put some spaces/dash in between.

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LV 10 Badge

Impossible to read Look into getting an editor or using grammarly Idk why thats so hard for most people on this site. i wont read this again until it has better grammar

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this need more chapter wahhahahha i need more thankyou......... more!! more! more!! more!! more!! more!! more!! more!! more!! more!! more!! more!!

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this good so far 😌 👌. .

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A new take on MHA fanfic with not starting as a kid and studying heroics. The premise is good and the path is promising. I just read the first chapter, but I couldn't stand the grammar, so for now I will only rate it 3 star. I hope the author will find a good editor since the story has huge potential. I will come back and rate it higher once this story is edited well. Cheers!

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