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Chapter-11 : Quirk Apprehension Test - MHA : THE NEW SPIDER - Chapter 12 by Your_Drug_Supplier full book limited free

Chapter 12: Chapter-11 : Quirk Apprehension Test

It was finally time for UA.

No matter how much I told myself to get up as early a possible, I still overslept. Already late, then all the 'goodbye kisses' from three yr olds took even more time, I would be very late if this continued.

I took my bag as I ran atop buildings, hopping from one to another, I ran (hopped) as fast as it was possible, I think I would miss the whole quirk apprehension test.

While running I thought about how far I had come, from a seemingly weak nobody to a strong and dependable young man.

"Time sure does fly..... "

I looked at my watch as my eyes widened, 'Time flies, but I can't!!'

I thought out loud as I picked up the pace again, looks like I need some more Parkour training.

I reached the campus in 6 minutes, It took 3 more minutes for the verification and security check.

I directly jumped into the floor where our class was located.

Suddenly I sensed someone where I was going to land, I hastily created a web and sticked to the large hunk of metal they called gate.

Seeing the person who I was going to clash, I was stunned.

She was a pretty girl, around 5'8" In height which was tall for 14-15 yr old girls. She wasn't just pretty, she was astonishing.

And the those two handball sized..... Damn, I should have just crash landed instead!!

I diverted my attention to identifying this person with my memories, she was the one who wore a leotard as hero costume in OG, the one with creation powers, what was her name again???

Momo Yaorozu?? Yokurosu?? Rosurosu?? Well, it wasn't important either, we can introduce ourselves later.

I looked around as everyone was looking at me, 'looks like I made it in time, they are going outside for the apprehension test'

"Sorry for the inconvenience, I met some old ladies which needed help, so as a hero in training I thought it would be good if I helped them, but I got late because of that, sorry!" I said as I climbed down from the gate and dusted my clothes.

Aizawa was still looking at me with his half closed eyes, it looked like he was brewing something 'sinister' for me by the looks of his 'readings'.

I took my sports uniform from the box inside the classroom as I followed everyone to the changing rooms.

We were given 10 rational minutes by Aizawa to change up.

## Male changing room ##

I was changing my uniform as I noticed, something wasn't right, There was one guy that I knew was missing, the tape guy. Instead of him, Tetsu guy was in our class.

'My presence had already caused such changes, many more things are ought to be changed' I thought as I sensed everyone, Midoriya seemed like someone just gave him a motivational speech while boom boy looked more tamed than I remember.

'Did they truly enter a S&M relationship???'

"Hey, you are Kira Sogaru right?? The one who came top in the entrance exams??" The yellow haired boy said.

As soon as he said that, almost all eyes focused on me.

"Yeah, you're right, you can call me Kira by the way" I replied as I took my shirt off.

"Whoiiiyouuu, Damn bro, you're ripped! How much did you train??" asked the Red haired one.

"Not much, Just 8 hrs a day" I said as I put the sports uniform on.

"That's so manly!!"

Everybody visibly cringed at that moment, the time was almost up so I quickly put on my shoes and moved outside.

We formed a line again as were were led to the practice 'ground' which was actually a practice field connected to a forest.

While moving to the 'ground', I took the opportunity of scaring them all, and said "You know, he's Aizawa, He's famous for expelling students on their first day, last year he expelled whole class 1-A on their first day, that's the reason why there is no class 2-A this year"

Many of students visibly panicked, but out of my expectations, Midoriya remained quite calm.

Something was wrong and very different than I remembered.

We reached the 'ground', Aizawa looked towards us with a smile on his face and said "When you want to be a hero, there is no time for opening ceremonies and such leisures, we have to utilise each and every second rationally as it can either save or destroy lives.

You will now be tested on following basis :

Softball pitch

Standing long jump

High jump

50 m sprint

2 km race

Grip strength


Body flexibility

You are allowed to use your quirks as you deem fit as long as it doesn't harm you or any other person.

You have five minutes to prepare. The one coming in the last position will be expelled from the hero course."

Hearing this everyone had different reactions.

But again, Midoriya appeared too calm. Something was wrong, horribly wrong and I wasn't aware of it.

"Kira, what was your highest score in softball throwing in middle school??" He asked while looking at me.

"I don't know, I threw the ball and it went flying out of the school. I still remember, I had to pay for that...."

"well, that's certainly more than 200 meters, come here and throw this ball. Using best of all abilities you can"

"you sure??? Then be it so... " I said as my symbiot partially covered my right hand and it suddenly felt like it became boneless, I threw the ball with every mm of muscle I could muster.

The ball created a sonic boom as it accelerated through the sky, soon it was nowhere to be seen as Aizawa's screen said [Out of Detection range : infinity by default]

"Well, that was amazing, all of you are up next" He said in a boring voice. But I could feel it, he was feeling giddy about something inside.

Everyone took the all tests simultaneously, as it was much time saving and rationally correct option. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

There I noticed what the change was.

First and foremost was that Midoriya had a quirk of his own and it also looked like he inherited [OFA] .

He looked like the Plot armoured class right away.

His quirk was something fire related, probably inherited from his father, and [OFA] was pretty obvious, but he had much more refined control over it than when he had in anime during this time.

Second most changed was the half and half dude, he used both his powers in all the tests, it looked like he still had daddy issues but knew how to use his powers to his advantage.

And it also looked like when all of these people are a part of my reality, they weren't so naive, they all used their quirks pretty well, better than what anime showcased.

Four people scaled infinity by default in the softball throw, Me, Uraraka, momo by creating a drone that took the ball out of the range and surprisingly the animal lover dude, he used his brain good let an eagle take the ball away as soon as it exited his hands.

In the standing long jump, many people skipped the 10 m long pit of sand including me, Momo, midoriya, katsuki, todoroki, sugar boy, and unexpectedly, uraraka, she was able to make herself afloat for a few second which was enough for her.

Same was for high jumping, though what impressed me was the versatility with which momo was using her quirk, from cannon in softball throw to skates in the race and sprint.

Even Iida was much more powerful than cannon counterpart, his quirk [Engine] let him boost his leg speed and draw extra oxygen from surroundings to keep the oxygen supply to the fullest.

His body seemed oddly energised due to it and much stronger than normal human standards.

He took the sprint as the last test and even used his recepro burst which gave him a shocking 3 times the speed he previously had, It took him 1.08 seconds to finish the dash.

Even the invisigirl was different, along with being invisible, she was able to conjure force fields. She broke the grip strength measuring machine with force fields while also using them to boost her position in races and other tests.

My results were obviously the best, I completed the 2 Km race 26 seconds, The 50 m dash in 0.625 seconds, skipped the measuring scales in standing long jump and high jump.

Broke the grip strength measuring machine.

Whack-a-mole was banged up as I gained a perfect score.

And I had [spider physiology], I had a most 380 bones in my body, though on the outside I looked like any normal human should, on the inside I was fundamentally different, I was much more flexible than anyone could imagine.

The only one with consistent low results was the ero grape-head.

After 30 minutes all the tests were over, it was time for results.

[1st : Kira Sogaru]

[2nd : Shoto Todoroki]

[3rd : Momo Yaoyorozu]

[4th : Izuku Midoriya]

[5th : Katsuki bakugo]




[21st : Minoru Mineta]

Suddenly the ero grape-head started crying and snot came out of his nose and he said "You can't do this to me... I still haven't seen the beauties... I mean I want to be a good hero, please don't expel me, please don't..... "

But Aizawa had no qualms in removing someone like Mineta from hero course, he was very unsuitable for such tasks. Physical strength less than an average 5th grader, not even having proper mannerisms to conduct himself In a civilised way, it was like he was selected just to be removed later for creating an example.

Aizawa looked at the mumbling mess of the ero grape-head and said "Minoru Mineta, you are hereby being removed from the hero course, please go and see the principal now, he will tell you what to do next."

Aizawa clicked a button on his tablet as two robotic supporters appeared and took Mineta away.

He then smiled a little and looked at all of us and said "Welcome, to the hero course. Here in UA, you'll be tested daily to push beyond your limits, gain something everyday, You'll get a chance to leave your weakened self behind, and emerge above and beyond of what we call 'Plus Ultra'!!"

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