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Mr. Fu Regrets After Divorce

Mr. Fu Regrets After Divorce

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She had been married to Fu Ting for six years now, and her mother—in—law had been scolding her behind her back, calling her a chicken that cannot lay an egg. Yet little did she know that Fu Ting had never really fulfilled his role as a husband with her.
She always knew that there was someone else in Fu Ting's heart— Miao Man. Mu Ran had been in love with Fu Ting for over ten odd years. It was until six years ago when she rescued Miao Man that Fu Ting allowed her a request. So, Mu Ran mustered her courage and mentioned that she wanted to marry Fu Ting. That was the thought she had when she first met him in high school.
When the doctor initially diagnosed that Miao Man had no possibility of ever waking up again, Fu Ting followed on his promise and married Mu Ran.
It was until that one day when Fu Ting came home with a cold look in his eyes. Manman is coming home, and you move out tomorrow.
Mustering the last of her courage, Mu Ran spat. "And if I say no?"
"Get lost." Fu Ting said succinctly.
She could see the disgust and hatred in his eyes. So, it turned out that in their six years of marriage, all of the things she suffered and gave, they held no water compared to the long—lost moonlight of his heart.
Taking off her oily apron, Mu Ran changed into a white dress, and when they met again, she was happy in the arms of another man. Yet, Fu Ting's expression was extremely cold. "You're already looking for another man so quickly after our divorce?"
"That is my own matter, and has nothing to do with you, Mr. Fu, no?" She said with a smile.

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    Is anyone else tired of seeing this trope? The husband is a dog who mistreats her and has a white moonlight. And after divorce he begins to chase her. This kind of abuse me, I leave you, you chase me, I abuse you storyline is just stressful.

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    spoiler...both ML and FL are penpals...but miao man stole FL identity and became girlfriend of ML...but after some time ML found the truth and wanted to find FL...but miaoman hyponotised ML and the story goes like this...ML was a scumbug because he was hyponotised

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    LV 15 Badge

    What a husband! Even if he will regret it in the future, it is still not enough for all the things he did to his wife. The husband is simply stupid. Haist, women are always in the losing ends when they love men more than themselves.

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    LV 4 Badge

    The title of the story & synopsis are already a red flag to not read. However, I know that sometimes they can be misleading so I decided to at least read a couple of chapters. This is based on 25 chapters. Yes, ML is the trash type that didn't care about his wife & had a white lotus in his heart. The funny thing is that he's mistaken the white lotus as being his pen pal when in reality it's FL. I do like that FL is quick to realize that it is time to divorce &, although she still loves him, she begins to move on with her life. Of course you start to see the ML start to show signs of annoyance that she dared to leave him & I'm guessing that he will act bolder as the story progresses. FL has someone who has loved her for years & is willing to help her but I don't think she's going to reciprocate his feelings. ML's grandfather asks her if she would forgive ML if he showed regret & FL answered "but he won't" so it's probable that she will forgive him if he does. I could be wrong but either way there's already so many of these type of stories that are being translated that one can read so I don't think this is worth spending time/money on.

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    Another braindead MC "I know he loves this woman and doesnt care for me, but if i FORCE him to marry me he must love me!!!" ................

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    I love this story so much, everything is amazing so far. Please continue with this fabulous story, I truly want to read more of this book and only this book.

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    The FL's strong development once she decided to terminate her marriage and escape from her in-laws is moving the plot and I am into it. There are many layers and challenges that are well-paced and intelligently written. I want to read this novel.

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    LV 13 Badge

    Some trash shouldn't be recycled. Seriously this is so familiar. Was this on here before (different title)? bc I'm pretty sure I read this here or somewhere else before. Anysways, it's just another generic and predictable novel like all the others on here😑 They need to pick better stories!☹️

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    The typical Women loves man, man is narcissistic and loves another. Women (this time) divorces him (Quickly too). Man starts to be jealous throws double standards at her, realizes he likes her (More on the side likes to be the center of her world and control her) Women is a dummy and goes back (from what I read so far not yet but we know it will happen). Out of all of this I feel bad for the second male lead.... His poor simp soul

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    And the same trash again. Don't waste your time here, it is not worth it. ................................................................ .......

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    Author JQK

    Translator Nyoi-Bo Studio

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