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Mr. Yuan's Dilemma:  Can't Help Falling in Love with You

Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling in Love with You

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Author: Shy Maple LeafTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


4.12 (1,175 ratings)

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After years of longing, Mu Chenyan was finally going to marry the man of her dreams — Yuan Xuan. However, on her wedding day, the tragic death of Shu Qinger, her well-known romantic competitor led to Mu Chenyan's prison sentence.

Two years later, Mu Chenyan was released from prison due to insufficient evidence, but she ended in another “prison” — the Yuan household. However, she was no longer the naive girl who would let anyone have their way with her...

Her days in the prison had left their marks and a passion for revenge was now ignited in her. Even as Yuan Xuan tried to regain her love, she has now built a wall to guard her heart, cutting off all advances from him.

The question remains — who killed Shu Qinger? Who are the people on her side, and those who are on the devil's?

Love and hate intertwined, with Yuan Xuan's love and protectiveness over Mu Chenyan remaining unchanged...

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    Read till c100, I gave it a chance as I wanted to know the reason behind ML's incomprehensible decision to imprison FL but 1/3 into the story nothing has been properly explained for, yet I already feel like vomiting blood at the drama. ML is a yandere and a bloody annoying one too. I truly think ML is the worst kind of 'lover' ever- utterly selfish and self entitled. I question his IQ too for his methods are appallingly dumb. He may inwardly 'care' for FL but outwardly he is always dishonest. Never clearing things up with FL, leaving her in the dark and sending her on a rollercoaster ride of hurt and betrayal. Always wants to validate his love by forcing himself on her physically... uh wtf? So much wrong in this story. Being with this ML, FL never feels understood, love or assurance. I want FL to pack up her bags and leave this possessive jerk behind. If you love to torture yourself then maybe this story is for you but it's 拜拜, adios for me. This translator on Webnovel did a great job w the translations but I wish you would choose a better project next time.

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    Website : qidian china Views : 150thousand Rating : NR Chapters : 396 Status : completed Word count : 640thousand author level : lv1 No of works : 3 Disscussion : 15 Year started : 2018 Chinese title : 元先生,情非得已 Guys my current favorite novel is "Beautiful Time With You". It's one of the best romance novels I ever read! I know many of you might be hesitating cuz it's Ye Fei Ye novel! I can understand that! But I promise you it's a very cute and prolly the funniest novel with like zero heart wrenching moments! Give it a try guys! MC is very different and also super surprising thing is ML isn't a complete jerk!

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    The synopsis is great. Am anticipating the chapters. Hope this is a great novel. I'm tired of novels that's full of misunderstandings. So hopefully this isn't one of those. Also, this time, it was the male lead who's trying to win her love. Very interesting💕

    View 148 Replies

    This is so lame. Don’t even bother reading this. Typical “I loved him, now I hate him, but he kissed me so I love him again” trope; typical weak woman in disgrace; typical strong, powerful, arrogant, devilishly handsome man. Can’t authors come up with anything different?

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    Unbelievable garbage. How has this 4.3 stars? ML is extremely cruel to FL, ignores her, is cold to her, then sends her for two years to suffer in prison, yet when she returns he forces himself on her and boom, love is in the air? You have to be taking a piss with this trash, coined by the rapist ML and retarded FL.

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    LV 5 Badge

    Just to inform u, I love yandere ML. Wheter he is sick in mind or tends to love his woman in a twisted way, I can totally accept them all. That's why at first when I read the synopsis I love it to death adding to the fact that the FL seems to be a strong-minded type of person who don't give a s**t towards ML who betrayed her. It made my expectation for this novel rose higher. But oh boy how wrong I am! Out of prison exuding dark aura that screamed 'I am a changed person not like my past usual self' from FL, I gave her a thumbs up. But the moment she met ML everything seems crumble. And that continue even until now. I mean...where was ur resolve?? Where was the determine of a strong-minded FL? All I see is a weak-minded woman who can't do any s**t, all her determination r just an empty talk. She seems wants to rebel against ML but yea only empty talk. So all I can see is her acting coy with ML. Saying No...but her body screams YES F**K ME! 😒😒😒 Let's not talk abt the story plot coz the MC's character itself is a huge problem. I felt like watching an idiot FL trying so hard to play pretend of hating ML. Yep! That's my conclusion.

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    LV 15 Badge

    Wow, I voted for this novel bc I thought the fl would be a strong character. I don’t like this novel at all. It said she was going to be strong but she is just contradicting herself. Weak fl...this novel is too predictable and already know where it’s heading. Not really that great of a story. Sigh, I’m a bit disappointed.

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    The male lead is nothing but a rapist bully. The relationship between him and the female lead is a stereotypical abusive relationship. He physically abuses her, is overly possessive and jealous and only knows how to force the female lead to do things against her will. He is so unaware of how shameful and wrong his actions are and doesn't deserve the female lead. I read up until now hoping for things to improve, but I've reached my limits. The female lead should stop being a passive coward and leave him. Dropped.

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    Abusive Male Lead. I feel bad for the FL. 2yrs inside the prison and the ML think it will be easy for FL to adapt and become number one socialites and claim her life back "like hello you think 2yrs in prison is like a walk in the park?" he literally destroy her life. Why all chinese novel is about abuse, using money to do whatever they want? Ohhh and Rape? He literally rape her the first time that supposed to be memorable for her. Then of course as always female lead will just fall for it? Like it was nothing? wish author give her different ML. Can webnovel give us nobel with strong FL? Not abusive husband. Sorry but i will dropped the novel. To much drama, my heart is aching for her. To much stress and frustration while reading the novel. No thanks.

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    Another interesting novel worth to wait. Hope for the author to have a mass release soon.. Im looking forward for this novel.. New story worth our time.. Thank you author.. I love the synopsis of this story.. 😍 😍 😍

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    LV 11 Badge

    Omg I was expecting this novel so much.. I'm so disappointed, really author?? We should have a talk about the world, I know that this is a novel and everything but, this MC is so dumb and the ML is just disgusting, I was trying to read until the middle at least, but as far as I see, it's not getting better.

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    The degree no measure for how bad this story is . The author must have been drunk or stoned of her face to write any of this trash. All the characters fit into only 2 categories. Delusional rapists ( the Male Lead) and group 2 the irrationally stupid low IQ folks ( Everyone else incuding the Female Lead). The plot is awful and unrealistic to the point of tears. Basically this story just makes me super mad at its stupidity and irrationality. I personally would ike to give 0 stars but unfortunately such an honest level is not possible on this site. The only good thing about this story is the cover but that sadly decieves readers into thinking this is a nice romantic romp when instead it is someone's sad rape fantasy.

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    Really author. . Can u add some sense to ML. He is treating FL as a doll . Not giving any importance to her emotions. Just playing with her body as he has force. This romance between them appears too vulgar. He is just too selfish. I really want to hate this character. Such a worst way of showing love.

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    I don't quite understand the female lead here, it shows that she had to live in prison for 2 whole year getting abused and what not and the fact that her husband cheated on her and also his mistress was pregnant. But still she doesn't hate the male lead. I mean come on your whole life, reputation and family was destroyed by him and still she is trying to understand his situation. And male lead is showed as loving her and acting as if he can do anything for her but why do they forget that she had been in prison because of him. I know male lead is very powerful but that doesn't mean that female lead will always give in to whatever he wants. I was at first very much interested in reading this novel because of the synopsis but after reading few chapters I don't know if I can continue or not.

    View 1 Replies

    The author has good grammar she updates her work but she fails terribly on the characters part and the story development which kind of woman would still go to bed with a man who imprisoned her and the character of the woman is too weak that until now she hasn't resoluted to find out who killed shu ginger or the father of the fetus. The story shows that men are more powerful than women and that's being biased

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    Terrible... got baited by the pretty cover and cute synopsis. Weak fl, stupid ml ....................................................................

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    LV 10 Badge

    What the ****..... She was send to jail an then after 2yrs love is in the air.... Yeah like what da!!!! I dont want to waste my time reading here... Im glad that there are some here who honestly give there own opinion .... I read some opinion and its true... This novel nahhh for me is not worthy to read....

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    Yeah.. Thanks for the book Poor mc ,push into prison for the something she never done, at the beginning I really hate ML Yun Xuan, maybe there's the reason behind that, but jailed her?, it's too cruel ..i hope she will become a strong woman ,independent so she can protect herself.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Honestly, the marital rape has completely turned me off from this novel. The ML is just plain disappointing. MC used to be a brilliant girl but was ruined because of ML (his family sucks, she got in jail because of a love rival, now she’s in a golden cage trapped by ML and he takes advantage of her even if she doesn’t want to while wishing the old her is still there after he lets her be in prison for 2 f*cking years)

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    LV 10 Badge

    I've never read of a more hateful ML and a more pathetic FL. If being in love turns a person into someone as weak as the FL, it's actually scary. The synopsis teases a strong FL but it couldn't be farther from the truth. I'm just as upset about her weakness and personality as I am about how hateful the ML is.

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    Author Shy Maple Leaf

    Translator EndlessFantasy Translation

    Editor EndlessFantasy Translation