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Chapter 17: ice fire pillars

the mansion that members of jashin cult were using as their base was an abandoned mansion in the north of konoha village . there was only a small forest of less than 3 km departing the mansion from neighboring villages and towns. so the jashin cult members were genius to use powerful illusion formations which would hide them from outside world . even the powerful jonin wont be able to find them except genjutsu specialists and hyuga clan . but ken was an exception as his powerful chakra sense was even more large ranged than byakugan and with his system map , locating them was a piece of cake .

the mansion was relatively spacious so there were many rooms . the cult members were seated in the living room on ground floor while there were 13 young ladies safe from 7 to 15 in the next room . the underground room was very small but it was more than enough to confine yoshimi chan who was currently unconscious and tied to a middle robust pillar . many fresh bruises could be seen all over her body and even torture Mark's which indicated the brutal treatment she had recieved from the jashin maniacs .

after evolving , ken can now hear everything in the radius of his chakra sense while the previous only black and white images were now much vivid but still the only different colour from before was a little red . ken could only hear some sort of chanting from the 5 normal cult members who were sitting encircling the black and white skeleton man in the middle. the leader or maybe not was also mumbling some bizarre words which ken also didnt have any idea..

ken just controlled his chakra and completed erased his presence . it was easy feat for him as he just had to control his breathing and control the chakra flow . with his perfect chakra control this feat was basic stuff for him . ken was only few 100 meters away from the mansion hiding using huge trees as a shield so he slowly with soundless steps shortened the distance . in a few minutes he was only 6 m away from the huge main door which was fortunately open . the cult members must be confident in their traps so they didnt even bother to close the main door or use some seals there which was a great help to ken .

the distance was more than enough for ken to successfully cast a jutsu. suddenly the mumbling of the jashin shits stopped and cold sweat started appearing as they could feel huge condensed chakra near them . they looked outside the door while the black and white skeleton man had already rushed out as he could feel that whatever jutsu it was , it was too dangerous for them.

" katon- ice fire pillars ! "

unfortunately everything was too late now for jashin shits as ken needed less than a second imagine the jutsu and cast it . suddenly , the black and white skeleton face completely froze after light blue clear ice started forming on his feet in seconds . this was the same for other five too as all six of them were frozen in an ice pillar almost instantly. not even a second had passed and light blue fire emerged which completely disintegrated the six people . the whole process from starting to freeze and completely disintegrated didn't even take 4 full seconds to complete.

of course because this jutsu was Ken's original creation and his current one of the most powerful jutsu . ken just imagined the lowest temperature of his fire and shaped them like surrounding his enemy in a pillar . the pillar was actually a fire but the temperature was too low . so the enemies completely froze in seconds and finally became worse than dust after burning away.

ken was now sweating as the mental power used for this jutsu was too much . even with Ken's perfect chakra control, more than 1 percent of his full chakra was depleted after using this jutsu. one has to know that ken had chakra comparable to a tailed beast so one can easily imagine the destruction caused by this jutsu . ken chose this jutsu because he knew that the black skeleton would regenerate even if he cut his neck so to completely kill him ken just used ice fire to obliterate every cell of his body . as for other five ? they were just extras as ken wanted to test the effects of his jutsu.

as expected ken understood that the lower chakra one had , the easier they would die when ken uses his jutsu. the black skeleton took 3 seconds to completely freeze while the extras took less than 2 seconds . the black shit had chakra level of advance jonin so ken now had the idea about the power and effects of his jutsu on ninja .

- system how many points did I get ? fuuu.. shit this strain on mind is too much ..

- 3570 points

oh ? those shits actually gave me so many points? hehe... at least they were of some use as I would kill them again if they cannot even give me satisfactory points as I used one of my most powerful jutsu on them.. let's rescue everyone then and get this mission over with ..

( after 3 hours )

oh ? so these shits were really using the blood essence of little girls for rituals then . according to what nara yoshimi chan said , they were absorbing some of the blood essence into themselves and the rest was the tribute to their god called jashin . well at least I could save 13 of the children as I guess that not even bodies remained of other children who were kidnapped by those shits properly . Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

- ken kun , thank you again for saving me * smile * . I will definitely find the other ones who fought with those maniacs even if you dont tell me their identities .

well I cannot tell her that I killed all of them alone as she knows their strenght after having fought them . the black shit was top jonin level while 5 extra shits were at least special jonin level after all . the hokage old fox told me to keep my strenght secret as well and I didn't even plan to this time . that's why I didn't even leave one corpse because the village would know after checking the corpse memories after all . still these jashin shits didnt even have at least a few hundred thousand ryo with them so so much for the loot this time ...

now then yoshimi chan is finished with delivering children back to their homes so let's go back to the village already. my guess was right as this nara yoshimi is very intelligent so other nara must be so too and someone like shikaku must be a monster type IQ holder then .. hmm.. so I will have to be careful after all ...

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