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Chapter 16: jashin cult

- here take this scroll ken * throwing a small scroll * . it's your next mission . it's a B rank mission but you have to be careful because all the missions that are assigned specifically to anbu have many unpredictable details . this one is particularly fishy but hokage personally nominated you for this mission so I have no choice but to assign you the mission . a female jonin of our village is missing for more than a week now but her disappearance is strange . she just vanished after the village received her last report which told about possible kidnappings of female villagers from a medium sized merchant town .

I suspect that she must have been involved into a battle so ken you have to be careful as the assailant or assailants can subdue a jonin class ninja swifty as she couldn't even deliver further information to us despite so many available means . your mission is to investigate the disappearances and if possible find the kunoichi and rescue her . as for the assailants you are an exception so you can engage in battle if deemed possible.

- I understand sir * serious *

- good ! now them I'm off .. come back safely ken * shunshin * Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

hmm.. this is really a bizarre case as the dissapeared or abducted ones are only young females age from 7 to 15 . the assailants must be either a perverted group or have some use for these ladies especially . I cannot remember anything related to this situation from the anime which is expected because they cannot possibly show everything in the anime . this world is too big and the changes from anime are many too after all. my guess is that the culprits must be a perverted cult that needs many small ladies for a ritual or something . so the key point of this mission is swift investigation as maybe I can save some victims considering the time frame between kidnappings which is at least 3 days. so let's search the present location of kunoichi nara yoshimi through system map then .

- system can you please tell me the present location of nara yoshimi who is a shinobi of konoha ?

- affirmative! search complete!

hmm.. as expected I can get the specific location of specific targets through system map . shit ! this is some serious matter after all . according to the map yoshimi chan is likely to be confined 27 kilometers away in north from the village and these 6 individuals that are near her must be the culprits.

- system , are these culprits not ninja? the colour of dots is different..

- the culprits are not classified as ninja but rogue strong individuals in general.

well not everyone who is strong is a ninja after all . but at least their numbers must be greatly lesser than ninja so maybe I can recognize these shits from my anime information.

- system purchase expert taijutsu and expert shurikenjutsu. assimilate them immediately.

- affirmative! estimated time 7 seconds ! remaining points 1600 !

ah... this feeling is really comfortable like a bath everytime . but seriously I am short on points now because the flying raijin jutsu Costs 10000 points. hopefully these shits that are today's prey can provide some points.

yosh this information is too good and huge when compared to my previous information on taijutsu and shurikenjutsu but its expected as the cost is different after all . let's leave quickly then hmm.. I can arrive in about 30 or so minutes of i change the gravity back to normal according to the route on map . yosh.. let's do this then . rescuing someone is important after all .

( after 47 minutes )

fuuu.. finally I've arrived! these shits actually prepared so many illusion and trap seals . hmphf! if I didnt have my knowledge then i couldn't find this place in lifetime and even if i passed the illusions successfully, these more than 150 trap formations would have definitely alerted these preaprators . these shits ! their knowledge is even more refined then veteran normal jounins so they must be strong then . well they cant do shit against my chakra sense which even hokage will be helpless so lets get to the rescue then ..

- system can you tell me the max distance my chakra sense can cover now ?

- more than 43 kilometers radius

holy shit ! I didnt expect this much improvement. * facepalm * i could definitely have saved much trouble if i had used my chakra sense from the village as the distance isn't that great. forget it , I will just be careful in future ! hmm? this black skeleton looks familiar? tch.. this one looks like that jashin immortal from anime .. what was his name again ? ah.. hidan !

these bastards are from that jashin cult then . so this means that the black and white bastard must be immortal or what not now . he is standing in some red circle so I'm sure that it's the same technique as hidan but other five are just blabbering something and dont look any different from regular people except their maniac like faces and red cloaks.

anyway , I'm glad that there are 13 young ladies still breathing in the next room and yoshimi chan is tied up in the underground room . no wonder I didnt recognize the illusion formations set up on the way , this must be some secret knowledge of their cult . anyway those and the chakra disturbing seals on the small mansion cannot possibly stop my powerful chakra sense. so these guys were simply unlucky that I was assigned this mission...

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