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Mushoku Tensei: A different path

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Author: Ryumao

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Emotions fluctuating. New powers awakening. Bonds unstable. Mind distressed.
After the fight with Paul in Millishion, Rudeus takes a path different from what he should've gone through, changing his future for something that would make him go through changes never possible for him to perceive.
But the cost of such power was his usually rational thinking that turned into that of an actual child, causing him to question himself and his actions.
Beings besides Hitgami puppeteering and assisting him, closer to him than anyone knows, lurking in the shadows and watching him as they wait for their time to come.
How will he get his life back on track? What happens with the people closest to him? Will the powers he gained be worth it?
The slightest changes can cause disturbances to a story if even fate can't fix everything.


Spoiler alert for anime and manga only!!!
The beginning sets place in the middle of volume 5 of the novel.
Story will include parts from Redundancy, Old Dragon Tales and Subjugation of the Emperor Dragon King.
I do not own Mushoku Tensei.


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I didn't like this story a year ago honestly opening up to rudy being turned into something else made me cringe but I got through it because it's actually important to the story, the story makes a point of highlighting that Rudeus's changes affect the divide between the child and the adult.. The start of the story is kinda hard to read I admit but if you skip to chapter 20 you'd still have a great time and figure everything that's happened out. You can tell the author likes mushoku and I appreciate that I swear the idea of a flawed protag scares some people , there are plenty of ultra perfect OC's that are never 'lame' for you to go to Also hoping for rudy x Sara

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Well... what you can expect about this novel is this: What would have happened in Mushoku Tensei after the teleportation incident if Rudeus makes all the incorrect choices, goes nuts and goes to a dark path. Not my kind of thing.

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The MC is a crybaby drama queen, i came into this expecting an improvement from canon Rudeus and i ended up getting this little whimp that throws childish tantrums like the man-child that he is, he is the definition of someone who has the body of an adult but the emotional intelligence of a toddler.

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⚡ A novel with great details that creates a side story of Mushoku Tensei and causes the main character, Rudeus, to go astray! This novel can make us understand how crucial decisions are in critical situations, I am proud of you. continue your work You have the talent.💫

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this is one of the best if not the best mushoku tensei fanfic that i've read just one problem he keeps on fainting. . . .....................................................

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Ngl I wasn’t so sure about reading this but I must admit this version of Rudeus is pretty cracked and we get to see if Rudeus doesn’t hold back via his naivety and his self hate complex so honestly I say read this it provides a different prospective

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I finally found a living mushoku tensei writer i can die in peace. and if i see your story in heaven with me we have some issues to discuss my friend

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Jacked ASF Rudeus Greyrat already got me into this fanfiction.

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well fleshed out and cool takes on the story!

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Romance?? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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did you rewrite the story when I was gone? I swear there was 45-50 chapters

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Once i was looking for a good mt fic then as luck have I came across this one. initially it felt nothing special but after reading it chapter after chapter i found it is quite good. in og MT magician were treated as fodders but in this one they are getting the respect they deserved although much of the focus is still on toki nonetheless it is quite enjoyable.Chapter updates are late but it common with many such fics. wish it could be updated in short time. But what an alone man can do they have many other important works to do.and they are not even paid for it. hope fans support it and it continues to entertain us.

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Hey this fanfic is very interesting, I like it, his power growth is very strange to me but it's fun to see Rudeus get over power. Good work Author

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L'histoire est incroyable des personnages pas importants dans l'œuvre le deviennent et ces des personnages que j'adore. Rudeus qui attire l'attention des grandes puissance Et qui ce bat contre eux

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Hmmm........ Is that an AI generated Title Cover?

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Author Ryumao