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With the world on a brink of destruction, 1,000 humans gain access to the Multiversal Library.
Allowing them travel into different worlds, to earn skills, magic, items and more.
Follow our lead, Andrew Thompson, as he visits various doomed worlds and gains power to save his own.
1st time writing, so some constructive criticism would be appreciated.
Cover image made with an AI image generator.

All world's will be alternate universes, with changes made to mechanics or story elements.
1st World - Little Red Ridding Hood (1 Chapter)
2nd World - Sunny Day (self made farming world) (1 Chapter)
3rd World - High school of the Dead (4 Chapters)
4th World - Harry Potter (23 Chapters) - Rewritten
5th World - DanMachi (42 Chapters)
6th World - Star-Trek: Voyager (3 Chapters)
7th World - Heroes (2 Chapters)
8th World - DxD (28 Chapters)
9th World - Fullmetal Alchemist (2 Chapters)
10th World - KonoSuba (9 Chapters)
11th World - My Hero Academia (21 Chapters)
12th World - ??

Release schedule: M/W/F.

Disclaimer: Except for my main characters and the story of their journey, I don't own any other characters or the worlds they reside in.

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I am not very good at giving reviews so I am just going to say what I have problems with in the story. I am also not gonna talk about the Romance as I already see a lot of reviews talking about it and honestly idrc about romance. First, this story is very similar to another fanfic I have read called "The Reincarnator's Tavern". I don't know if this novel takes inspiration from that one but I don't think this was as well done compared to TRT. Second, I feel like there is no story development at all. All the story has been is grind, get new skills, complete ridiculous quests, then leave. I am going to use Danmachi for my main example. In the latest chapter, the MC and Oliva have reached level 6 and NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT IT!! "I need to report the level up to the guild" (Hestia) "Can it wait till we are level 3?" (MC) This ended up never happening. There are so many other instances where things like this happen and its honestly irritating. The MC has shown his magic skills to Rivera, and tells Rivera to teach it to the rest of her Familia. After that, nothing else happens with this story point that I almost forgot it ever happened. Its not like the MC completely revolutionized magic or anything... My main issue is that there are NEVER any alternate POVs in this story. Unless someone is talking to the MC, then there will never be another person talking. We never see any reactions to the MC's deeds, never know what is going on in the world, and it just makes the story so one-dimensional that its boring and I keep forgetting all that the MC has done. It makes it so that there is no depth to the story at all. Its just like the author states, "this happened and the MC did this, moving on". You can imagine it that the story is in a tunnel, but you have always been in a tunnel and you do not know what is outside the tunnel. The tunnel only goes in one direction and there is no other place other than the tunnel. That is essentially the story with only the POV of the MC. Overall, with no alternate POV's and reactions to the MC's deeds, it just gets kind of mind numbing when the MC keeps doing all of these amazing things that it is impossible to keep track of all of them. Author if you want to add more depth to your story, then I think you need to follow up on story points you make instead of just forgetting them like reactions to "ignoring loki, revolutionizing magic, hitting level 6 in like a month, threating Soma and taking Lili, mastering blacksmithing, creating a sword that can harm gods, etc..." Without alternate POV's the story just gets boring, one dimensional, and monotone very quickly.

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This story might be good, but the initial setup is off putting. Multiple gamers does not inspire confidence and doesn't make me want to read ahead. Still Good luck anyway

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dog water it was going fine until the Harry Potter arc

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Honestly it's okay, story idea more unique then simple gamer. Accesses some more unique worlds. While people seem to gripe about romance it seems they don't realize people in life do way crazier after knowing each other for a day. A man in a stressful situation trying to survive finds basically such a nice woman and clicks with her it's at least way more reasonable than most romances on the platform. I would love to see more non popular worlds instead of just going to main stream worlds for missions.

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story of an overpowered MEGA SIMP who so buried in his gf's butt that the story is destroyed for he has to spoon feed her each and every power he finds at the cost of his his soul's security. She was simply a NPC from HP world which changes his each and every priority. he says jump he asks how high. really destroyed the story. hope the author stops writing if this is his mentality. to become a slave to an idiotic goosy two shoes for some s.x which he could have got millions time over. pure disappointment. stay away. you are warned.

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It was a good start. I was having a blast till the HP part. The story got convoluted and messy. TBH I truly enjoyed it from start till the last parts of HTD. I was still doing ok till the main character bring back some rando he fall in love which was written very poorly. The story got really bad as bad as how I write this review lol. No seriously there was no premise on why and how they fall in love. There was no connection. You might argue that it was first in love or some BS like that. But it was written poorly. It feels more like a baggage and forceful thing to write that part

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The mc is a child k****r he offs harry for no other reason then easily points the author should of taged villain. This novel was a waste of time

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it a story with a nice world development.....but the romance just leave bad taste in my mouth .......Author are u sure u have been in a romantic relationship before

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Write pls. Just write so good. The library thing. Unique concept. It's fun and happy no harem .

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I was really enjoying this work until the HP arc, and I think it was the same for many, the author did an incredible job in the worlds, but the relationship with Olivia ruined everything, seriously I would prefer if he took the student he trained a dom/sub relationship than Olivia, the protagonist who was a merciless killer who even killed two children, was transformed into a simp who was controlled by his girlfriend

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It’s gonna be a harem so there’s no point in reading it if you hate harems

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I do like romance but adding it too early in here make his gf a baggage and takes most of the fun out of the story. The start was amazing first worlds were fun to read till danmachi. In danmachi I have to painfully read about his gf and her stats as well which wasnt that interesring. It did make the story only about them. Like only thoose 2 were real and all the others were mindless NPCs.

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Who is that woman named Olivia? The story is interesting but adding that woman as a love interest was a big mistake. [img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp]

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The story starts interesting and unlike other readers I don't see a problem with the author not being good at writing romance, most fanfic writers are amateurs and you can't expect them not to master the art of writing. The Romance wasn't very good, but I didn't think it was bad either, it would have been better if it wasn't with an OC since it's fanfic but it didn't spoil the story. What really detracted from the read is how except the MC, his girlfriend and Hestia to a minuscule degree, no other characters have presence or personality, they are completely forgettable extras that you won't miss even if they disappear from the story. This unfortunately ends up harming the fanfic a lot since it becomes superficial with a world where it seems that only the MC exists. This problem becomes even more apparent when we see in some conversations that the MC narrates the speech of the other characters instead of the story showing these characters saying something.

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it is what it is a trash. 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

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Llegue hasta el capitulo 80. la historia es bastante buena hasta HP comienza a ir para abajo cuando se presenta un oc random como el interés amoroso (que es un humano normal en Hp osea sin magia) y el MC decide que se una en su viaje con el y la vuelve usuaria del sistema (lo cual no tiene sentido hubiera tenido mas sentido que se hubiera decidido por su estudiante que por olivia). Hasta este punto de la historia todos la estábamos leyendo con un prota de moralidad gris tirando un poco hacia lo oscuro. Esto cambia después de HP ya que olivia tiene una moralidad muy clara y sufre mucho conflictos si hace algo que no es moralmente correcto, a partir de ahi constantemente obliga al MC a comportarse "Bien" entonces tenemos un cambio brusco en el comportamiento del mc por que es incapaz de decirle que no a algo que ella le pida y asu vez el comienza a desperdiciar tiempo asegurándose que ella se fortalezca lo cual hace en un tiempo mucho mas corto tiene un nivel cercanos y casi la misma cantidad de clases lo que es absurdo. También deja de completar misiones o hacer cosas para mejorar si ella considera que es una mala persona por hacerlo. En conclusion una buena novela arruinada por un mal interes amoroso. Si les gusta las novelas tipo multiverso recomendaria Meta Essence Gacha in Marvel (aunque su autor puede tardar algo con las actualizaciones es buena) o A Nascent Kaleidoscope

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hmm, I liked this novel. until chapter 14... after that I didn't like it much. But, the way the author slaps romance in your face, out of nowhere is very annoying.

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First of this is my Frist time I gave 5★ while having mixed opinions. Actually all my reviews are 5★ I usually used to move on if didn't enjoy the novel, even in those time when I was little bothered by the content in them. I just prefer leaving than trashing the author. But here I am for first time expressing my mixed feelings towards this novel. Okay I dropped this novel at 51chapter(Danmachi 21) and I have no plans on continuing further until and unless I have a huge mood change. Positives: –If there is anything that this novel has then it's uniqueness in the concept. The way MC was given second chance and the injection of multiverse in laibary seemed intresting.(Although you fell normal later.) –Now, for the second it's--Writing. The author is pretty good in writing and the updates are also frequent. Negatives: The huge set back is the characterisation of the MC. The author tried to have an character arc for the MC, but he literally failed to even connect me with him in the first place. You can't have any judgement on MC moral line atall. He sometimes behave like a normal weeb full of love towards the character he once used read and the next moment he kills the same people with a smile in his face. –The Romance. I have nothing much to say in this topic because I am totall sukker for Romance, and mostly don't bother how the proceedings went. I only care about how the pair looked. So I didn't have a problem how author went ahead in this department. But even I felt it wasn't good. The FL is completely blands compare to MC. They are not a good pair to read. And most important part is the reasoning for not having Harem is because MC choose to only have one wife, not because he only loves her. Ahem. Enough with the trashing I guess. Anyway author, as I said I usually used to leave if don't like the novel, but why I am not doing the same with you is because I think you potential to write good novel and decided to point out my opinion. That's that. All the best.

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main character has questionable morals. one minute he's going on a killing spree. the next he is killing children in their sleep. this is explained away as the world will screwing with the main characters Behavior. as of right now I haven't completely finished it so I'm not sure. I will continue to read, but this is horrendously disgusting. the writing is done well but the subject matter is questionable. just be forwarned.

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Good till the HP arc. Like all Mcs start psychopathin

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