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15.24% My CEO Harem Cultivation System / Chapter 22: One-Shot 'Future Is Here' [ Skip If You Will/ An Author Note Included ]

One-Shot 'Future Is Here' [ Skip If You Will/ An Author Note Included ] - My CEO Harem Cultivation System - Chapter 22 by RachelRuth full book limited free

Chapter 22: One-Shot 'Future Is Here' [ Skip If You Will/ An Author Note Included ]

It was a cold winter day, and nothing was out of the ordinary—until a shimmering and translucent portal rippled open on the 37th floor of Olympian Corporation. The secretary, Ying Yue He who was still typing on her keyboard then looked up to see a gorgeous woman. With silky long white hair and riveting blue eyes, the woman was no doubt at least goddess level in terms of beauty.

The woman's figure was accentuated in her ancient robes that somehow still hugged tightly on her body. She was at least a D cup. A great contrast to Ying Yue He's modest own size… but that didn't matter as the woman looked around confusingly around the building and then stomped over towards her. "You there, mortal. Is this where this Li Yang is currently residing in…?" She looked around uncomfortably at their surroundings, "This… weird temple? Made of stone?"

Ying Yue He was tempted to correct her, or tell them that this was the wrong place and have them get lost, but she went straight to business. "Mister Li is unavailable at this moment—would you like to sit down and wait, Miss?" Did she need to get their name now and add it to the spreadsheet…?

The woman's blue eyes flickered red and narrowed down at her, "Do you not who I am?" She raised her head as an aura of fiery red casted itself around her. "What impudence. I am the—"

"He's currently in a meeting with Elizabeth Hawthorne." Ying Yue He eyed the goddess, succubus, or whatever the woman actually was with a stern look. "Please take a seat ma'am or try storming in there yourself and disturb him yourself. I've already had a hard time with Anna Song and I don't want an angry Vampire on my back."

"W-What? What is a Vampire?" Her brows knitted together until she shook her head.

Is he in danger—" The woman raised a hand towards the door, a powerful rippling red wave bursted the doors open.

Ying Yue He craned her neck slightly and saw what she actually didn't want to see. A woman was draped over the man's lap and with her back turned from them, but she knew what the woman looked like in a heartbeat. Long dark hair that curled slightly, flawless pale skin and with eyes and luscious that were red as roses, they were shamelessly feeding on the CEO.

Elizabeth's head turned slightly to the door and narrowed. There was an obvious red line dripping down the corner of her mouth, blood. "I am not particularly in the know of the reason for this, but I have stated that I do need privacy." Her cheeks were tinged red as she wiped the corner of her lips, "Can you close the door again?"

Ying Yue He watched the newcomer's jaw work for a moment as the scene unfolded before her became quite obvious. Girl.exe stopped working. Processing information… Action protocol initiated.

"Li Yang, you bastard!" The woman raised a fist towards the CEO. She was shaking in anger, there were whiskers growing on her cheek. "Have you forgotten who I am? Have you forgotten what we did—"

A soft sigh escaped Ying Yue He's lips as she shook her head. She really had thought that she could get through her Friday peacefully. The secretary caught a quick look of pleading from the CEO as he listened to the goddess lash out her anger at him. The Vampire was still on his lap and didn't want to get down at all.

Ying Yue He stuck a tongue at him and turned back to her desktop.

She didn't want to get caught in between the storm.

She really didn't know why she was still sticking around him though. Was it her paycheck? Ying Yue He checked the email. It was from the LoveStellar Organization trying to get their products online? Secretary Ying Yue He rubbed the back of her neck for a moment and took a deep breath. The 'normal' for Ying Yue He had really started changing and she might have freaked out at first, and yet this was 2020—so she began to draft a response.

When would the apocalypse actually start?

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AUTHOR IMPORTANT NOTE: This story is in the early chapters and I've been made aware that the plot's progression is slow. Not to mention the weakness of having a particular MC be the way that he is [ Stiff, Boring, Cold, Simp etc. ] instead of the typical perverted guy or at least the one who's actively seeking sex with women—and I appreciate the constructive feedback. Seriously, I don't know this market. I failed your expectations, whether you were looking for the smut or the badass MC that wins and it doesn't work because the CEO is unrelatable?

I REALLY want to make this work as this book is aiming for consumers and is in the process of getting contracted by Webnovel. [ I meant what I said in 'burning money' author review but only if its written good for you lol ]

I personally enjoy the weak to strong progression with lots of slice-of-life [ Races: Online promotion here heh ], but if necessary, and demanded (Let your opinions out)—we can all skip this introductory chapters, him trying to understand how Cultivation works, the other people in his life that's not going to be in the harem, and head on the plot and "plot"? Did you guys want an OP CEO in the first place? Like right now, Absolutely right now?

I need to work on the pacing so I want to ask if this kind of arc structure works:

First Chapter - Meets/Save the (New) Girl

Second Chapter - He Impresses Girl/ Defeats Bad Guys

Third Chapter - The Seduction

Fourth Chapter - The 'Snu Snu'

Fifth Chapter - He Increases His Power (More!)

Sixth Chapter - Add Girl to Harem and move on to the cycle once more.

Rinse. Repeat. Profit.

Would it get old? Depends on you, but as a writer, we won't stop beating this dead trope if it gets us money—or personally enjoy writing it lol. Maybe both.

So this leads to the final question:

> REWRITE (by how much?)

> CHANGE THE PROTAGONIST (Let's kill Li Yang! Definitely have a replacement for him lol)

> CONTINUE FROM CHAPTER 1 (Seducing Rich Young Heiress)

> DO IT AT YOUR OWN PACE (Continue the previous chapter)

> I WANT AN OP SLICE OF LIFE COMEDY ( Tired Ying Yue He is the best)

> JUST AN OP BADASS CHARACTER (please explain)

> CAN WE HAVE NO HAREM? ( I don't know why you're here XD )

RachelRuth RachelRuth

While still in the early chapters, YOU can make a difference!

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