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6.55% My Hero Academia: The customizer / Chapter 4: Meeting the numbers

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Chapter 4: Meeting the numbers

While going towards the place where his physical training will start the boy or more precisely subject no. 17 thought to himself, 'That screen gave me something like farewell gifts, right? Where are they currently? Hmm, if I remember correctly the first one I got was called customize create....or something like that.'

But just as he thought that a blue screen appeared in front of him making him surprised. He stopped walking and stared at the screen for a while but then once again started walking while he checked out the screen.

'Hmm, so first I need to select the item I need to customize a d then choose the properties that I want to Customize and add to it, huh.'

He then looked down and stared at his clothes and thought, 'My body is still in a bit of pain, let's try this on my clothes.'

And just as he thought that the screen changed and his clothes appeared on the screen with its stats alongside it.

'Hmm, just like a game it's showing its stats, there is a skill slot as well, along with the change which I am able to make to the item must depend on the quality of the item as well.'

He then started go through the menu screen trying to see what all he was capable of and noticed a lot of things like changing colour of the item, adding skills, etc. But since he didn't want to gather any attention by changing the colour of his clothes he simply made his clothes a bit more durable and then added a self healing(passive) skill to the clothes though it only boosted the healing by 2x because of the poor quality of the cloth used, any more than this and the clothes will be destroyed. He also noticed that adding a skill to an item took some amount of an unknown energy from him which decided to just call it mana as it was called in the games he played in his previous world.

He then kept walking but all of a sudden he heard a voice, "17, you awakend so soon? Isn't it just three days since the last 'growth'?"

He turned his head and saw a green haired guy, who was a bit taller and more muscular than him. Probably a year or two older than him.

17 looked at the boy and said, "Yes, 28 you are correct. It seems like my body is getting a bit used to 'growth' sessions since I was able to wake up earlier than before."

The green haired boy nodded and said, "Looks like it. So did something wrong with you after the growth was caught?"

17 shook his head and said, "Nothing. All parameters were normal and the only side effects noted were a severe headache and bodyache."

Suddenly he realised something and thought, 'Wait there was a gift called appraisal as well right?"

And just like earlier a blue screen appeared in front of him with a text written on it.


NAME: 28



17 looked at the screen which showed of the name and quirk of the green haired boy in front of him and thought, 'It's really low level. Well, at the very least it is telling me the name of their quirk.'

Seeing him spacing out the green haired boy thought that it was some kind of side effect from his early 'growth' and waved his hand in front of his eyes to gather his attention.

17 flinched a bit when he saw a hand waving in front of him and then looked at 28 with widend eyes and thought, 'looks like I was spacing out a bit....He must be curious about the screen.'

But 28 didn't even looked at the screen and asked, "Are you sure that you are fine after the 'growth'? You seem to be spacing out a bit."

Hearing that 17 got a bit surprised and said, "No, I am fine, just curious about what mission you went on this time."

Hearing that 28 gave a small smile and started telling him about his mission.

While 28 was speaking 17 made sure to keep his eyes on 28 so as to not make him suspicious while he silently closed the appraisal screen and thought, 'Looks like others cannot see these screens....Good, I don't want the people around here to know about these things. The things could difficult if that happens.'

After he was done dealing with screen both 17 and 28 had some 'normal' chat which mostly consisted of how 28's mission went and what he did.

"-So after sir fired his attack, I used my quirk to power up his attack which killed that guy in an instant. After which you know the usual stuff. Taking our loot, getting the contract money and then coming back without getting followed."

17 nodded and then asked, "Did your quirk improved during the 'growth'?"

28 nodded as well and said, "Yeah, just a bit though. But still my attacks are getting stronger so not much of a problem. I won't be given 'special treatment' anytime soon."

Just as he said 'special treatment' both 17 and 28 shivered a bit as their face turned pale just thinking about that. Both of them stopped on their paths and looked at eachother and gulped their saliva.

Both of them soon came to their destination and immediately both of them turned serious without any expression their faces and 17 asked, "How many do you think are still here?"

28 who was still serious said in a cold tone, "Don't know, all of us were given increased doses this time around. Just hope that they haven't gone mad." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

17 nodded his head and said, "If they would have gone mad-"

28 then continued the sentence, "-then they must have already been taken care of earlier."

Both of them then went closer to the door which automatically opened once they were close enough and once they got inside they only saw four other people beside them seeing which a slightly sad expression appeared on third faces.

The other four people looked at the people who came inside and one of the three boys said, "So 17 and 28 are still here, huh. Only six out of fifty of us, the situation is getting pretty bad."

The boy who said that had blond hair with brown eyes. He had a neutral Look on his face like all the others but still a small mocking smirk could be seen on his face.

17 looked at the blond boy and then mentally thought of using appraisal and once again a screen appeared in front of him.


NAME: 35

QUIRK: Danger Alert(Unlocked)


17 and 28 looked at the people for a while and then went to change into their training clothes.

While walking towards his locker 17 saw a mirror and stood in front of it to see how he actually looked. What welcomed his sight was a fair skinned boy with straight shoulder length black hair which parted above his forehead and narrow blue eyes. He looked at his figure for a bit and then once again started walking towards his locker.

He soon changed into his training clothes which consisted of a pair of black shorts and a white half t-shirt. He placed his old clothes which was just a patient's gown in the locker but not before removing the customisations that he had done to it.

He was then about to sit down and wait for the person in charge to begin but while walking he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around only to see a white haired teenager with red eyes looking apathetically at him.

"17 if I remember correctly you just recently had your 'growth' session.....How come you are awake so fast?" and narrowed his eyes.

17 looked at the boy who was around 14 years old and used his appraisal.


NAME: 50



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