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Wang Huang opened his eyes, and the first thing he said was "So I died!"

 Dark Space, unknown timeline~~~

 Somewhere in the middle of the universe, Wang Huang found himself floating in the space. "So, this time I died for sure huh. Sigh..."

 'If it wasn't for that Chaos Beast, I would have gotten that fruit, and the path of immortality would have become mine... Tsk, tsk, he cursed in his mind.

 Fair skin, crystal blue eyes, and long shiny hairs were some of his physical features. In the boundless dark space, he was the only one making noise and shouting once in awhile.

 "You bastard come before me again, and I will make sure to spank your butt till it becomes cherry red."

 While he busy grumbling and cursing the Chaos Beast, a sound echoed in the empty space, devoid of any life forms.

"Shaa... Shaa... Shaa"

He was startled by this sound and stopped his cursing for a second, he then closed his eyes and listened to the echoing sound.

 He felt like the source of the sound was coming closer with each passing minute. While he was contemplating about the source and the origin of the sound, another sound came "Zwap..."

The entire space was engulfed by a bright light. Wang Huang closed his eyes without panicking and waited for the light to dim down.

 "Hmm... Interesting, Should I go and take a closer look now? Well, I mean, I am dead for sure. I don't know how, but my spiritual consciousness is still alive and kicking around."

 'Either way, it's boring here floating in the space all the time... I should take a look at it', he decided and moved near the source of light.

 His long silky silvery-white hairs accompanied by his long slender body built were giving out the vibe of a deity soaring through the sky.

He reached near the source of illumination and took a closer look. To his surprise, the source was a portal.

A portal having the same pattern as Yin and Yang the symbol of continuity, the symbol of life and death. He reached out his hand and unconsciously touched it "Zwip" the space became silent again, the source of light died out, and the man was nowhere to be found.

 Blue sky, Two suns, Planet X27 Earth

2017, December 23rd, Sunday

Almost the end of the year and the start of mid-winter

4th lane, Acharya Nagar, Bhubaneswar.

 A vast expansion of greenfield at the end of the lane and in the middle was a gigantic mansion, a work of ancient Indian architecture and the pride of the Kalinga Dynasty Royalties living there.

 On the 7th floor of the mansion, outside a certain room, a person in his 60s with a huge body build and a person in his 30s with a youthful face was moving here and there, with an ashen pale, anxious face.

 Abruptly a maid came running out of the room and reported them with a joyful expression on her face, "I pay my congratulations to the Patriarch and Grand Elder. Miss Anisa has given birth to a baby boy".

 On hearing the news, the man in his 60s abruptly took out a golden ring from his finger and tossed it towards the maid. She caught the ring and looked at the old man with astonishment. "Thanks for the reward master, but this ring… And this diamond on its top… It's too much for a maid like me."

 He laughed at her and asked the maid to take it as a small token of appreciation, "Don't sweat on such small things, the real reward hasn't been revealed yet."

 Before the maid replied anything else, she saw something that she had never seen before. Tears of joy were gushing out from their eyes, especially from the man in his 30s. Crying buckets was the best description someone can tell after seeing him.

 He looked at the maid and waved his hand in the air. Suddenly out of nowhere a heap of spirit stones appeared, the maid exclaimed in joy, "Master! Thanks for the rewards" and waved her hand to receive them onto her interspatial ring.

The man in his 60s, namely the Grand Elder, spoke again, "Let the outside world know the baby boy has taken birth. Let them know the weeks of celebration has descended upon us. Let's rejoice and celebrate this auspicious event."

 The overjoyed maid bowed down to pay her respect and ran down floors to spread his decree and the news of the baby boy.

While the man in his 30s, namely the Patriarch, was crying buckets, a sound came from his rear. It was from the room before which they were waiting with an ashen pale face.

 "Uwaaa, uwaaa... Uwaaa, uwaaah..." The man, namely the Patriarch, opened the door and barged inside the room. An extra-large bedroom, paved with fluffy white matters and silver-white walls with exotic vine patterns on it.

 At the center of the room was an enormous bed, and on top of it sat a beautiful lady holding a crying baby. Her dark purple hairs were flying over her face hiding her facial features. The man in his 30s went near the balcony, closed the doors, and put on the large ivory curtains.

The lady holding the baby laughed at him and asked him to come and take a look at their baby boy. He went near and took a glimpse of the baby. Like before, tears came out gushing from his eyes.

 "Dear stop crying, and take a look at our baby. His face is identical to yours," a sweet voice spoke out.

 The Patriarch went near the bed and took his son in his arms when he got to see his son's face from near he exclaimed "Heavens! Isn't his cuteness heaven-defying, this soft tender body, fair skin, round eyes, accompanied by his cuteness charm, it's too tempting, too much tempting for my eyes."

The Grand Elder having a huge body built went near the bed and ordered in a solemn voice "Move aside Aditya, and let me hold my grandson with my own hands,"

 The Grand Elder took the baby in his arms and took a good look at him after some time of silence he exclaimed, "Oh The Three Supreme Gods!! This baby boy cuteness is too much. It can even attract fairies of heavens. You must protect him at all times."

He pondered something before decreeing in a solemn voice, "I have made up my mind from tomorrow onwards I will increase the security of the mansion by 100 fold. Even his father has to go through security checkups to meet the baby."

 Aditya "I will increase his security by 200 fold, and you have to go through them to meet him."

 "Hmph, stupid son, I will increase it by 300 fold.

 "Hmph, I will increase the security by 400 folds, and I love him 100 times more than you".

 "I love him 200 times more, stupid son".

 "I love him 500 times more".

 "600 times,"

 "700 times,"

 "800 times,"

 "900 times..."

 Looking at the two persons, the woman sitting on the bed was thinking of her baby boy's future with his doting and pampering father and grandfather.

The Grand Elder returned the baby to his mother and said, "Anisa take good care of the baby. This boy has completely inherited you and your beauty. As expected from the Sword Queen, without you, I don't know what would have happened to this stupid son of mine".

 Aditya "Agreed"

 Grand Elder "Agreed"

 Servant 1 "Agreed"

 Servant 2 "Agreed"

 Servant 3 "Agreed"

 "Hey, hey wait a minute are you tarnishing your own son? I am named the Genius Cultivator of this era and the master of Heavenly Fire Chakra, and you three on whose side are you? And when did u come here?!"

 "Okay, okay, stop your wrangle and let the both of us rest for a while, I also have to consolidate my chakras," said Anisa.

Both the man left the room, leaving behind the mother and son accompanied by the maids and caretakers.


Unknown to Wang Huang, what was happening around him, or who was this Patriarch and Grand Elder? He was taking a carefree nap in his mother's lap.

What achievements will he gain in this life? Will he reach the realm of immortality or even higher?

 Will he become an overpowered MC with his past knowledge in this life? Or his dream will be shattered?... These are some of the questions that are yet to be answered.

Till then Seven and out move forward and read more…

TokyoAnime_Seven TokyoAnime_Seven

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Have fun reading.

Seven Out~~

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