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My Queen, Your Wish Is My command

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Author: mata0eve

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Wu Su Yi, a lawyer by name and occupation. A strict woman who had made herself to become the woman she became today— respected by her subordinates and upright justice to its place. She preferred her life to become normal until… a certain boy had hugged her legs. Confused, she saved the boy only to be rewarded by a marriage. MARRIAGE?! While Wu Su Yi was perfect in all ways to others’ eyes, in fact there was a hidden layer beneath her than no one knew. When Han XI Guang came to her life, he was akin to a storm. A man with a good occupation— or was he also hiding his true, dangerous self?

A match of a Queen and her loyal King who hid his true self from everyone but her.


“I don’t need a husband,” Wu Su Yi repeated once again, her black eyes looked back at Han XiGuang’s darker eyes without showing a single fear, making him smile.

She was the only person who could do this to him.

“I can treat you like my Queen. All you wish would be my command and my wish is only for you to take care of my son.”

She raised her eyebrows, unconvinced, “Whatever I would request to you, you will make it happen?”

Han XiGuang took her hand and placed a kiss on her knuckles gently, “All your wish is my command. Who you ask me to defeat, what kind of victory I should have, and who I should kill. I would do it all for you, my lovely Queen and all I need is you to be beside me”

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    I’m very sad because the maddening desire is not contracted by Webnovel, I review this book so it will get contracted by webnovel so this book will be here forever. Author I really really love all of your books, thank you for sharing your bright ideas to this dark world.

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    Amazing book! I got recommended by a friend and for the very first book I read here this is such an amazing way to open the world of online novels! Thank you so much author for writing this book and keep writing!

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    I love this story! As with all of her stories, this one Also grabbed my intention quickly! I love the character development and good communication! Cant wait to read more!

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    Good work author 👍👍 [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]

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    I love the story so far that it have read its interesting, no clichés, no boring ML of FL, no annoying characters or build up In story as most of the novels are. Different storyline which is a breath of fresh air. Good conversation lines, and progress is neither slow nor fast just good.

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    please the story line has.me hooked , please.release chapter's

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    Hello, dear author! I've read your novel and it's really great. Please click on my profile picture, where you can find what you need,I can give you more power stones and comments. This novel is thought-provoking and captivating. It offers a challenging twist to the traditional structure of a story, but is interesting enough to keep a reader hooked. While the plot may not be for everyone's tastes, I would recommend giving this book a chance if you're looking for a unique story with unique characters and situations.

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    It is such a good read it has been A long time since I got to read such a well written novel but I wish if the author could please update faster😭🙏 I am sorry to be impatient but it is way too good I sincerly reccomend it

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    Author mata0eve