/ Urban / Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband

Urban Completed 2,165 Chapters 454.2M Views

Author: Jiong Jiong You YaoTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation , Henyee TranslationsEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation , Henyee Translations


4.67 (47,848 ratings)

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After five years, Ning Xi returned to the place that had pushed her away — home. With a sister who turned her parents against her and made her childhood sweetheart betray her, the odds seemed grey.
However, five years abroad had changed her, and she came home to fulfil her childhood dream of becoming an actress. Despite her evil sister still out to get her, tables will be turned.
One day, after falling into one of her sister's schemes, she saves an adorable kid and found herself staying at his house to help him come out of his shell. Slowly, his father Lu Tingxiao began falling for her. This was before they realised how their lives had been intertwined all this while without their knowledge.

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    I want all chapters 😭😭 This novel was translated to 258 already😑 Why begin again Big bun little bun and Nx I miss you guys😭 Memories aside😐 Novel has short chapter (ty for 20ch week) Story has slow movement🙂 Characters are lovable 😍 Plot is real at least it makes sense😁 Umm I can't really explain well 😐 I had diabetes reading this novel 😅 There's a lot of drama 😕 And a lot of scheming 🤔 The relationship of the main start at 250+😑 Yeah it's that slow 🙄 Expect a lot of things as this novel has its ups and downs 😁 I should stop here... 😕😕 my words are getting more and more weird 🙂. Oh and welcome to Qidian daoist7 🙏

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    I'm so thankful that I've found this here because I've already loved this story and was so devastated when the previous translator in where I was reading this said that they were dropping this. Thank you for translating this, please continue the good work.

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    Great work, one of the first romance novels I read and loving every second of it. Cute, lovable moments as well as its fair share of drama. Amazing translation quality as well as update speed. All in all a 4 Star plus for me.

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    Gosh, even though I haven't read the whole story, I can't help my emotions when reading this!!! Like when there's a new story progress I either squeal from happiness, anger or even tear up in sad moments!!! The characters are really a good mix of types, they're not that cliché nor over-the-edge~~~ Thanks for taking this one over~~~ ^_^

    View 460 Replies

    Literally missing 260+ chapters. That's not really a great thing for a book. You should start translating from the beginning, or link to other sites that do have the chapters.

    View 376 Replies

    Hello from Henyee Translations! We're very honored to join Webnovel and work on such sweet novel. The previous chapters (C1-261) have been published yet, hope you're all enjoying the novel ~^^~ Sarangheyo!!!

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    I love this novel and am really happy that it has a lot of chapters per week. I can't wait for them to come out.

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    Raw ch.560 Priceless -Missing chapter [should be placed just before ch.559 in translations here on webnovel] "Check your gift, I suspect that Ning Xi moved what hands and feet!" Ning Tianxin alert said. She must be a witch. Ningxi chuckled soon, leaning on Ning Tianxin heart open mouth, "Cousin really smart, the gift does have a problem, but I have been personally stood it, not passive hands and feet." "That is?" Ning Tianxin more suspicious. "Ning Xueluo do not know how to know what I sent my grandfather, she sent something, with me to send exactly the same, oh, of course, sure that I was more expensive than I sent!" Ning Tianxin suddenly figured out Where the joints, "How to do? This way, even if the grandfather did not care, but could not stand around those mouth ... ... Xiao Xi, I help you for something, right?" "No, grandfather do not care, it is enough. " Ning Xi took a gift, has come to the Father in front “Grandfather, happy birthday. " Ning Tianxin would have been very worried, but do not know what thought, suddenly understand, but also peace of mind. She is really confused, Ning Xi also do not want to do Ning family eldest, two do not covet Ning family property, people around no matter how she did not affect her, she needs to care, and indeed only grandpa's attitude only. Watching his granddaughter finally at home, Father even if the gift has not been very happy, said with a smile, "you can come back has made grandfather very happy, but also prepare what gift! You work hard is not easy!" "No matter How is the sister of a mind ah, grandfather, you quickly open to see it! " Ning Xuelou by the end of the eye at the end of anxious speaking. "Good good ... ..." Father is very cherished to a little bit to open the gift box, open the box of the moment, Father obviously look Zhengzheng, but soon to return as usual, look kindly look to Ning Xi, "said the girl intimate, see To really come true, think of together to send the grandfather are like! " Ning Xueluo heard a cold eyes, the hearts of ridiculed, Oh, really ah, because it is a true-granddaughter to send, even inferior products like is it? Other people have seen Ningxi sent what is a time some surprised, so clever, actually sent the same? At that time, the side of the Ningxue fall of the girl friends set the time to speak in time ... ... Should Fang Lin glanced at the string of jade beads, look very contemptuous, "that is not the same, just off the line that the fineness of the head are the best, this article It is simply not worth the scrap ah! where can the same? " Jin xuan xuan also righteous rhetoric to launch an attack," Ning Xi, you are not just flourishing entertainment to lure them away? certainly not less money now! give your grandfather bought this defective products Which is good and bad is your grandfather's seventy birthday, send this price of things, in the end what the heart? You do not know this thing is aura of aura, you can support people, can also harm it? " This last In a word, can be described as punish heart! Suddenly, Ning Xi became the target of public criticism. "Do not you say that, ah, maybe people are really mixed with it!" Next to someone smiled and said something. "That cannot afford to send another, why do you want to send jade this kind of thing? " Oh, you do not know, the countryside are so, all like to play swollen face full of fat, but also do not pretend to understand, where they know where to understand Jade taboo ah! " ... ... Rather listen to those who talk, the more the more face to face the worse, it is some unhappy, was about to open, then, the crowd in a crowd of glasses old man suddenly quietly out of the tone , A few children, tolerance of the old saying goes, jade taboo is not the value of jade. Moreover, a jade is good or bad, a lot of the standard measure, even if it is a common texture of jade, if the temperature is appropriate, or after the famous. "The old man said, pausing, his eyes staring at Ning Xi sent the string of jade beads," While one string, it can be said to be priceless! "....

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    Well only a 1000 more chapters to go Top be exact it's actually 991 chapters till the end I frickin lives this story I couldn't bear to wait for the updates so i finished up the raws just recently The story, the character development & character interactions can be given a 10/10 If you also love this story then know that the path to the end will be quiet Rocky but everything will work itself out. Fair warning to all fellow daoist get ready for full blown emotional ride around the range of chapters 1700-1800 Normally stories have a hard time bringing tears out of me but this hit directly onto the sore spots in my heart. I literally couldn't hold back my tears, i had to put everything on hold and lock myself up so that i can reach to a part which is back to the happy side. All in all i loved this story I would recommend this story who's in for a heartfelt romance, comedy combo I hope you guys will get through the story to you reach up-to the conclusion Now for a slight spoiler "this story HAS a happy ending"

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    Cant view the story for free.. I'm disappointed.. 😞😟 I hope we could see the update of the story for free or we could watch ads to view the update of the story...

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    This story is a gem (I googled the previous chapters), I seriously read all the chapters in two to three days. The MC is really interesting and clever and I love her interactions with the other characters. It's romantic, has lots of funny moments, and good character building. Basically this story is about an actress, betrayed by her childhood crush and "switched at birth" sister. She trys to get revenge by becoming a better actor in the same movie, but is constantly oppressed and sabotaged. On the day of her audition, she is forcefully locked in a closet by her evil sister. There she meets a mute little boy who changes her life forever!

    View 37 Replies

    I read this story after seeing it here... I didn't like it too much. The female MC is unrealistic given her background as traumatized and overconfident woman who has had lots of ex-boyfriends but almost no experience and is romantically blind. How the heck do you heap that mix on a single character and have it make sense? You can't eat and keep your cake at the same time.

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    Was reading this before it got put on Qidian International, so seeing it here now fills me with glee at the thought of even moar updates. Excellent novel, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Indulgent? Maybe. At least for once the female lead isn't too much of a pushover in regards to the male lead. And cute kid!

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    Best novel i ever read 😍😍😍 This is different from other stories from the same genre in the way of how author introduces lots of detour for the two protag to get together. The male MC is just too... accomodating toward the girl's wishes. So their relationship only progress when the girl want it.

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    One of the best translated Chinese novels with a female MC. I love how Ning Xi is strong, determined and level-headed while being a badass sexy fox. The story in and of itself is even more interesting, although the misunderstandings and drama are sometimes quite exaggerated to be honest... Otherwise, it's a tearjerker as well as a hilarious and heartwarming read. Also, Little Treasure is life ~

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    Here's the chapter between 673 and 674 since its missing :( I tried translating myself from the raws so I apologise if the quality isn't that good... (I'm not that good at Chinese :D ) Title: Ah, Last Night was Really Intense! Outside, the night was as cool as water. Inside was dense with hot air, and on the large white bed, a delicate girl’s body was stuck inside the soft quilt, breathing steadily in her sleep. Lu Ting Xiao sat on the bed, twirling with the girl's hair, quietly watching the girl sleep. He repeatedly though of her words and expressions. She had said, “Lu Ting Xiao, I like you, I really like you, really like you...” She had said, “Because...I realize...that I prefer cabbage.” He had fallen into the abyss because of Lu JingLi’s phone call, yet after a moment, he was redeemed... He had always liked to control everything, disliking the feeling of anything out of his control, and the girl in front of him was indeed a complete uncertainty, who could at any time bring about unpredictable situations. He should be running from the possible disasters. But yet he didn’t want to escape. Despite not having slept that night, Lu TingXiao did not feel sleepy at all, instead felt very spirited. When it was edging near midnight, he became acutely aware that there seemed to be someone outside the house. He tucked Ning Xi in, and then pushed the door to go out. Sure enough, there was a man standing under the eaves of the door, with a bunch of cigarette butts at the feet, and it couldn’t be told how long he had been there for. See Lu Ting Xiao out, the man looked up, croaking, "BOSS ... ..." At the moment, the always carefree and high-spirited Tang Lang, looked unusually haggard with a pale face, unshaved, and heavy eye bags. Lu Ting Xiao looked unsurprised, and coldly asked, "Did you see?" Tang Lang nodded with lots of difficulty, and hesitated for half a day before asking, "The things you showed me ... is it true?" "My friend in the military found out about it. You have heard of the imperial capital Mo family. "Lu Ting Xiao replied. Tang Lang's face suddenly sunk in defeat, Lu Ting Xiao’s words were undoubtedly the last straw that crushed the camel... Of course he knew the Mo family, the Mo family gramps was in charge of China’s intelligence department. This kind of thing didn’t even need to be checked, but if they took any action, then everything would be searched. Tang Lang looked extremely hurt, closing his eyes, trembling and muttering under his breath, "I regret it... if I knew... it was better off being confused... going to check that kind of truth..." "Half a year is up, and I have honoured my promise, now you can decide what to do." Lu TingXiao said. Tang Lang touched his chin, "Well, aren’t you losing too much this way? I did almost nothing in these six months!" "You saved her." Train an army for a thousand days and use them for an hour. Thus he was not losing out and this was the most correct decision. "Uh, well ......" Tang Lang said, and sighed, "Where can I go... this time in order to save the Small Junior Sister, I'm completely exposed, I’m begging BOSS for shelter! If you don’t hide me, I’ll die!" "The Mo family intends to recruit you into the military, are you willing? Your past identity and everything can be erased. "Lu Ting Xiao said. When Tang Lang heard the words he look slightly startled, and sank into deep contemplation, and finally refused, saying, "That kind of a place isn’t fun at all, I wouldn’t even have a bit of *******! BOSS, can you not arrange a regular job? I’m a little envious of Small Junior Sister ~ I suddenly thought of living a normal life." "Sure. Find Cheng Feng, he will help you arrange it.” "Then thank you ~ big BOSS", Tang Long said gratefully, then inadvertently looked at Lu Ting Xiao’s revealed shoulder, suddenly exclaiming, "Wow ... last night was very intense huh?"

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    I LOVE THIS NOVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY UPLOADED THE WHOLE CHAPTER NOW SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ IT AT NOVEL UPDATE "Chapter 262: Seven Months Pregnant" ............................................................................................................ THANKYOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR

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    The translation and updating stability is superb. The story development is awesome too. Like how Ning Xi didn't fall in love with LTX at first sight. The chapters are short and sweet. Warning B***h alert: Xi Xi's non biological sister who is not related to Xi is getting all the from Xi's parents. Xi's parents know that NXL isn't their biological daughter but treats NXL like their biological daughter. In comparison they treat Ning Xi like complete ****. I wouldn't have minded NXL but she's a bish. She stole Ning Xi's sweetheart and turned Ning Xi's parents against her. How? Ning Xi was originally picked up by another family in a rural village. There she met her sweetheart. Then the Ning family found Ning Xi. They took her in and all. They had a party or something. NXL made Xi wear some ugly dress and told her that the lemon water that was there for washing hands was actually for drinking. From there Xi parents hate her. Now I wont give too much spoilers but you'll love little bun and big bun a.k.a the male lead's son and male lead. This story is one of my favorite stories. I assure you that this will be worth reading.

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    what a wonderful story, i read about a thousand chapters in less than a week, i got so excited and happy that i used every free moment to read it. i tank the author and the translator for the magnificent story and the hard work.

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    81 chs / week you say? I really doubt that. Lately it's barely been 10 chapters a week. Please do change it to that instead of lying. The only reason I'm disappointed is because of that. The story is quite excellent. Please change the chs a week so I can find inner peace.

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    Author Jiong Jiong You Yao

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