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Author: CSManga

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Chapter 1: Chapter One: The Abandoned Child

On the midnight of the first day of the year, the moon was shining so brightly that it looked almost like daylight. A new baby was born to the family of the Elf's leader.

But instead of happiness, tears could be seen rolling down from the eyes of the only daughter that the Elf leader had. She was hugging the bundle of cloth that was used to wrap her baby when he was born.

Her eyes were deep with sorrow and her parents, with the other members of the village looked at her with pity.

They were all assembled at the mouth of the river, under the light of the new year full moon. It was a beautiful night with stars shining brightly above them.

Even though, the young lady's tears made this luxurious morning view, lose its luster.

Several minutes passed and the leader of the elven clan patted the young lady's back.

"I'm sorry Evelyn, but we can't let a human live with us. That's the rule of this land, we must banish him for the rest of his life." The Elven leader said, feeling sad.

As the young lady heard the leader speak again, she burst into more tears and the villagers pitied her even more.

Evelyn knew about the regulations and traditions of their land but it still broke her heart to see her child banished from the village when he was not even dead. If only he had been an Elf, this won't be happening. The human that impregnated her was also deceased, perhaps her child would have been handed over to the man, but not anymore.

The leader then carried a basket as he walked towards the flowing river that radiated the moonlight of the sky. The basket was laden with a cloth to make it comfortable for a baby to lie down in.

Evelyn suddenly ran towards her child as she removed the pendant that was on her neck and placed it on the child's neck.

"I know I'm a bad mother but I'll still give you a name. I name you Kevin, the name your father was born. I hope this pendant would protect you, so stay safe my Kevin." Evelyn said before the village Wizard received the basket that was in the hands of Evelyn's father.

Evelyn almost collapsed but her father quickly caught her and then he cast a sleeping spell on his daughter so she won't jump into the river after her child

It didn't take a minute that Evelyn had slept off, she heaved a sigh of relief as she slept in her father's arm.

"Although I want to make an exception, the king won't allow me to do that. Forgive me Evelyn but you must marry the crown prince and give birth to princes and princesses." Evelyn's father said, even though Evelyn had slept off.

The wizard placed the basket in the river and used his magic to make the current carry the basket forward.

After watching the basket go in a distance where they could no longer see it, everyone departed and went back to their houses to sleep. Each with his family problem.

Evelyn's father carried her daughter as he head back home, Evelyn's mother also followed after him with sorrow and pain in her heart.

After every one of them was gone, remained the wizard whose gaze was on the flowing basket that was still seen by his magical eyes. He brought out a whistle and blew it loud as if to signal to someone at a distance.

After blowing this whistle, he started running towards the forest to catch up with the flowing basket.

At a distance from where the wizard was, a group of six elves could hear a whistle blown and it was one that they recognized. They were at another point of the river, waiting for the basket to come their way.

Thankfully, they saw the basket heading towards them and they used their magic to make it come to the river bank.

Finally, the basket was at the river bank and they could see a beautiful human boy crying. To not draw other elves' attention, they quickly cast a sleeping spell on the Baby and the baby immediately fell asleep.

It wasn't long before the wizard arrived at the second river bank. The six elves all bowed in respect as they saw the wizard and the Wizard bowed back in respect.

"Thank you for helping me with this, I owe you a lot." The wizard said.

"No master, we are just your disciples, we must do what our master bids us." One of the elves said.

"Thank you so much, let's get going then." The Wizard said as he brought out a magical ring and then a white horse appeared from the ground. The six elves also brought out their magical rings and horses of different colors appeared from the ground.

The wizard sat on his horse and then the basket was handed to him. It didn't take long that the seven elves made their way deeper into the forest.

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