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74% My Unconventional Delivery System! / Chapter 74: 5th Delivery~

5th Delivery~ - My Unconventional Delivery System! - Chapter 74 by Charlottes full book limited free

Chapter 74: 5th Delivery~

At the bus stop. Shinobu argued. "Hey, I don't understand why do we have to walk and wait for this damn bus to appear, isn't it reasonable to just ride my car?"

"It's more fun this way."

Shinobu growled, nonetheless as she thought further the more she was fine with it, after all since she was born she never attempted using public transportation, so she was eager what it feels like to ride one.

Shizuka was also fine with this, after all, she grew up riding public transportation not until she went to America, as for Quetzalcoatl this is also her first time riding a bus so in the group she was the most interested one.

After a few minutes later, a bus arrived, and both Shinobu and Quetzalcoatl were peeking at it curiosity.

Quetzalcoatl was not just glancing at its exterior appearance but also the interior, she was captivated by how this chunk of metal worked.

It wasn't moving due to magic but only a pure machine, she was in awe to think those humans built something like this? It's no different from a miracle.

He noticed both of the girls' interested stares, he didn't wish to stop them but he had to because the bus was nearly going to start.

"Guys, let's get inside now." After announcing that, he got on inside the bus, the girls entered along with him after.

As the girls got inside the bus, all of the people inside were peeking at them, awe and astonished. 3 types of beauty in one spot.

In the group, Quetzalcoatl was the most impressive, after all, she wasn't a deity for nothing, while some aged folks recognized Shinobu after all she would be periodically glimpsed on the news.

All of them sat on the edge of the bus, the back of the bus was just sufficient for 4 people to sit, eventually, the bus began to move.

Shinobu was peeking outside the window, there was a whiff of enthusiasm in her gazes, it wasn't like this is the first time she did it but, it's relatively different when you're with companions than just your family.

The trip wasn't uneventful at all, they were all discussing random things as the bus moved, pointing at some unusual construction and laughing, simple but it's fun.

Their first destination is a Cafe, but it wasn't your regular Cafe but a cosplay cafe, they ordered numerous stuff on the menu none of them are lacking wealth so they prefer the most expensive ones, and because of that the waitress offered them some additional 'service'.

They were nothing bad, it's just you could order them anything as long as it's not against their will, as a result, it was relatively entertaining the cafe manager bestowed them a discounted coupon after they left.

They maybe wouldn't be able to use it next time, but whatever they could just put it in their collection.

At the 2nd destination, the arcade Kyle and the girls tried various kinds of games, and guess what? Each one of them was a monster, every game they would constantly break its record.

At first, the people from the arcade were peeping at the girls because of how attractive they are, and most guys were envious of Kyle after they concluded that he was with them, few of them attempted to flirt with the girls but they were mercilessly rejected.

At that moment the people thought that they are just here to have fun, which is accurate but all of the arcade gamers were horrify as they saw the 4 of them broke records on each game that they played.

The weakest of them was Shinobu, but for most people, she is evaluated as a prodigy in gaming, but there is no way she could win against an Ex Goddess, an individual who overthrew the nearly God of gaming, and lastly an individual whose IQ exceeded Albert Einstein.

It was already incredible that she could keep up with them. After breaking all of the records of the existing games in the arcade, they departed and they established a myth which was later dubbed The 4 Beast Of Gaming.

Since they took most of their time playing in the arcade, they concluded where to go in the last destination, it was on the mall.

There is no way that they could have interrogated Tokyo by foot, either it wasn't crucial anymore, they had fun and that's the most valuable of all.

So at the mall, they were the center of attention, they got used to it by now so it wasn't anything unexpected, they first went to fill their belly.

After that, they went to every intersection of the mall and turned out to buy anything that attracts them. The girls enjoyed it very much, while Kyle was pretty much smiling painfully even though he was the only individual who hadn't purchased anything, he was the one who carried the merchandise they bought.

Too much of being of the phrase 'gentleman', Kyle thought. 'No matter what race they are, girls are girls.'

He stared at Quetzalcoatl who was enjoying shopping with the girls.



The girls were eventually satisfied with their shopping, except for Shinobu. Kyle was the one who paid for Shizuka and Quetzalcoatl merchandise, though it wasn't a problem they purchased too many things!

He had a difficult time holding the stuff they purchased, it wasn't like it was heavy because it was too many and it was very tough to move normally if you're inquiring why he hasn't used his space to carry these items?

He did but only the tiny ones, not the large ones because if he did, his ability would be uncovered. This is the mall many gazes were glancing at him.

Because there is too much stuff they purchased, Shinobu called an attendant to bring merchandise into their homes.

After that their tour ended. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_16437869705935105/5th-delivery~_53204256160795795">!_16437869705935105/5th-delivery~_53204256160795795</a> for visiting.

While the girls went back home, Kyle remained because after their tour was finished the system issued him another delivery order.

[ Ding! Ding! Another takeaway order request has arrived from the World of Nasuverse! Will you accept the takeaway order? ]

His expression went serious as he saw which world that he is going to deliver next, Nasuverse or Fate.

That world is fucked more than the rest of the worlds that he has been through, more importantly, it's the most difficult world so far…. after flinching for a bit he eventually decided to accept it.

[ Requirements: AWP, Barrett M95, M4A1, AK47, Bazooka…]

The list was too lengthy, but of course, for sure they were all weapons was furthermore this is the first time someone ordered weapons and there are too many of them!

He felt like these weapons are needed in a war..wait war? There were too many war occurrences in history, but to request this many weapons the person who ordered it must've been a leader or sort.

Kyle sigh then he began to buy these things, he was pleased that he had the fortune to buy them.

It would take him a period, to obtain it all since it's illegal to buy weapons in Japanese, at most he would get it tomorrow.

Suddenly the system rang and it said. 

[ Due to the 'special' World that you are going to deliver in, you would be temporarily given a skill. ]

[ Ding! Congratulations You Receive-

( End- )

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