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24% My Unconventional Delivery System! / Chapter 24: A New Place (Edited)

A New Place (Edited) - My Unconventional Delivery System! - Chapter 24 by Charlottes full book limited free

Chapter 24: A New Place (Edited)

[ Congratulations You Have Received (Mansion Worth Few Hundred Million Yen!) x1 ]

Suddenly a stack of documents fell out of nowhere, resulting in it falling straight on his face!

"Ouch!" He groaned reflexively.

Actually it didn't hurt at all, it's just that he subconsciously groaned by instinct, he stared at Kanna who was sleeping soundly next to him. She was still clinging onto him, well his upper torso now. Her head was placed on the depression at the starting joint of his left arm, her left arm and leg was sprawled over Kyle hugging him as she laid sideways. She was snoring cutely as she lay there in peace on her big brother's arms. She was the epitome of cuteness. 

Kyle sighed in relief, he didn't want to wake her up, moreover he never wanted to disturb that peaceful expression that was placed on the cute gothic loli's face. After being enchanted by his little sister's cute sleeping posture and confirming that she didn't wake up Kyle shifted his attention to the matters at hand.

He slowly grabbed the documents, still lying awkwardly on his face, and started to read the contents in his mind.

After a quick read over, his face formed a massive grin, his heart beating erratically at the information he got from the documents.

This stack of papers or documents were the contract papers of him owning the aforementioned Mansion, the lottery reward! It had his picture, signature and other necessary information related to the mansion.

For instance the house location, the general description of the property and other legal yada yada...

He couldn't help but exclaim excitedly in his mind. 'Is this really real?! Is this really legit?! Oh my God! If it is I have a fucking Mansion.'

The System answered came to clarify his doubts. [ Everything is legit Host, you don't need to be so skeptic. This is far more easier and believable then traveling to different universes you know. ]

Kyle couldn't refute the system's retorts, it was telling the truth after all.

If compared to delivering different items to other animeverses, this kind of thing was practically nothing!

Not even the richest person in the world had the ability or the privilege to travel between universes, alternate realities and the like...

With the System's words, the excitement in his heart was reigned in, but regardless he was still filled with expectations and excitement about this new house of his!

He would tell his aunt about this new property as soon as possible! This place was getting cramped anyways, and if he didn't recall it wrongly his aunt would soon move into a new apartment, so this reward came at the perfect time.

Kyle put the document of contract papers inside his space inventory for latter use.

Afterwards, he decided to use his last Lottery Ticket, to try his hands at a reward. Honestly, at this point  he was fine with getting anything, he was greedy but he knew when to be satisfied, moreover every reward there was something good anyways so he wasn't picky about it, unlike some gacha maniacs.

Beggars can't be choosers; he commanded his system. 'System, use my last Lottery Ticket!'

[ Congratulations You Have Received (10% Of The Share Stocks of the Prestigious Shinomiya Group!) x1 ]

Seeing the latest prize, he almost jumped out of the couch in shock! But he resisted the urge solely because he didn't want to wake Kanna up from her pleasant sleep!

Like the previous occurrence, a stack of documents appeared out of nowhere but this time he caught it before it could fall.

This documents were far more in quantity than the mansion's! It was thrice as thick!

He didn't even bother to read it all, he already had zero doubts about the accuracy of the system, all he needed to do was… nothing!

However he quickly made some calculations, if the public knowledge was correct then, the entire shares of Shinomiya Group is worth trillions.

Then that 10% of his would be worth... billions? 

Kyle's grin was more massive than before! He was grinning from ear to ear! He basically became a billionaire overnight!

But he didn't really know how all this share stocks worked; should he just wait for the money to grow?

Yep that's what he's going to do! Even though he didn't have any knowledge of the business world, he wasn't naive enough to think that it was easy to buy shares from the Shinomiya Group!

No one in their right mind would be willing to sell these shares so easily, the most someone could get now was 1 or 2% of the shares if they invested crazy amounts of money, and it was worth it since Shinomiya Group's shares were an ever increasing tide, you'd definitely profit if you invested in that company!

As it stands out, It wouldn't be possible for him to get this 10% of Shinomiya Group's shares he just received, even if he invested billions of dollars in it.

This was all possible because of his trusty System!




While Kyle was having happy dreams of the 10% shares that he received from the System, he was unaware that he had caused a huge uproar in the shareholders community of the Shinomiya Group!

This included the main shareholder of the Shinomiya Group, the main family head himself; they held a meeting to discuss about Kyle, the person who now owned 10% of the Shinomiya Group's shares!

In the meeting, the face of Kyle was shown on the huge projection screen, nothing else was there, only his picture and identity card attached to it.

They didn't know what kind of background he had, nor were they able to dig up anything significant about him. Through the picture they could identify Kyle being a very young man, too young even, and he was still able to buy those shares! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_16437869705935105/a-new-place-(edited)_51947656120947102">!_16437869705935105/a-new-place-(edited)_51947656120947102</a> for visiting.

So they came to the quick conclusion that Kyle was a second generation noveu-rich, and that his family background was at least at the same category if not higher than the current Shinomiya Group!

They burned Kyle's appearance on their minds, just in case. They were sure that they would meet him sooner or later.

They would surely try to gain his favour and connection, how would they do it? Through marriages of course. They would try to wed their daughters or grand daughters and in some cases great granddaughters to him and secure a connection.

In their minds someone who could buy 10% of the Share Stock of the Shinomiya Group easily had deep background and profitable connections.




Next Day, Morning :-

Kobayashi San woke up from her bedroom, and slowly went towards the bathroom in a lazy gait, so that she could brush her teeth.

Brushing her teeth, she went to the living room, only to be greeted by the sight of Kyle smiling widely, a smile he had never showed to her before.

Honestly it was kind of creepy, especially his squinted eyes, it destroyed that radiant vibe of his smile, making it creepy… but then she paused and remembered that they had the same eyes.

She shook her head in lament and asked curiously. "Kai-chan what's up? Did something good happen?"

Kyle shifted his gaze to his aunt along with his slightly creepy smiling expression.

"Oba-san! Pack all of your things, we're going to change places!"





Next Day, Afternoon :-

"Ehh?" Kobayashi San was flabbergasted at the sight of their new house that her nephew mentioned.

She stared at Kyle, and spoke in a trembling and shaky tone. "Kyle… can I ask something?"

Whenever she said his name without honorifics, she would either shout at him or ask something serious. So he also became serious.

Kyle immediately replied. "Yes oba-san?"


Kyle could only smile awkwardly at his aunt's scream, after all yesterday he did explain that he owned a house.

He also lied to her that he had received this house from Meru, he couldn't really explain that he received it from the system.

So he used Meru as a scapegoat, he silently apologized to her in his heart. 'Meru, I'm sorry. I promise, I'll play with you all night long when I have time.'

On the highest floor of the building, a blonde haired girl playing XBox suddenly sneezed. "A-chou! Huh? Why do I feel that someone is using me..." (The Legendary Women's Intuition at full play)

Other than using Meru in his lie, he also told his aunt that the house that he owned was just 'slightly' bigger than her apartment.

He did that so that she wouldn't doubt him, after all there was no way she would believe that the house he owned was actually a Mansion.


Present Time :-

It took him some time to calm his aunt and convince her of this matter, but he succeeded anyway.

However Kobayashi San still couldn't fully believe it, to think that they're going to live in this luxurious mansion from now on!

"Okay, you guys have stared enough, let's get inside already!"

"Haii!" Tohru happily replied, though she was fine living anywhere, if that place had Kyle that is, a bigger place was still better to live at for a dragon like her. She could also let her dragon form loose without any damages happening due to the large space available here, so she was doubly happy.

Kanna was admiring the house and suddenly exclaimed with both hands raised in a cute fashion. "Woahhhh…"

Thus, they all went inside their home.

( `END` )

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