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37.8% Mysterious Doctor is a Beastly Wife / Chapter 31: Chapter 31

Chapter 31 - Mysterious Doctor is a Beastly Wife - Chapter 31 by Claire_Carnable full book limited free

Chapter 31: Chapter 31

Yin Ruo Feng and Yin Feng who were sitting on the wheelchair looked at Yin Man Feng in shock. Great Luo Nine Revolving Pill? This was a legendary grade-7 pill, and the pill formula had also been lost. Yet, she had it as well?

Even if they found all of the Great Luo Nine Revolving Pill's ingredients, would there still be anyone in this world who could refine a Grade Seven Spirit Pill?

"Man Er, there's no one in this world that can refine a grade seven pill. Even if we gather all the ingredients, it will be useless." Yin Ruo Feng reminded.

"Who knows what the future holds?" The Cang Li Country was barren, so it was not strange that there were no Level 7 Alchemists. However, in this world, there were not only Cang Li Country, Tianqiong and Nine Roughs, there was also a vast expanse of land on the other side of the Nine Roughs.

After Yin Man Feng obtained the Wisteria, they went to the New Heart College together. After the two pretended to look around, sure enough, they could smoothly complete this journey.

When the guard entered the academy's gate and saw Yin Ruo Feng returning to the academy, he was completely stunned.

~ Is that Yin Ruo Feng from General's Estate?

Was he really as crippled as the rumors said?

Watching Yin Man Feng and Yin Ruo Feng leave, the guards at the gate sighed. Who would have thought that the high-spirited young man from back then would end up like this?

— —

Returning back to the Teacher Xue's courtyard, Yin Man Feng gave Yin Ruo Feng a round of acupuncture. After leveling up to the first stage Spirit Master, the effect of her acupuncture was twice that of before. According to this method, he could give the Eldest Brother three times a day.

"Eldest Brother, from today onwards, I will give you three needles every day, and with my pushing technique, you should be able to stand up after a month." Yin Man Feng said happily.

Just as Yin Man Feng's words fell, a person appeared at the door. He joyfully said: "Little fellow, is what you said true?"

Yin Man Feng and Yin Ruo Feng both looked towards the door at the same time, to see the sickly beauty, Xue Tian Yi, looking at them in surprise.

Yin Man Feng solemnly nodded his head, for something like this, how could she joke around with Eldest Brother?

Xue Tian Yi walked to the door, came to Yin Ruo Feng's side, and said gratifyingly: "Feng'er, Master knows, that you won't lie on the chair forever."

Seeing his teacher who had always nurtured him speak to him with concern, Yin Ruo Feng's eyes reddened as he thought of his teacher's weak body. He swallowed hard: "Teacher, Feng'er has made you worry."

Xue Tian Yi patted Yin Ruo Feng's shoulder, and said: "Since this little guy gives you three acupuncture sessions a day, then you don't need to go back, you can just live in my courtyard!"

Yin Ruo Feng acknowledged.

Xue Tian Yi turned his head towards Yin Man Feng and said, "You can't stay here with me."

Yin Man Feng pouted. "Eldest Brother can live here, but why can't I?"

"Your Eldest Brother used to be a student of a special class and had the right to own an independent courtyard. That's why he has always lived with me, and you are currently just a new student with no right to live alone." Xue Tian Yi said.

Yin Ruo Feng nodded in agreement.

Yin Man Feng curled his lips, and asked: "Then where is my courtyard?"

"Follow me!" Xue Tian Yi said as he walked out of the room.

Yin Man Feng followed Xue Tian Yi to find his own courtyard.

When Xue Tian Yi brought Yin Man Feng to the front of a small courtyard, there were already three people sitting in the courtyard, the three of them huddled together as they brewed tea.

"This is your place." Xue Tian Yi pointed to the courtyard: "Once everything is organized, we will cultivate in the Heavenly Dipper Tower."

The courtyard was divided into four directions: east, west, south and north. The houses in each direction were fully arranged, and the interior was like a small suite with all sorts of rooms. In the center of the courtyard was a pavilion, and three people sat inside.

Yin Man Feng remembered these three people. Weren't they students that were at the same age as her among the new students? One of them was the cold boy from before.

The academy really knew how to allocate people of the same age as it.

"Hello everyone, I am Yin Man Feng. From now on, we are roommates." Yin Man Feng introduced himself first.

Among the three, the cold boy was the first to speak. He introduced himself: "Yin Tian Rui! A third stage Spirit Master! "

Yin Man Feng raised his eyebrows in surprise. He was actually a third level Spirit Master?

Compared to a rank 9 spirit warrior like Li Wen Da, a rank 3 Spirit Master at the age of 8, Li Wen Da was extremely weak. It was not wrong for him to die at her hands.

After Yin Tian Rui finished speaking, the other fat boy said dumbly: "I-I'm called Lu Zhe Zhe." With that, he scratched his head and looked at Yin Man Feng in embarrassment: "I am only a ninth grade spirit soldier."

Yin Man Feng was a little surprised that Yin Tian Rui could accept such a foolish fatty. This also meant that Yin Tian Rui's character was not bad.

After the stupid fatty finished introducing himself, the only girl among the three looked at Yin Man Feng timidly and said softly, "My name is Xu Yi Rou, a Seventh or Seventh Rank Spirit Scholar." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Yin Man Feng nodded to them and said: "I'll go clean up my room first."

Xu Yi Rou shyly looked at Yin Man Feng, and said softly: "I've already arranged your room."

"Huh?" Yin Man Feng looked at her in surprise.

The fat fool explained foolishly, "Yi Rou didn't know who our fourth roommate was. She saw that no one was here, so she helped me sort things out first."

"Thank you!" Yin Man Feng said.

Xu Yi Rou nodded with a red face.

"I'll treat you to morning tea!" Yin Man Feng immediately sat in the middle and spoke to them. Since the rooms had already been tidied up and it was not time for class, he took out some spirit tea water and brewed some morning tea for them to meet each other.

Originally, Yin Tian Rui did not think much of it. However, when he smelled that the things that Yin Man Feng had taken out was not something extraordinary, he immediately put down the cup in his hands. He looked at Yin Man Feng with longing eyes as he brewed tea.

Yin Man Feng's tea was the Ten Thousand Year Purple Spirit Needle in the Multicolored stone's space. After the Multicolored stone's space and Exquisite Space had fused together, that piece of Purple Spirit Needle sat not too far away from spiritual lake.

Yin Man Feng's water was the seven-colored Xuantian water of the spiritual lake. In order to confuse the three of them, Yin Man Feng had used ordinary spirit water to seep into the seven-colored Xuantian water and used a drop of the seven-colored Xuantian water's water to exchange for a cup of tea. As a result, the three of them did not discover the seven colors of the seven-colored Xuantian water.

Yin Man Feng also loved the Way of Tea in his previous life, so her brewing skills were good. When she displayed his smooth and natural tea-brewing skills, the idiot fatty and Xu Yi Rou became infatuated immediately. Yin Tian Rui's face also showed his deep meaning.

"Man Feng, are you making tea? Why do I look like I'm doing acrobatics? " The fat fool said in surprise.

Yin Man Feng rolled his eyes at the stupid fatty. Someone actually described her martial arts skills as acrobatics?

Xu Yi Rou closed her eyes and took a whiff of the tea's fragrance, sighing: "What dense spirit energy."

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