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42.68% Mysterious Doctor is a Beastly Wife / Chapter 35: Chapter 35

Chapter 35 - Mysterious Doctor is a Beastly Wife - Chapter 35 by Claire_Carnable full book limited free

Chapter 35: Chapter 35

When Yin Ruo Feng heard this, he felt that it was a pity. He couldn't use his own spirit energy because he just wanted Yin Feng to become stronger.

Yin Man Feng sighed slightly. She could understand Eldest Brother's thoughts, the reason he was preparing this much was because he did not believe that she would be able to cure him.

Forget it, once she was able to refine Energy Accumulation Pill s, how could Eldest Brother not recover?

Wait until he regatheres his dantian!

"Eldest Brother, you don't need to give all the seven-colored Xuantian water I gave you to Yin Feng, do you? This has a very good effect on repairing meridians. " Yin Man Feng concluded.

Hearing that, Yin Feng knew that it was for Yin Ruo Feng to repair his meridians, and his whole body trembled, immediately looking at Yin Ruo Feng guiltily.

Yin Ruo Feng waved his hands carelessly.

Yin Feng's expression became determined. Next time, he wouldn't be able to drink Master's seven-colored Xuantian water anymore.

After taking care of Yin Feng's matters, Yin Man Feng finally walked out of Xue Tian Yi's courtyard, and headed towards his own residence.

Ever since she had entered the academy, he had never returned to his own courtyard except to recognize her the next day. He had no idea what his roommates would think.

When Yin Man Feng returned to the courtyard, Yin Tian Rui, Lu Tian Zhe and Xu Yi Rou had just finished their lessons and had returned. When they ran into Yin Man Feng, the Fatty Lu jumped up and said, "Man Feng, you're finally back.

"What is it? You miss me? " Yin Man Feng joked.

Yin Tian Rui snorted, looked at Fatty Lu with contempt, and said: "He's missing your tea!"

"Don't you want to?" Fatty Lu retaliated.

Yin Tian Rui choked, who doesn't want to drink tea that can help someone level up?

Xu Yi Rou smiled bashfully, and asked embarrassedly: "Man Feng, do you still know how to make tea for us?"

"Bubble!" Why aren't you bathing, you're bathing now! " Yin Man Feng said grandly.

"Oya!" The Fatty Lu ran into the courtyard happily and prepared tea set on his own accord, waiting for Yin Man Feng to show off his skills.

Yin Man Feng laughed and walked over to make tea for them.

Yin Tian Rui, Lu Tian Zhe, and Xu Yi Rou were still young, and their levels were not very high. It was just right for them to drink this level of spirit water.

"Delicious! Man Feng, make us some more of this tea, we will become absolute geniuses! Hahaha! " Fatty Lu didn't just drink tea, he also drank more or less. If not for the fact that Yin Man Feng made exactly three cups of tea each time, he would have finished drinking it already.

Yin Tian Rui swallowed his tea, greedily relishing the fragrance of the tea in his mouth. After hearing Fatty Lu's words, he rolled his eyes at his and said: How can you say that there's tea that can help a person advance their cultivation? If drinking tea can make you become an unparalleled genius, then what kind of status does General's Estate have? "

Fatty Lu was startled, that's right! This kind of tea must be very precious, it was already very good for Man Feng to take it out and drink with him once or twice, but he actually thought to drink until he became an exceptional genius.

"Man Feng, thank you!" Xu Yi Rou thanked her seriously. In the future, she would definitely repay Man Feng.

"No thanks, you guys drink!" Today, I will let you all drink your fill! " Yin Man Feng said with a smile.

The three of them were overjoyed, while appreciating Yin Man Feng's brewing of the tea, they were also looking forward to the brewing of the tea.

The three of them drank tea for a while, and just as they had expected, the three of them leveled up one after another. The last time, when Fatty Lu broke through from Grade Nine Spirit Scholar to Grade One Spirit Master, this time, he directly advanced from Grade One to Grade Two Spirit Master, and now, he was extremely happy.

The eight year old second level Spirit Master had already become a genius, and was only a first level Spirit Master.

The last time Xu Yi Rou had levelled up from rank 7 to rank 8, she was now a rank 9 spirit warrior. She was only one level away from Tian Jiao's daughter, Chong Miao Zi.

Needless to say, the previous tea did not help him to advance, he had already leapt from the third level to the fourth level of the Spirit Master. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Seeing Yin Tian Rui's rank, Yin Man Feng curled his lips. Spirit Master of the fourth level!

It was actually one level higher than her.

It looked like she had to work hard to cultivate.

After the few of them consolidated their strength, they all stayed in's courtyard. Looking at Xu Yi Rou tidying up her room, Fatty Lu was blabbering nonstop, while Yin Tian Rui sat coldly to the side and listened, Yin Man Feng could not help but ask, "What are all of your classes going to?"

"We're not in class!" The Fatty Lu said.

Yin Man Feng was startled. There was no class?

Seeing that Yin Man Feng knew nothing at all, Yin Tian Rui looked at her with disdain, and said: "We are the same as you, both of us are disciples."

Acknowledged a master? Yin Man Feng raised his eyebrows.

Xu Yi Rou explained: "Our talent is much better than the others, and our strength is also much stronger than this batch of new students, so the teachers have taken a fancy to us and accepted us as their disciples. Now that Yin Tian Rui is the principal's disciple, Lu Tian Zhe has also become his apprentice teacher, and I have also followed Teacher Yuan."

The Fatty Lu said proudly: "All of us have pretty good talent, that's why we are allocated to live in a courtyard."

Yin Man Feng nodded his head, what made her surprised was, Xu Yi Rou acknowledging his as his teacher?

If she remembered correctly, Teacher Yuan was a refiner, right?

"You learned refining?" Yin Man Feng looked at Xu Yi Rou in shock. Looking at her soft and weak appearance, he did not expect her to actually learn such strong work. It was really hard for Yin Man Feng to imagine how hard it would be to swing a sledgehammer.

Sensing the thoughts in Yin Man Feng's mind, when there were outsiders present, Xiao Ling Long, who had always been quiet, could not help but say in her mind: "It's no big deal, Master! If you want your Exquisite Space to be like the Heavenly Dipper Tower s, you must learn how to refine them.

Yin Man Feng's heart skipped a beat. Can Exquisite Space be the same as Heavenly Dipper Tower's?

She had been envious of Heavenly Dipper Tower for a long time. If the passage of time was as fast as that of Heavenly Dipper Tower, wouldn't she be carrying a divine tool with her?

Just from this alone, she would definitely learn artifact forging in the future.

Thinking about the pills he had concocted, Yin Man Feng asked: "Do you know where I can buy pills?"

"Do you lack pills? I have some here, if you need anything, just let me know. Fatty Lu came over and asked.

Yin Tian Rui looked at Yin Man Feng coldly, the meaning in his eyes very clear. As long as Yin Man Feng needed it, he could get it for him.

Xu Yi Rou took out her own storage bag and placed all of the pills she had in front of Yin Man Feng. She asked sincerely, "Man Feng, what pills do you need?"

Yin Man Feng pursed his lips, looking at her, was she the type of person who needed pills?

Back then, she had only consumed a little bit of spirit energy, but Eldest Brother had given her a Energy Recovery Pill.

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