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50% Mysterious Doctor is a Beastly Wife / Chapter 41: Chapter 41

Chapter 41 - Mysterious Doctor is a Beastly Wife - Chapter 41 by Claire_Carnable full book limited free

Chapter 41: Chapter 41

When Yin Man Feng rushed toward the Nine Roughs according to Xiao Ling Long's guidance, the closer he got to the powerful aura, the more restless the Divine Beasts in Yin Man Feng's body became. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

What was going on? Could it be that the Divine Beasts in her body knew that female Spirit Lord? It was no wonder why the female Spirit Lord was so insistent on finding the Divine Beasts. It was possible that they actually knew each other, but just in case, Yin Man Feng immediately used a concealment technique to hide himself, and then quietly rushed towards the female Spirit Lord's direction.

When Yin Man Feng arrived at the location of the female Spirit Lord, he saw that the female Spirit Lord had intercepted a group of people.

In the group, Yin Cheng Feng had just brought someone to hunt a level eight Holy Beast, a level eight Holy Beast equivalent to a human in the middle stage of Spirit King. This kind of strength was equivalent to a family Patriarch, after the reclusive army and the mercenaries subdued this level eight Holy Beast, everyone was exhausted.

"May I know who you are? Why did you stop us?" Yin Cheng Feng went forward and asked politely.

The lady in white looked at Yin Cheng Feng coldly, and asked sharply: "Where is Cloudfall Mountains's Divine Beasts?"

Yin Cheng Feng was startled, all these people were here for the Divine Beasts? Looking at their appearances, they had come with ill intentions. If they knew that the Divine Beasts was with Man Er, they would have no idea what they had done to Man Er. Thus, they absolutely could not not let them know that the Divine Beasts was with Man Er.

"How do we know where the Cloudfall Mountains's Divine Beasts is?" Yin Cheng Feng said coldly, but he was secretly vigilant in his heart.

The woman in white snorted and said coldly, "When I have looked at your memories, I will not believe you." After she finished speaking, her figure flashed, and directly rushed towards Yin Cheng Feng.

Yin Cheng Feng had already prepared himself, even though he knew that he was not a match for the female Spirit Lord, he was already resisting the moment she rushed over, "Wind Wheel Slash!" At the same time he executed his martial skill, he retreated far away from the white-clothed woman.

The white clothed female saw a wind blade shooting towards her, her pretty eyebrows frowned, and with a light wave, she blocked Yin Cheng Feng's Wind Wheel Slash.

Hand over the Divine Beasts. As long as you join the Divine Monarch Pavilion, you will be able to become a part of the Spirit Lord within a few days. " The woman in white's expression changed, revealing an indifferent expression.

Even if Yin Cheng Feng was born in her world, he could still be considered a genius, let alone in this barren continent.

If a normal person were to be recruited like this, they would have been too happy to find a solution. Yin Cheng Feng could only frown and firmly said to the white clothed female: "I don't know where the Divine Beasts is. How do I hand over the Divine Beasts?"

"Then let me see your memories." The white clothed female waved her sleeve and directly pulled Yin Cheng Feng over.

Yin Cheng Feng's eyes turned cold, he resisted and cast a skill: "Gale Flash!"

When the reclusive army saw the white-clothed woman repeatedly forcing their Young Master, they all reacted. Everyone took out their weapons and without a word, rushed towards the white-clothed woman.

"An insignificant skill!" The white clothed female turned her claw into a palm and directly smashed towards Yin Cheng Feng.

With Yin Cheng Feng's current level eight Great Spirit, it was simply impossible for him to endure such a powerful strike. Seeing that the white clothed female's palm was about to land on Yin Cheng Feng's body, everyone only felt a flash of light before Yin Cheng Feng disappeared from his original spot. When his figure appeared before everyone once again, he was already a hundred meters away from the white clothed female.

The lady in white looked at Yin Cheng Feng in shock. How did he manage to escape her grasp?

When she saw Yin Man Feng, she cried out in disbelief. "Man Er?"

Yin Cheng Feng never thought that Yin Man Feng would appear here. When he heard the white clothed female calling her name, he looked at Yin Man Feng and asked: "You know her?

Yin Man Feng shook his head at him.

Yin Cheng Feng immediately looked at the woman in white vigilantly.

The lady in white had long forgotten Yin Cheng Feng. She trembled and asked Yin Man Feng: "Man Er, is it you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, and I'm not called Man Er either. If you want to know my name, I can tell you that I'm Yin Ruo Feng." Who was Yin Man Feng? How could he not see the killing intent in her eyes? If she admitted her name, she could guarantee that she would die in the next second.

Seeing Yin Man Feng's alert face, the lady in white laughed and said to Yin Man Feng dejectedly, "Man Er, you don't even recognize Eighth Sister anymore?"

Yin Man Feng frowned, she felt that this girl really knew her.

But who was she?

Could it be someone the original owner knew?

Even if he recognized her, the killing intent in her eyes was still genuine. She would never admit that she was the person she spoke of.

"Madman!" Yin Man Feng slowly spat out these two words. Firstly, he mocked the white-clothed female for her pestering him, and secondly, silently cursed her for harboring malicious intentions.

When the surrounding people heard Yin Man Feng's evaluation of the white clothed female, all of them sucked in a breath of cold air. A little kid actually dared to point at his Spirit Lord and call her a madman?

Are you tired of living?

Sure enough, after Bai Yu heard this, her pretty face turned sinister as she said fiercely: "Yes! I'm crazy. My hands are covered with your blood. "

Yin Man Feng and Yin Cheng Feng looked at each other and saw the doubt in each other's eyes.

Bai Yu looked at Yin Man Feng sharply, and said coldly: "It doesn't matter if you don't admit it, as long as it's here." Saying that, she took out a jade tablet, and after the jade tablet appeared, the Divine Beasts's Qi suddenly soared.

This is bad! Yin Man Feng thought, with her current strength, he had no way of suppressing the aura of the Divine Beasts, it seemed like the matter regarding the Divine Beasts was going to be exposed.

Seeing that Yin Man Feng's expression was not right, Yin Cheng Feng knew that the matter was about to be exposed. He pulled Yin Man Feng and fled into the forest, saying to the reclusive army and the mercenaries: "Let's go!"

"You want to leave?" Bai Yu's expression turned cold and she instantly released the power of her Spirit Lord. She instantly locked onto Yin Man Feng and Yin Cheng Feng and the two of them were rooted to the ground, unable to move.

Just when Yin Cheng Feng wanted to burn his life as a price to send Yin Man Feng away, a fiery red flame suddenly emerged from Yin Man Feng's body. The temperature of the flame was extremely high, and in an instant, it caused the surrounding air to rise to the extreme.

"Huang, you've finally appeared." Bai Yu said as he looked at the flames on Yin Man Feng's body crazily.

When the flames exploded, Yin Man Feng wasn't much better off either. She felt that his meridians had been repeatedly tempered by the flames, and if he wasn't the master of a Divine Beasts, she would have long ago turned into ashes.

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