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After a normal university student woke up, he suddenly realized that he had transmigrated into the Naruto world.

With the help of the Great Teacher system, Sanada travels through the Ninja world, guiding his disciple and spreading legends that last for generations.

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It's called "The Teacher System," but the MC doesn't really teach. He just wins gacha cards from the system and then uses them on his disciples. Not to mention that unless the student is a prodigy he just gives up on them completely. How is that "teaching?" If they're prodigies they don't need much teaching in the first place, and even if they did, just buffing them using the system is not teaching. And there's no original plot. So far the entire story is the MC's "students" tagging along with the main canon cast. The only difference is that the MC is grooming Sakura like a pedo. Other than that nothing's changed. If you're looking for a teacher in Naruto world then you'll be disappointed because the MC doesn't actually teach anybody. And if you're looking for an OC in Naruto world to shake up canon then you'll be disappointed because the MC goes out of his way to ensure canon stays intact. So there's no point in reading this story unless you've got so much free time that you're determined to read every single Naruto fanfic on this app

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The wasn anything’t that felt special bout this story it’ just naruto with Sakura on a different team even the mc is bland there nothing that makes you want to keep reading

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oh my God I can't stand how this story is written. it's like it's being described in detail form a first person perspective. but at the same time being narrated to us from a third person perspective. reading a story that way feels like I'm back in kindergarten and the teachers reading the storybook to me and going look kids this is how the bunny jumps or whatever you get the point I think. it feels very demeaning to read this to my intelligence.

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another canon rehash, i was hype because its quite different in the start but in the end its still follow the canon, do they need to go to wave mission no its only the author following the canon for no apparent reason, should also put it in the sypnosis that this is canon rehash

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How do I say it? There is no actual thing he is intended to do. The name is teacher system but it is just some noob with a system with no knowledge of teaching. Author, I have read your other books but this one wasn't good. I am not giving a hate review just saying it genuinely. There is literally nothing in it which can be considered an end goal it's just like some normal daily tag along in the naruto world.

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Been waiting for a good teacher(action base) story since lothp. Theres been many teacher story, but only some are good and most are bad... like really bad. Then theres some that only has few chapters. This one however base on reading till chap 15, could be one of the potential good teacher novel ive been looking for. Although theres some minor scenes i dont like, but well beggar cant be chooser. Even with that i still think its this ff is good. Good pacing, good gramar ok character development, Immence read, characters dont feel dull. Soo yah. Hopefully he get more A and above rank student. Cuz i think one is not enough to have his own powerup. After all its ‘gacha’ lol

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Story was great until Adult Sauske and Boroto travel back in time, then the soul searching was so forced and such an awful way for “character development”. Honestly, if the author removes all the chapters that has the awful time travel then this would be easily a 4/5-5/5 ratings lol all of the comments are trashibg the idea because its awful. Forced and just a complete waste of time. This starts around Chapter 80 or so lol if this garbage happened earlier then i wouldnt have even bothered to waste my time reading this fanfic. This fic became pure garbage.

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re-read everything again to check if some chaps got re-written since MC became a good teacher according to the new reviews. Nope, still a guy that thinks he is teaching but isn't. Still has the creep teacher vibe. Still slaps card to "teach". Still prioritizes those with high potential to teach and those that doesn't just turns into a cardboard character and forgotten, I mean they are the ones that needs a teacher to teach them the most but nope.

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The system is not helping him to teach its just making him stronger and its kinda weird that he is grooming sakura. And why sakura she is trash and useless.

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Used to be a 5 star but that was like at the first 1-10 chapters. Now it's just boring and uninteresting. Also the title is misleading, his system isn't really a teacher system. He just gets stronger and he uses the things he doesn't need on his students. All in all, it became average and lackluster.

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journey through the world of Naruto. this was the last straw. Now I'm saying goodbye to this nonsense. I have endured all the jambs of this fik for a long time and stubbornly. however, at the moment the author has broken another bottom and I am very disappointed

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Dumbarse trying to pass off as a "teacher"

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Well in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking at this matter in a different way and without fighting and by trying to make it clear, and by considering each and everyone's opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

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currently still around chapter 50's. novel rating around 4.6,-4.8. but now it becomes 4.3 . what really happened with this novel (don't mind me giving the author a rating of 1)

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... - This review has been deleted - [img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp]

Reveal Spoiler
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Was an interesting novel at the beginning, then it kept getting more and more ridiculous with every arc, the latest arc went full Dragon-Ball retard (I can get a good fight! So I won't use my full power since the beginning), it's really a shame since this could have been much better if you made him a proper teacher that actually teaches.

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I read until Chapter 115: S2 Ch 23 (Ch 111). Up till whe the MC starts to travel the book is pretty good, with just a few problems here and there (nothig too bad, really). As he decides to travel, the story start to get worse, but still pretty decent. Than you arrive at chapter 114/115 and are hit by a tsunami of BS the immensity of which is immeasurable. Imho the only way to not drop off at that point is if you are not that interested and unknowingly skip all (or almost all) the BS, and don't notice. It pains me to give a bad review to a book I was enjoying, but I would rather have not read more than 100 chapter, only to be so disappointed I coulden't continue reading, and hope this review spares someone the same experience... and maybe helps the author to write better in the future

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Pretty good idea. . .................... ............................... .......................... ............. .......... ........ ......

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i really enjoy 9 chap of this fan-fic , 99.99% naruto fan-fic bashing sakura for no reason infact sakura is one of the most potential character in naruto world . imagine born in civilian household , no special bloodline inheritance , wasting 10 years in chasing a boy , serious training only 4 year almost on the level of sannin without any plot armor ( charingan,byakugan,uzumaki/senjuconstitute,tailbeast ) just pure hardwork and suitable guidance push her self to pinnacle hokage . all in all most of fanfic even original work just waste sakura potential so hard that i really pity her.

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