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Chapter 179: Ch 175 : Madara (2)

As the big water hand approached, Madara felt a deadly threat from this approaching monstrosity.

Let's not underestimate the bold and brash silly look. Its strength was one that could even threaten Susanoo.

"Ha!" Madara screamed, forcing the Susanoo out of the paralyze that Sanada had forced him into, and the blue behemoth formed two extra arms.

Madara controlled his arms, the feeling of danger from Bold and Brash was not something he could underestimate, and all four arms went down to block Bold and Brash fist.


When the two forced came into contact with each other, the bold and brash fist was able to break through the first two arms, and only be slowed down by the second two. Nonetheless, it was not that easy to destroy Susanoo's so-called absolute defense.

The moment the Bold and Brash's giant fist hits Susanoo, the ribs didn't get broken. Some of the impacts were dispersed, and Madara just took a few steps back.

Here, Sanada might obtain the upper hand, but he himself knew that this was just an illusion. The consumption of his physique of using sage mode continuously while maintaining the huge behemoth Bold and Brash, he was far in terms of endurance against Madara's perfect Susanoo.

Fortunately, it didn't seem that Madara was here for a life-and-death battle.

Not long after he was pushed back by Sanada, Madara dispersed his Susanoo as he proceeded to go for the talk.

" Interesting... you are still not on our level. But against other mortals, you clearly had made a special achievement..."

Seeing Madara become like this, Sanada indeed had his own suspicion. Nonetheless, he also knew what Madara said was the truth.

Previously he thought he could go toe toe toe with Madara because he was expecting an edo-tenseid Madara. But this Madara, he was still half step below Madara.

Noticing that Madara now had the intention to stop, Sanada also dispersed his Bold and Brash and turned off his sage mode.

If he could avoid the fight for today, then it would be the best for him. After all, he still had a mission that had not yet been completed, and Sanada believed that after this mission was completed, he should no longer have a problem contending against Madara.

[ Special Mission.]

[ The fate of the two brothers.]

[ Let Sasuke confront Itachi and resolve the misunderstanding between them.]

[ The reward of this mission would be dependent on the result.]

[ The host could not partake in the discussion, you must believe in your student and your teaching to Sasuke.]

To be honest, when Sanada first saw this mission, he had a frown on his face. It was the first mission that he could not take part in it.

Nonetheless, now it was his hope to turn the situation against Madara.

Madara saw Sanada also dispersed his bold and brash, and a satisfied smile rose on his face.

" Kid, do you believe in peace?"

" ..... "

For the next almost thirty minutes, Madara tried to brainwash Sanada as he did with Obito.

Madara was a schemer. Previously he would try to take the whole world by force but now it was a bit different.

He had seen that even a civilian-born like Sanada could pose such a power. Therefore, there might be another hidden powerhouse in this world, and it might pose harm to his plan. Anyway, his plans of gathering the tailed beast had not started yet, and it would only be good for him if he could go and convince Sanada to join him.

. . . . . .

- About thirty minutes later -

Maybe because Sanada kept acting like he was pretty intrigued with Madara's proposal, Madara eventually decided to leave in a good mood.

Well, Madara might be smart and full of scheming, but in the degree of acting, he was still far from people from our earth who has learned to always use a mask every day.

Now Sanada was left alone with Orochimaru, and he could finally sigh relief.

" *Chuckle* This is the first time I see you this frustrated. It seems a skirmish against a legend is still hard even for you." Orochimaru suddenly appeared from the side, much to Sanada's dismay.

This cunning guy, all this time had been running away and hiding, only to appear when Manada had gone away.

" Humph, please say it to yourself, for a Sannin to run before facing the opponent.. Are you really worthy of your title?"

" Well, it is also a part of the strength to know when to avoid an unneeded skirmish."

" .... "

*Sigh*, really against Orochimaru, there's no way to win in rhetorics.

In the end, Sanada could only ignore Orochimaru as he pretended to be annoyed, but his eyes had never left the place where Itachi and Sasuke were currently having their brotherly talks.

" Sasuke, Itachi.. please.. at least get me some UR worth items.."

. . . . . . .

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