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Anna Jones, an Australian travelled with her fiancé Lu Jinhu to marry in his home country, only to find out that she has been duped by him and robbed of everything that she owns. A quirk of fate allows her to marry CEO Hou Yi, who was meant to on the same day marry his finance Yang Lin, who in fact married Lu Jinhu. Marriage for Anna, started as a plan to gain some measure of revenge on Lu Jinhu, and for Hou Yi to prevent Lu Jinhu from obtaining the family company however fate had something different in store for them. Not only did they achieve their initially goals, but their relationship turned into something else, that could last a lifetime despite the cultural differences and the trouble Lu Jinhu and Yang Lin caused them.

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    Be patient and read atleat 20chapters,then comment.story may have some similarities,even I lost interest by reading earlier comments.they r idiots.this story is damn good..very beautiful story.everyone must try it. to author: u need an editor seriously, i may be not so good in English but i still find some grammatical errors nd sentence construction error. it would be great if u can describe nature,wind , sunset,smell of rain etc rather giving fillar sentences

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    bit.ly/3LyRF1N 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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    Very confusing story and the writing quality is not very good. Well it's normal for ******* author's but the problem is author keeps repeating lines and stuffs again and again. Each chapter starts from the previous chapters last sentence which is very irritating for me to read. Moreover, the paragraphs and conversation between characters are so long and detailed that I feel like it's not some adults conversation rather, preschool kids. Further more, the concept isn't original since I have already read countless of same plot eg: Trial Marriag, so please don't write details stuffs, though the ONLY positive side is the FL is a foreigner rather than a Chainese ( sorry for spoiling this part). Overall I am giving 3•8 even though I am giving up this story (for the first time in my life in WN), but you tried your best writing it and the stability of updates is far better than other novels. Well done. *I advise you to backtrack your previous chapters and try to edit it. Use space and enters and make the dialogue short. Moreover, Don't start your chapter with the previous chapter's last para.

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    I love this novel!!!!!! You became addicted to this, every day I wait to read new chapters!! You won’t regret reading this !!! I love this couple and the plot of the novel

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    The overall quality of the book could use some improvement. While it was comprehensible, the plot itself was plain in the fact that it follows a cliche plot without providing any twists, that usually come with such plot-lines. There were also grammar errors, which were irksome to read without feeling frustrated. Also, the characters themselves were poorly developed, which made it hard for me feel any emotions for any of them, such as love or hate. Some of the actions taken by the characters could have been reasonable if there were more details and backgrounds provided. More description and detail could be provided as well a grammar checks to make this a better story to read. A good thing to keep in mind is “show, not tell” because we can all tell things, but that would take out all the fun and excitement readers get from reading a book.

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    The story has potential but the writing is holding it back. Things keep being repeated over and over and take up way too many chapters. There is no need to keep repeated incidents in detail to every character. At this point it just feels like repetition is to make up for the word count. In addition, the court/law stuff goes too much into detail. I never thought too much detail was bad but after reading the chapters I realized that too much detail would lead the chapters to become boring and make you lose interest. I have honestly been skimming through chapters just because some things get dragged on for 5+ chapters. At this point I’m losing interest in the story itself.

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    Seems like an interesting storyline. Although the storyline a bit like some stories from WebNovel. Hopefully the author or translater can put more chapters up. Preferable 3 to 5 chapters per day.

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    Thank you dear author, though I would never wish this kind of violence to anyone even to my enemy if I have one, but this story is truly an eye opener, sometimes you wonder how could people hide their true nature for so long and not be discovered by so called friends but I guess those friends are just like them? Anyways, this story is different from a straight love story, it discusses some issue from society which is considered a very embarrassing to the victims, keep up the good work.

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    I think this book is not my cup of tea.... 1.some characters are very unreasonable(as every character action should be based on when,why,how ,what etc) but is it totally let the characters out without any strings attached. A world can have at most 2 characters that are unreasonable bt nt the whole world as it doesnt suit logic 2.Even though a character is described as intelligent and powerful but writer has protrayed them as dumbos nt in one bt most situations 3. Its like I am reading some law book not some novel In short u can only look at this book if u have interest in law and legal things otherwise its a headache as except few chapters mostly it involves only around that as far as I have read

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    The characters are not well developed because the author spends too much time on legal procedures and repetitive descriptions, while ignoring the inner life that is supposed to be developing in and between the characters. The author doesn't use foreshadowing very well. While I can tell Spellcheck has been used, it is obvious that no one is reading through to make sure that the words used are the correct words that the author intended, which I find surprising for someone who is a lawyer (author). I made it to chapter 111 and couldn't take it anymore. I don't know why this was pick as a premium title. Don't waste your power stones, imho.

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    Nice story but author please stop going in circles with long speeches,,sorry but it somehow tends to get boring.no chance to leave any comment,totally frustrating.you've given the female lead no strength and male lead is somehow confused(just my opinion don't kill me)..make them the ultimate power couple after the hospital.let her fight,not just tremble and cry and get slapped or beaten up every time.its depressing and as a woman it brings bad memories to me.you're supposed to empower us not take some of us back to past terrible experiences.its a nice story you just need to up your game,,cut on the long conversations with no meaning

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    This story I quite unusual and not like anyone else I’ve read. A big thumbs up to the author. I love how he unravels each character and how he brings the shadiness of each to light. Through his writing I’m encouraged to read more and more this story and anticipates what’s next and what will be the end result. I hope to see the Lu’s fall so terribly as they are very heartless and have little to no care for anyone except themselves. They are a selfish bunch. To the author you are doing a marvelous job 👍🏾👍🏾.

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    I love the story, but i just want to comment in the violence, seems unbelievable to, slapping is okay but kicking with people around.. I cant imagine how could that be, make it a bit real,, anyway i will still read story

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    Hi author I know this story is cool and interesting but please I need some more romantic part of it so that we won't get easily bored all this court this is boring i and is making the story tiring to read, I had to force myself to finish the last eight chapters

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    Altho the author writes well there is so much foul language and physical abuse in the story that a reader tends to get worked up.There should be a balance between abusive behavior and retribution.

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    Great story with interesting characters. It would be nice to have some grammar fixed though. Although I enjoy the plot, it is occasionally hard to read due to the mistakes.

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    This is so interesting I just kuve this to And am looking forward to read more😊😊😊😊😊😊i want to read more interesting books like this type

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    Starting this story i didn't expect it to be quite realistic and believable. The characters are quite well written even the antagonists are interesting and not just thoughtless thug a and b. And the female lead's growth is quite satisfying. If there is one thing i must fault is that some subjects/arcs have way too much detail. While this is solely my opinion it is a bit frustrating reading the same situation over and over even though the perspective change with the retelling of the situation.

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    I love this story. Want a men like hou yi. Love the way he treats his wife Anna Hou. Hard to find such a story. I just want them to fall in love crazily.

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    Author klmorgan