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Original Works

  • Offer to the CEO

    Offer to the CEO



    Anna Jones, an Australian travelled with her fiancé Lu Jinhu to marry in his home country, only to find out that she has been duped by him and robbed of everything that she owns. A quirk of fate allows her to marry CEO Hou Yi, who was meant to on the same day marry his finance Yang Lin, who in fact married Lu Jinhu. Marriage for Anna, started as a plan to gain some measure of revenge on Lu Jinhu, and for Hou Yi to prevent Lu Jinhu from obtaining the family company however fate had something different in store for them. Not only did they achieve their initially goals, but their relationship turned into something else, that could last a lifetime despite the cultural differences and the trouble Lu Jinhu and Yang Lin caused them.

  • The Solider Husband

    The Solider Husband

    Contemporary Romance

    Having left his hometown with shattered relationships due to his decision to join the military Matthew Rong returns after nine and a half years, uncertain of how people will treat him. Lexi Yao, the only person who supported his decision, left less than two years later leaving her family and her child. Just weeks after the birth of her child in an arranged family marriage her husband of less than a year died, putting her in a position that she could not cope. Eventually, when she was ready, she returned to her hometown to resume full-time care of her child bringing her now successful fashion business with her. Matthew had never forgotten the promises Lexi made to marry him prior to and in the twelve months after he joined the military, despite her marriage and becoming a widow. He hoped that he would be able to marry her and secure for them both the future that they had believed was there for them as teenagers. Just after Matthew’s return, having reluctantly agreed to drive Matthew home after a celebration for not only his return but the engagement of their brothers, Lexi and Matthew were kidnapped by the terrorist who helped make Matthew’s career seeing his rapid promotion to General. To protect Lexi, Matthew knew he needed to use changes in the law to protect her and their assets that the Terrorist sought to exploit and committed to her through a forced marriage ceremony at the hands of the Terrorists. For Matthew this was the one thing that had kept him going, and for Lexi she only agreed to protect herself believing there was no legal validity in the ceremony. On their rescue Lexi was confronted with the truth of another forced marriage and was determined to escape this to have her own life, free from domination by men. Matthew not only was left to fight to secure the love of his life but to protect his friends and family from the terrorist who decided that they were fair game in the pursuit of his goals. Can Matthew succeed and win? Can Lexi learn to trust and forgive Matthew? Will the one secret that she has been keeping for eight years drive them apart? This is the story of their journey, with their friends and family along for the ride. Note – for those who have read my first story Offer to the CEO, our favourite couple makes appearances here, with Anna becoming a huge supporter and friend of our Female Lead. Extract: “Matthew, you b*stard. You knew our marriage would be valid, and you forced it on me. You are no better than my parents who arranged my first marriage?” “What did you want me to do? Let you be killed?” “You should have thought about me, not your own selfish needs. Get the hell out of my sight and let me be I'm going to stay away from you.” “Forget it. You are the wife of a military officer. You will live in my villa and forget about going anywhere without my permission. It is not safe.” “Safe? I am not safe from you, everyone, everything and everywhere else is safe!” Please note the cover artwork is not mine. Also while at the start of this story it may seem that the lead is male, in fact the lead is a female lead (be patient for this to be shown)


I agree View More

XOMatsumaeohana: 😆😂 Bullying you badly in bed? 😏 Better work on your ahem skills and stamina so you can keep up with your hubby.

😍🤗 FXY finally has somebody she loves. That's good for her, now she can talk to Mello normally and support the couple ❤️ Let's hope her love story is smooth sailing now, she deserves it.

My Evil Cinderella: Taming a Villainous Wife · C70
1 hour ago
Both of the are members of the doting husband club! View More
Sugar and Spice: The CEO’s Feisty Wife · C260
1 hour ago
In protecting her it not only has hurt her, I bet it is breaking his heart View More

Vickyg: He's saving her and sending her away from the situation because the fact is she was violent and hurt TF...there's no excuse for her violence. She'll be taken in by police if TF continues to press charge. He can't possibly declare publicly that she has emotional issues...he'll surely deal with TF.
He did what he could to protect Yue.

Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife · C1123
18 hours ago
I feel for Lu Yanchen. He loves he wife so much but she can only focus on her sister. Yes he return will be something she desires, but he was right to question what she would do if she could not be located. Her answer is breaking his heart View More
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C668
1 day ago
The link between these two, hopefully they will have the future they deserve. View More
Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering · C244
2 days ago
They are perfect for each other View More

Spirit2004: The two both of them are just shameless couple and I love their openness to one another 😘😘😘😝😝 😝😝 😝😝 😝

The General Who Hates Me · C274
2 days ago
I could not help myself reading this chapter. Rouxin demonstrating the true nature of being a parent - a willingness to sacrifice everything and possibly their life for their child. I just want her to be happy and healthy and Chu to pay for everything he has done. View More
Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities · C161
2 days ago
Someone is lost in the word hubby! View More
The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C897
3 days ago
She has him wound around her finger View More

O4n: Sly fox

The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C896
3 days ago
Totally shameless Keira View More
The General Who Hates Me · C269
4 days ago
Will she end up being a nice or horrid drunk, I wonder? View More

Unieprincess: Dang shes drunk

The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C894
4 days ago
I know it seems an issue, but we are still on the first day, and as you go along you will uncover the reason for her attitude, and then it is understandable why she reacts this way. View More

vampirenite: Anna, was really kissing me off, with her damn attitude, as a husband, he was doing everything right, looking out for her well being and making quick decision for her safety. She should appreciate his efforts and ability to think ahead and make arrangements accordingly... are we sure she's a lawyer..

Offer to the CEO · C36
4 days ago
Damien, your scheming will get you no where. View More
The Prince's Runaway Bride · C132
5 days ago
I do not know who will be worse to deal with! View More

ahumareze: Obviously they don't know his wife is a witch. Too bad, seems some people are going to punished soon

Feral Confessions - Adrianna And The Alpha · C295
5 days ago

Edita_Ortaleza: Congrats for the new parent.

Offer to the CEO · C473
5 days ago

WaTDFuq: I vote for this chapter because she is a Brunette with hazel eyes and not a blue eyed Blonde. Finally! The blondes can take a breather, it's not easy to carry the burden of the appearance if every Westerner

Offer to the CEO · C1
5 days ago

WaTDFuq: Everyone's saying Anna is rude but am I the only one thinking he gave too much unnecessary information? Yes he has to clarify it but the guy basically info dumps here

Offer to the CEO · C45
5 days ago

hazel0328: When mothers are strict, they don't always have good relationship with their daughter

Offer to the CEO · C102
5 days ago

aseola09: Can't you even post more chapter, you're a stingy Author

Offer to the CEO · C616
5 days ago

nancy03: Im enjoying it

Offer to the CEO · C33
5 days ago

Karigan: I'm disappointed there isn't more understanding for Anna. It's been less than one day (yes, it's been longer for the readers but one day for her). Come on. How many people would fully trust a complete stranger in that amount of time, even without trauma? Or be completely comfortable with lots of PDA? It's not reasonable to expect her to be in love with him or fully comfortable. She lets him do it, doesn't contradict him in public, but when she expresses that she's not comfortable, she's in the wrong? Even in a fully developed relationship, someone may not be okay with some of this and that is okay. You have to respect each other's boundaries. Yes, he's spending money on her but he's happy to do that and it helps him, in the end, a he needs her to have certain things but that doesn't mean she owes it to just suddenly be okay with everything he is doing. And every time she says something (yes, she should phrase it better, but still), it feels like she basically gets brushed off and he gets mad... They need to have a talk. Hopefully it will be soon. So far, this is starting to feel unhealthy. 😥

Offer to the CEO · C66
5 days ago

Edita_Ortaleza: Be ready for your downful.

Offer to the CEO · C482
5 days ago

Edita_Ortaleza: Be ready for your downful.

Offer to the CEO · C482
5 days ago

aseola09: Thanks for the update, more chapters, the book is going on well

Offer to the CEO · C620
5 days ago

minijoy: Nice story development

Offer to the CEO · C283
5 days ago

annenjambi: Hope the judge is fair

Offer to the CEO · C631
5 days ago

zukk: What a twist ,the lus'are scum

Offer to the CEO · C499
5 days ago

Shemain: Dear autor, just let me remind you: this is story. Not case study in law department.

Offer to the CEO · C241
5 days ago

Justinerose: jane gang is so clever

Offer to the CEO · C619
5 days ago

hikarime: Just read several Chapter...but i already found some stupid character.
1st Anna - you are A lawyer for **** sake..what the heck that you been cheated using the law ****er????
2nd- hou yi Grandfather & father two more ****er!!! The heck you Going to sell your company to the your enemy and the family that abused your daughter in law and wife??? Dont deserve to be A bussines man. Idiot baka

Offer to the CEO · C7
5 days ago
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