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Chapter 72: Father's Day Event Finale

Adrian with his soulbounds joined the battle that Papa Bear has started. Kanlaon fired its breath attack but instead of completely damaging the Hot Soup Slime, it recovered some health points and even managed to get an attack buff. Adrian ordered Kanlaon to stop with its breath attack and deal physical damage instead since he too was immune to heat. Saena was practically flying behind Papa Bear and continuously healing him because he was taking the brunt of the damage.

Adrian used the Soul Piercer toggle skill and generated the piercing effect on his arrows since he already has max Soul Essence gauge anyway and he did not even entertained the idea of using Orion's Wrath skill because the ceiling of the cave could barely fit Kanlaon as it was not that high in the first place. Adrian safely launched mana arrows towards the Hot Soup Slime and it was very effective since it was weak to magic which is probably why Papa Bear himself could not beat the dungeon because he deals physical damage using his weapons of mass destruction.

The Hot Soup Slime as if feeling pain bubbled when it was hit by Adrian's mana arrow and switched aggro towards him. It launched parts of itself toward Adrian at a fast speed that Adrian was not able to dodge. Adrian was hit by about a liter of hot soup with bits of potato in it at his face. His health bar was decreased by 150 due to the sudden attack and his face was covered with a thick soup base.

[You have been dealt 150 damage.]

[You have resisted the Burn status effect]

[Your Satiety has dropped by ten due to the delicious aroma]

[Your Satiety is not below 50%]

Adrian was a bit frustrated because not only was he damaged but his Satiety was lowered even more. A little more lower and he would gained the weakened status or even worse the hunger status effect. Adrian decided to just blast the thing with mana arrows when he saw that what looks like a tomato is floating inside the body of the Hot Soup Slime. He remembered that in order for monsters that have liquid form to retain its shape without a container there was a need for a core. Adrian tried out his hypothesis and tried firing arrows at the tomato in the body with the Soul Piercer mana arrow and to his surprise the tomato moved out of the way of the mana arrows.

Adrian now had an idea on how to kill the Hot Soup Slime but it seems that the hot soup slime changed aggro towards him again him again because of what he did.

"Papa Bear distract him for me" Adrian shouted while telling his soulbounds through his Soul Link to assist Papa Bear.

Papa Bear nodded and attacked the hot soup slime with more brutality and even Kanlaon and Sirius joined in which made the aggro shift towards them. Adrian then started using his Shooting Star skill and aimed at the tomato that was floating inside the hot soup slime's body. He looked for an opening and he found it when Papa Bear threw a grenade inside the hot soup slimes body. The grenade exploded and scattered the some soup base of the hot soup slime dealing damage to the members at the forefront. Adrian did not miss this opportunity that the hot soup slime was incapacitated and fired the Shooting Star at the tomato.

When the tomato was hit by the skill, it exploded inside the hot soup slime's body and dyed the parts around it red. The hot soup slime's body convulsed and then deflated like a balloon.

[You have managed to break the Hot Soup Slime's core thereby immediately killing it.]

[You have gained experience points.]

Adrian then moved closer to the ones in the forefront and laughed. He did not want to laugh but they were covered in thick soup. Papa Bear then took out a towel from who knows where and started cleaning himself up while Sirius just licked himself clean while Kanlaon heated the surface of his body until the soup disintegrated. Papa Bear then spoke some words towards Adrian indicating that the end of the dungeon was near. From Adrian's perspective, he thought that the dungeon was pretty easy but then again it was an event dungeon and more like a giveaway to player for their patronage so he does not expect an extravagant award since this was not a main story event.

"I could smell the owner of this golden hair at the end of that tunnel. Let us hurry!" Papa Bear urged Adrian.

Adrian complied and they rushed towards the tunnel and they reached the end a few minutes later. When they reached the end, they were assaulted by an intoxicating aroma that stimulated one's appetite.

[You have smelled something very delicious and its aroma is dazzling your sense of smell. Your Satiety bar drops by one every minute.]

What they have witnessed is the scene of a little witch girl with golden hair stirring a large cauldron with a little bear tossing ingredients in it. It was a sight that would really be seen on children's books and they were even smiling while cooking whatever was in it.

"Son….Is that you? Were you here all this time?" Papa Bear asked the little bear.

As if surprised by his dad's appearance, the little bear faced Papa Bear and he looked so cute that you would want to hug it forever.

"Papa! What are you doing here? You ruined my surprise for you!" the little bear grumbled as he stomped his feet.

"Surprise? There were monsters in this cave." Papa Bear said in an angry yet caring tone.

"Ohhh…yeah…about that." As the little bear wondered his eyes towards two cauldrons that were empty.

Adrian could more or less guess what happened since he knows that the little girl with golden was a witch.

"My friend and I just wanted to cook something special for our dads but it seems that we messed up the recipe which lead to some complications but Goldy managed to divert them to the entrance of the cave." The little bear said with an almost crying look.

Papa Bear eventually forgave his son for sneaking out and told him to always ask for permission. The little bear also introduced her friend and told them their gift to their dads which was a soup just right for one's taste. Adrian smiled at what he saw and told himself to hug his dad after this dungeon is over. The little bear waddled towards Adrian and gave him a bowl of soup.

"This is thanks for escorting my dad here. Please take it as a reward." The little bear said in a cute tone.

Adrian gladly took the bowl and put it inside his inventory. He bid the group farewell and went to the shining magic circle that would deliver him out of the instance dungeon. When he was out he logged out and hugged his dad and told him his adventure in the game which put a smile on his dad's face.

Adrian logged back inside the game and took a look at the reward he was given.

Item: Just Right Soup

Tier: Special

Type: Consumable

Effect: Recovers Satiety to full. Increases the eater's level by one when the eater is below level 100. If the eater is above level 100 then he would be given a 50% experience boost for a day. Cannot be traded.

Adrian was glad that he was given a free level which makes him now level 40 and decided to invest his status points to give him a boost in stats. He immediate drank the soup and experienced a sense of euphoria that his mind was blown away the delicious taste and he even imagined his clothes ripping away from his body. Without even noticing, Adrian drank the whole soup and was disappointed there was none left. He sighed and decided to invest his remaining status points since he was having a hard time dealing some damage to monsters higher level than him. Adrian put 40 status points into both strength and intelligence. 20 points in agility. 20 points in vitality and the remaining thirty points was equally invested into both dexterity and endurance. Now his status looks like this.

Name: Equinox

Race: Daemos(Half Asmodian)

Species: Imp(Lesser Demon)

Title: Champion of the Twin Gods, Undead Killer(Expand)

Job: Soul Summoner

Sub Job: Scribe(Beginner)

LVL: 40

Exp: 33.8%/100%

HP: 3000/3000

MP: 1900/1900

VIT: 145+5

STR: 170+25

INT: 170+20

AGI: 145+10

DEX: 140+15

END: 138

Available Stat points: 0

Skills: Job Skills(Expand), Active Skills(Expand), Passive Skills(Expand), Racial Skill: Origin Magic(Expand)

With Adrian's stats alone he could now contend with a level 70 player that undergone his or her job advancement. Of course he would not do that because he is still a long way from achieving a high ranking in the leaderboards. He was not even in the top 100 for the summoner learderboards. He could only slap his face and tell encourage himself. He then remembered the skillbook that he put up for auction and decided to view it. When he peered at the current bid price Adrian fell down on the ground and his soulbounds circling him as if they were worried.

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