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44.44% Omniverse Plot Fate System (Revised) / Chapter 4: Chapter 4:Childhood Times

Chapter 4:Childhood Times - Omniverse Plot Fate System (Revised) - Chapter 4 by Arata_San full book limited free

Chapter 4: Chapter 4:Childhood Times

Japan, 1979 February 15

It's been 2 years I live in this world, nothing major happening, just my boring everyday life as a toddler in other people's eye's, only myself and Uriel know what I do when no one is around.

Well if you don't know who Uriel is, basically she is my OP and broken ability that I got when I open my starter pack, the reason i named her well…because I know in Tenshura that Rimuru named Ultimate Skill 『Manas』become more human and have feelings like sentient being and not machine life anymore after Rimuru named it

[*Question. Who are you talking to now?]

(N-Nothing, I'm just talking to myself Uriel Hahaha....)

[Notice. Master has signs of lying from the looks of that body language on your body. And has probability of lying after I analyzed it for 100%]

(Hey! Don't analyzed me because of little thing Ok? And also why do you curious? is not even you're first time see me talking to myself in my entire life)

[*Answer.. I'm just curious after you talk to yourself for 3743th time in 2 years 1 month 25 days 6 hours 27 minutes 30 seconds in this life]

(S-Seriously? You even countdown how long I live in this world? Why do you do this tho?]

[*Answer. Because you're my Master]

(Awwwww do you care about me that much? Could it be… that you love me Uriel?!)

[*Answer. NO]

(Hey-Hey C'mon I thought you love me too like I love you, *sob* *sob* Uriel doesn't care me and love me anymore *sob* *sob* Uriel is terrible, maybe Uriel hate me and will leave me alone because she doesn't love me and bored of me)


(Uriel? Hello Uriel. Are you there?)


(Oy oy! I was just joking don't take seriously and ignore me OK?)


(I'm sorry OK? I won't say anything like that again. So forgive me ok?)

[* *sigh* Ok but don't say again Ok master? I will never ever leave you because I'm bored of master and I never hate you]

(Alright alright I promise! so don't ignore me again)

After I apologized to Uriel, I was curious about the condition of my mother who is 9 months pregnant, she is carrying a baby, who is my favorite waifu and my future sister, Ryougi Shiki

(Uriel! How long will it take for my mother to give birth?)

[*Answer. 2 day left after your mother give birth to your new sibling]

(I see… It's still the same like the original huh? I thought because of my existence,my sister will be affected because butterfly effect of my existence in this world)

I thought that because of the System's explanation when I wanted to be reincarnated in that world, the system said that my existence was an anomaly that could cause the 'Fate' of the world to change

(Maybe it's 'Destiny' and not 'Fate' because 'Destiny' is already set before someone is born in this world, such as the time of birth, future of the person such the person will become hero or demon in the future, soulmate, or the time of death of that person)

[*Answer. The probability of being 'Destiny' is 98,85%. Do you want to change it? <YES> <NO>]

(NO! I don't need Destiny Points right now, so I don't want to change the destiny of my newborn sibling. After all, I've never used my Destiny Points in the market ever since I got you Uriel)

[*Confirmed. trying to change 'Destiny' failed due to not getting approval from Master]

Yes, I never event spent my Destiny Points in System Market, because with Uriel I can easily make, create,combine ,and get any skill that I want or need

(Well before that, I'm bored now and want to see and try my other skill's destructive power again! Then teleport me to Antarctica and don't forget to install a barrier so that someone doesn't find out!)

[*Excuting Skill『Spatial Manipulation』and installing Invisible barrier in the surrounding of teleport area]

After that I disappeared from my room and teleported on the surface of the island full of endless ice with cold temperatures ranging from -60°C or -76F

If only I didn't get the Skill Resistance from Uriel that is『Cold Immunity』 Maybe I could freeze to death in this island because how low the temperature

Back to the topic again, I'll try to get this powerful new skill with my imagination, that's why I want to test it's destructive power in this empty place

I opened my hand wide and imagined a small fireball by compressing my mana and I made the mana to stick together, and a tiny white fireball appeared in my hand. The surrounding ice melts very quickly, the cold water becomes boiled and the space around it is distorted due to the hot temperature of the fire

(No,Not Yet, it's still doesn't hot)

I thought so while giving more mana so that the fireball is still increasing the temperature as hot as possible

[*Report. The fire temperature is currently at 900 Millions°Celcius at nearing at supernova level]

After 1 minutes my fireball start changing color from white to blue with Aurora like?, and because it's still increasing the temperature, the antartica island is get melted and oxygen is no longer around me because the heat from that flame, fortunately I already set the barrier so other people doesn't notice this and I doesn't need breath to live so I immune to this

[*Report. The fire temperature is now at supernova level. Do you still want to continue? <YES> <NO>]

(NO! it's enough, if I make it hotter, this planet or earth will melt and fall apart, and because of that 'Gaia' and 'Alaya' will notice me and try to annihilate me because I am a very huge threat to two of them)

「Alright, Let see how destructive this power is, HIYAAA!!! 」

After shouting like that I immediately threw the fireball under the seabed quickly, and the result was…Silence, 1 second has passed 2 second has passed 3 second has pas-


A very loud explosion sound was heard underwater that could make ordinary people deaf because it was so noisy, and also the vibrations and shockwaves generated by the fire were also felt by me who was above water right now

The sea water immediately shot up very high due to the explosive power of the fireball,the surrounding islands are destroyed and earthquakes are everywhere, the ocean water is immediately boiled with a hot temperature and the water was… red?

[*Report. Because of the newly acquired skill 『Supernova Ball』it's estimated for 129,714,891,127 lifeform is died because of the destruction of skill]

(E-Ehh Seriously? Well I'm sorry I don't want to kill them but Yeah…it's still my fault tho)

Well I forgot about animal in the ocean, so I killed them all because of my fault forgetting about it, well whatever. What has happened let it happen, I shrugged while thinking like that

(Uriel how about the barrier? is it destroyed? Has the surrounding barrier been destroyed by isolating the skill's destructive power now?)

[*Answer. NO. because how the barrier is made from the skill 『Spatial Manipulation』The barrier is warping spatial areas around here to another dimension and isolated it from the outside world and after that the skill will make a mirror dimension space in outside world that 100% similiar from the original]

(A/N: Sorry If my explanation is kinda confusing because I'm also a bit confused to explain how it works )

(I see, so…is 'Gaia' notice my barrier?) Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[*Answer. Not Yet.]


[*Not yet until the barrier around here is collapse or removed from the outside world and after that other people from outside world will noticed because how distorted and anomalies of space around here from before]

(I see, if it's like that I need to NIGERUNDAYOO!!! Uriel quickly teleport me from here to the house now ASAP!!! and also quickly deactivate the barrier I wonder how 'Gaia' and 'Alaya' will react to the sudden destruction of an island)

[*YES. Executing skill『Spatial Manipulation』and removed the barrier from the surrounding area after teleporting Master to Home]

After that I saw the surrounding area change and change from what was once full of ice into a familiar place that I often live in in my life

「Hahahahaha! I wonder what reaction and face they (Alaya and Gaia) have after noticed from the sudden destruction that took place In Earth right now because of my action earlier」

[Answers. The Individual existence who named 'Gaia' and 'Alaya' will try to find out who is behind the destruction and keep an eye on Earth around with a 92.49% chance. To find the culprit who did it]

「So they didn't notice it if I don't remove the barrier huh? Well whatever I don't care. But still I'm kinda curious how 'Gaia' and 'Alaya' Look in humanoid form? I mean if the strongest existence like them most likely will have a otherworldly appearance right? and most likely they are Woman I Hope…and they will have NICE BODY if they are Woman! HAHAHAHA」

[Question. Are you pervert master?]

「…Y-YES! I'm a pervert, so what? problem with me if i'm a pervert?」

[*I See… *Sigh*]

「Oi Oi Uriel! What's with that tone of yours that contain full of dissapointment Huh?」

[No. Nothing. I didn't say anything at all and maybe that Master didn't hear anything and it's just your feeling!]

「Oh, just my feelings, huh? Hahahaha… Hey! how could that be! I heard clearly what you said earlier you know!」

[*NO. It's just your feeling]

「I know you're disappointed with me because I'm a pervert right? Uriel.... Chan! fufufu」


「Uriel? Oi Do you hear me? Oi URIEEEEL!, …Could it be?! I'm sorry I was just joking to call you Uriel-Chan! I'm sorry Uriel! please forgive me and don't ignore me again! I'm sorry!」

Meanwhile When the two of Drav and Uriel were fighting, there is someone who were on top of the melted Antarctic island, the person is flying above the land while looking at the surrounding area which was full of destruction caused by the culprit who was bickering with her girlfrien-

[*Hey. I hear you!]

I- I mean his partner right now, someone who is in Antarctica is yup that's right! you guess it! You thought it was Gaia? but it was him DIO!

…Just kidding Ehe! Well seriously she are 'Gaia' as you guessed it! you may wondering why only Gaia there? well basically the planet itself or Earth is the physical body of 'Gaia' herself, so she is the only one who noticed it first because you know…just imagine your body is get damaged on sudden without your consent

So that's why 'Gaia' is the first one who notice it first, basically the reason is first because of her body on sudden getting damaged heavily and second the space around her body is distorted and full of anomalies not like the original before, so that's why 'Gaia' is checking the damage now

Well for those who ask, where is 'Alaya' now? well she is busy managing the human's and her slaves, which is are the counterforces. While watching the potential threats and enemies of humans now around the world right now

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