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75% Paint Them Red [BL] / Chapter 3: Chapter 1: Taming the Beasts

Chapter 1: Taming the Beasts - Paint Them Red [BL] - Chapter 3 by LalaZie full book limited free

Chapter 3: Chapter 1: Taming the Beasts

3rd P.O.V.

A pair of chirping birds sang in sync on a little pond in the middle of the Green forest, Silence and harmony is hugging the peaceful atmosphere of the green land but those were only for a short period of time, since the green land is owned by the Notorious family of the south the land that was once quite was hovered with different voices "YOU DAMN BRAT, GIVE ME BACK MY PET!" A furious yelling voice made the animals startled as they all started to ran from different directions .

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR 'PET', ITS ALREADY TOO LATE SINCE I DECAPITATED ITS HEAD!" A rose haired female replied to the furious voice that was demanding her, until a Cobalt blue haired Boy appeared above the highest ground landing smoothly to the ground as he stands a few meters away from the girl with a sinister look.

 "You little sh*t." The boy clenched his fist tightly that a red liquid started to stained the Green grass, the Rose haired female looked at the boy with a glint of maliciousness wavering around in her Red crimson eyes and a wide Grin showing her white pearl teeth.

The girl raised her arms revealing a decapitated head of a man along with its spine That is still in-tacked "Tell me Brother, do you still want this so called 'Pet'? he could have been my little toy if He didn't interfere." The Rose haired female spitted her words with a menacing tone "Don't you dare say anything ill about him and don't ever call me 'brother', because I only have one sibling in this Family."

The cobalt Blue haired boy spoke with a venomous yet threatening tone towards that grinning girl "PFT AHAHAHA!, do you still clearly think that I'm scared of your words, oh my dear Ol' Niles." The Girl kept her Sinister Grin with a tint of tease that is visible to her bright red crimson eyes.

The boy snapped from his remaining sanity as his nails started to grow longer and sharper, his normal teeth changed into a sharp fangs and his pupils turned into a slit shape, he ran towards the astound girl before he jumps in mid-air leaving a huge bowl like crack on the ground until he landed on the ground directly to the girl that immediately dodge backwards avoiding his attacks leaving another huge crack on the ground.

"WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING YOU BRAT!" The boy yelled showing an irked mark on his forehead. Before The girl was about to release her Purple rope a pair of red butterfly appeared in front of them putting there body in paralyze making them both stop from their activity.

"Are you both planning to destroy the forest?" A black haired man wearing a long white fur coat holding a Black Kiseru between his index and middle finger appeared making them both shift their eyes on the ground avoiding the glare coming from the Black haired male.

"Well, is their anyone going to answer me?" The Male waited until He Got ticked at the silence he is receiving from the pair "W-we we're just Playing t-together B-Brother Rupil." The Girl spoke with a shaking tone gripping her trembling hands on her dress "Playing, you say?" A strong gashed of wind is suddenly felt, the man that was standing behind the pair is now gripping the Girl's Neck with his Sharp nails as he lift her up to the ground with one hand.

"do you think that I did not heard your conversation, didn't I tell you that Nile's pet isn't your." The Male stared at the Struggling girl as he pressed his red pinkish lips in between the filtration of the cigarette "I-I'm s-Sorry, *cough* I w-won't do it a-again." The rose haired girl gasp violently from the lack of air digging her nails onto the males hands.

"Then I am looking forward to your words Lucilia." The Black haired Male smirked at the girl and threw her on the pine tree leaving a huge crack on the trunk, the Girl placed both of her hands on her neck trying to cover the blood that is gushing down as she continuously cough violently, they both left the bleeding girl alone near the tree forgetting the incident that happened.

"Brother Rupil, I thought you where  still on aunty Rose's tea party?" The Blue-haired boy looked at the Male with gladness in his eyes "The tea party ended up with a bloody fight amongst the Ladies, so I left early. It was pretty dull and boring watching them fight all the time." The Male replied with a distressed sigh rubbing his right temple In circular motion with his index and middle finger clasped together.

"Aunty Rose always host a bloody tea party because of her overwhelming pride so it's good that you left early." The Blue haired boy Added while he continue gazing at the man beside him with admiring eyes.

"I wished she stop inviting me, I can't have my favorite fur coat stained in blood." The Black haired male closed his eyes and spoked with a stressed tone "do you want me to take off your stress Bother Rupil?" The Blue haired boy raised both of his  forearms with his clenched fist and a gleeful smile, the Black haired male raised his left eyebrow in confusion.

" need for that Niles, I'll just take a rest in my Chamber." The Male shifted his eyes back on the path leaving the defeated male behind until his expression turn into a bright look "Wait brother Rupil, Can I take a rest at your chamber too?" The Male turned his head around with a narrowed eyes.

"And why is that?" The Boy gulped before he answers the Male in front of him, he look on the ground trying to avoid the questioning gaze of the black haired male "w-well I'm tired because I trained this morning with Casil, and you know how Strong and fast Casil is." The boy replied hoping that the male would accept his response "*sigh* fine you can rest with me in the chambers." The Blue haired male jumped in glee from the Male's reply, the black haired male stood there on his feet with a defeated sigh with his right Hand placed on his hip and his left hand brushing his bangs backwards. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The pair made their way back to the Letalion estate opening a pair of huge Black and Gold door that is designed and adorned with different floral patterns, after the double leaf door are opened they were greeted by the Maids and butlers that are bowing in ninety degree angle from left and right .

"Greetings Young Master Rupil and Young master Niles!" All of them addressed the Pair who are standing in the entrance in sync as they kept there heads down waiting for their response to dismiss them "At ease." The Black haired male Spoked, the maids and butlers straightened their back and went to their individual duties silently.

The pair finally arrived in front of Rupil's Bedroom, two guards are standing in opposite direction opened the door by the handle and the Siblings went inside before the guards closed the door.

The blue haired boy walked towards the long black couch, the Male took off his white fur coat and red Vest and placed them on the black sofa leaving him with a white poet shirt, high waist black pants and a black oxford shoes, he walked towards his king-size bed and sat on the side taking off his shoes before placing them beside the red drawer to the right.

He laid his head on the soft white pillow, his back pressing the soft cushion of the bed as he wrap himself from the covers and drifted himself to sleep, the blue haired male positioned himself as well wrapping himself from the covers, before he drift himself to sleep he gazed at the male with gleaming eyes admiring the handsome features of the mans face until his eyes started to get droopy and he slowly closed his eyes and went to sleep besides the male.

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