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Jackson Young and Kun Jung-Hee live completely polar opposite lives.

Jackson Young lives an almost perfect life. Anything he wants is well within his reach and never has he had to work a day in his life. The Young family are known in the cooking world but such talents seemed to have evaded Jackson. However, Jackson is in for a very rude awakening ...

Kun Jung-Hee has a very hard life. His family has been riddled with debts from his absent father who left them when Kun was in high school. Kun lives with his mother and three younger siblings. Being that man of the house, Kun had taken on more duties than average for his age. However Kun shoulders it all, but he could really use a good break...
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I've been seeing other authors do this and decided to do a updated review for my novel. Prince of Food is a fun, more down to earth novel of mine. There will be laughs, love and crazy situations all around. The main characters will slowly come together, and grow together as well. Hope you all enjoy this novel, happy reading!

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