Realistic fiction typically involves a story whose basic setting (time and location in the world) is real and whose events could feasibly happen in a real-world setting.

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  • illicit relationshipillicit relationship


    illicit relationship

    Quote of the Main Character "In the future, I will be the wealthiest person in China and sit on my throne with beautiful women in my arms." **** Please read my review or read the synopsis to the end so that you know what to expect in this novel or in each volume of this novel. I can't pin my review. *** new novel= Binding System synopsis: One day, a handsome young man died in a car accident. He suddenly wakes up and find himself in an unfamiliar place, but what surprised him most is that he is taking over someone else's body. He is once again surprised when he knows that he is in a parallel universe with the same laws as his previous world. At first, he only wants to enjoy his life. But after learning his predecessor desires to be a successful person and make his family happy, he decides to continue his predecessor's dream. With knowledge from his previous life, he starts his adventure to become a successful person, and of course, he doesn't forget to seduce beautiful women left and right. Follow him as he embarks on his journey to become a successful person and conquer the hearts of beautiful women. * I haven't finished editing all previous chapters, so please bear with it for now. *Tags= slice of life, poor to rich, action, business, martial arts, gangs, leader gang, beautiful female lead, handsome male lead, older love interests, harem, cruel MC, multiple identities, secret identity, R-18, romance, modern-day, MILF, friendship, war between gangs, war against martial art schools, scheming, betrayal, genius MC, incest, strong MC (OP at the same level). *** plot - first volume = focus on relationship and business. The story is slow and full of slices of life at the start but it gets a lot better and the story progress faster later on. I made so many mistakes in early chaps, but please give it a try. it's repetitive in the early chaps because this is my first time writing a story, so I'm very inexperienced. Try it, maybe you will like it - second volume =Helping Lin Xing Xue and a little problem. - third volume = a lot of troubles this volume is full of troubles, fights and wars. - last volume = the truth, revenge, war and many problems. this volume is ongoing now ** This novel contains incestuous content, if you don't like incest, it means this novel is not for you. this novel also has R-18 content so please dont read my novel if you are not an adult. * Support me: I'm not the owner of the cover, I took it from Pinterest so if you're the owner of the cover and want me to take it down, please tell me and I'll immediately take the cover down.

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  • Never JudgeNever Judge


    Never Judge

    Cedric Reyes has a secret, he is the heir and eldest son of the rich and powerful Reyes clan. As tradition all heirs of their family have to go through a form of poverty training at the age of fifteen. They are left to fend for themselves with no contact and barely any money. Since leaving, he's gotten married to Adrianna Herandez, the Treasure of the Hernandez clan. Adrianna's family had always looked down at him due to his humble origins, but Adrianna has always stuck by him. Treated badly by his classmates in the past, and his in law in the present. They are about to encounter the shock of their lives. The Reyes Heir rules the country with his friends, the four princes, who are each from powerful and well respected families. **Cover by Mozzamello** **Typography by sendaline_16** Join my discord server: Follow me: @wounded_warriorauthor on Instagram

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  • Rise of the Disgraced HeirRise of the Disgraced Heir


    Rise of the Disgraced Heir

    They lost everything, their money, their fame, their influence, but this will not be the end. Ian Lim was born the heir to one of the nation’s richest and most powerful families, but that title was now long gone. After betrayal, illness, and sheer bad luck plagued his family, Ian lost everything. When one misfortune after another hit the Lim family the golden prince became the fallen prince, from servants attending to his every need he was now a servant himself. As the true colors of the people around him came to the surface, Ian swore revenge. One day, like a phoenix, he would have the Lim family rise back up again. And everyone that ever looked down at him, would get their just deserts. ____________________________________________________________________________ “Why are you doing this?” The imposing man in front of him asked. Ian could feel the power and authority radiating from him, he was clearly someone important. “You didn’t have to save her, and you are clearly drinking for a reason, so why help?” “Does it matter?” Ian hissed, he wasn’t in the mood to bow down to some rich man. He had enough on his plate today to care. He was surprised when the man suddenly laughed. Ian was expecting this man to have him thrown out, not to be amused by what he had just said. “I like you.” The intimidating figure finally spoke. Ian couldn’t help but look up at him in curiosity, most powerful men didn’t like being talked back to. “Marco, get his details. I see a future for this one.” For some reason Ian knew at that moment that his life would change, that he would no longer need to settle for rich kid’s scraps. Something about this man’s words seemed like a promise to help. ____________________________________________________________________________ In a world where the poor just get poorer, and the rich get richer, can Ian go against the tide and rise again? Can he fight the disgrace and shame his family faced when they were thrown out and shunned? Can the disgraced heir rise again and take back what was taken from him?

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  • Arranged marriage to the princess of the Red ScorpionsArranged marriage to the princess of the Red Scorpions


    Arranged marriage to the princess of the Red Scorpions

    NOTE: cover art is a commission done by Ripcorez a fellow author on here and amazing artist. If you like his work, don't hesitate to reach out to him with a request for a commission of your own Samuel Foster would be turning 18 in two weeks. He grew up in a fairly normal low case family home with his parents and two younger siblings. The thing out of the ordinary was he knew for as long as he could remember he would be getting married at 18 to a girl he never had met before due to a promise his family had made. Lena Scarlet, Princess Scarlet was feared by many, respected and loved by everyone near her. Deadly as she was calm, her one annoyance in life was the arranged married he father decided upon before she was born. Being fiercely independent and trained to protect herself, she never felt the need for a relationship or marriage as she fully capable of taking care of all her needs. However, a promise was a promise and whether either of them liked it or not, their parents were at least going to force them to live together before calling the wedding off. Please give the book a chance. I'm not the greatest of synopsis writers, as I am sure some of you can tell and the book may be slow at first due to the setup and lead in. But I promise it will getting more interesting as it goes along. Scene excerpt from the story: "You didn't happen to think it was important to tell before now?! The princess was furious with the other woman. "I.." She paused for a second to swallow, "I never thought that it would come down to this. I promise though that they wouldn't do anything terrible." "They said the same thing to my father.. but they were wrong. I don't trust anyone's word." The princess replied standing up. The more her anger rose, the darker her eyes got. "You should just be fortunate that I am not my father. Do you know what he did when faced with a similar situation?" with no reply, she continued "He killed almost all of them. You could say it was a massacre. Me, I won't got that far, but if anything happens to him, I will personally kill the person who touches him." Books in this Series: Dear Dove (Prequel) Roses & Whips(on hold for editing)- Richard's book Discord server link: If server link doesn't work- please inform me. Link to patreon account where I will give brief Paypal link: because every little bit helps author to write while in college.

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  • Top Star: Journey to Become a Global StarTop Star: Journey to Become a Global Star


    Top Star: Journey to Become a Global Star

    Ren, he was someone with great talent in acting and singing but due to bad luck and some wrong choices, he was only able to become a third rate actor. After dying in an accident, he noticed that he had returned to the past. With the help of his talents and the knowledge of future, he started his journey to become the trendiest star of the century! *On hiatus * * * The story will take place in an alternate world. It is just to avoid the copyright infringement. I don't want my story to end up like I'm in Hollywood or IRAS. Contact me on discord : Killerbee#4748 Here's a link to the server : PayPal account: Support me if you want!!

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  • Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince CharmingRebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming


    Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming

    Qin Guan was reborn and sent back to his final semester in High School 18 years ago. Getting a second chance at life, he works hard to turn things around and eventually become a Prince Charming. What will his life be like the second time around? What will he have to go through? How will he succeed in turning from a loser into a Prince Charming? Read this story carefully and find out!

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  • A Supporting Character's Love StoryA Supporting Character's Love Story


    A Supporting Character's Love Story

    Does a supporting character have a chance at love? or is he destined to be in the shadow of the main character? **************************** "You are thinking of something stupid, aren't you?" Makoto asked her. She turned towards him surprised. I leaned in and whispered into her ear while grinning "You are not the only one who can read someone's true intentions." She blushed. For the first time in his life, Makoto felt no need to put on an act around somebody. **************************** Cover is done by me.

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  • Crazy DetectiveCrazy Detective


    Crazy Detective

    A little ruffian who fought recklessly without any morals and bottomline accidentally time-traveled to parallel space and became a Key Case Investigation Team agent. The huge change in identity had him creating chaos in the police station. However, a strange miracle system helped him repeatedly solve mysterious cases, turning him into an impudent ruffian detective!

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  • Rebirth: King to SuperstarRebirth: King to Superstar


    Rebirth: King to Superstar

    "I just wanted to act my whole life." A regret of an old king who died of old age. Being transmigated into a young man's dead body in a new world filled with things such as phone and movies, he was fascinated. Deciding to make full use of this sudden chance watch Zen Su, once a king of the most powerful kingdom become Kim Joon-won the most famous superstar in the modern world and fullfill his wishes. Notice- I hope all of you would read the long prologue to the book as it gives you a deeper understanding to Zen Su as a king and his charactee better to understand the book better. Notice- The cover pic was taken from online and full credits go to it's creator. If the person wants me to take it down I will gladly do dat. Instagram Handle- @Cruchymonster

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  • Let Me Make You a StarLet Me Make You a Star


    Let Me Make You a Star

    Lee Hyun, the man once known as the 'Midas of music'. He got thrown out of his agency and his wife betrayed him. He lost everything and there was no hope left for him, but life gave him another chance to redeem himself. He found himself in 2010. The time when the entertainment industry has just started to get popular all over the world. With his knowledge of the future and his composing skills, Lee Hyun decided to make a mark in the entertainment industry. This time, he would become the 'God of Entertainment'. *On hiatus, due to exams. * * * *This novel is based in Korea. So, the names of the characters would be in Korean. If you like K-pop, then you would like this novel. If you can, please share it. Join the server: Contact me on discord: Killerbee#4748 Note: This novel is also posted on scribble hub and Royal road. Release schedule: 2-3 chapters per day

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  • Soul for a Girlfriend?Soul for a Girlfriend?


    Soul for a Girlfriend?

    "Make girls fall in love with you or accept your death." The female devil smiled through her crimson eyes and her white hairs shining under the moonlight. An introvert boy of 17 years old, who deemed love a questionable waste of emotions. And people who love each other as idiots and naïve for wasting their time and effort. Until that one unfortunate day, He involuntarily signed a contract with a devil from hell and his world turned upside down. And what the hell is this contract. (Pun unintended) ... Discord: lon_okami#9417 Join my Discord Server

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  • TWISTED: Chess PieceTWISTED: Chess Piece


    TWISTED: Chess Piece

    "We are the Pawns. Disposable pieces used by the King to maintain their reign." But is that all there is to it? Eight twisted Pawns in a board of 64 squares with 32 Black and White Pieces, who would win this game? Is it the Whites who delivers the first move? Or is it the Black who successfully parries the first move? Whoever you thought the winner might be, please keep in mind that twisted Pieces are bound to twist the entire game.

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  • Is My Life Ordinary?Is My Life Ordinary?


    Is My Life Ordinary?

    “LET’S BEGIN THE SURVIVAL GAME!” The announcement called out before Allen could get a handle on the circumstances. He was thrust into a game of survival. It was supposed to be a typical day for Allen, but if only that were possible. Unfortunately, fate had different plans for him. Allen was consistently prepared to leave for school. It was part of his routine that he never broke. But, much to his dismay, he didn’t know he wasn’t coming home that night. Upon his arrival, all the students were forced to stay at school. They were asked to complete simple tasks without notice. At first, they were asked to accomplish the duties just as menial as solving a riddle, but oblivious to the peril they were about to enter. Soon it turned out that Fifty students from various places were kidnapped and erased from records and placed on a deserted island. After realizing their situations, it was clear, the only way to survive was to complete the given tasks. Just like the working world of real life, everyone has to face the consequences of their actions. Just like that, they all have to face the consequences for every wrong decision and incompetent result. Will Allen be able to come out of this? Or will he be trapped in the game for eternity? ----- Hey there, since this is my first novel there might be slight mistakes. If you can ignore those mistakes then I really think you will enjoy the novel. I will constantly be trying to improve. Join the Discord Server for Character Design. Discord ID/ Link- Adrian_Garcia#7798 Discord Link- Instagram ID- ce._.two The cover isn't mine.

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  • The Only Fuel Is Using The D.The Only Fuel Is Using The D.


    The Only Fuel Is Using The D.

    For three years Calix suffered from the Backlash of his undecipher Term Attribute. As he couldn't use his unique power, he went through series of misfortunes which caused him to lose his self-esteem. However, one day, he was caught in an incident that led him to awaken his hidden power(luck). "The fuel of my Term Attribute is sexual practices with the opposite gender?" ADVANCE 50 CHAPTERS: [THIS IS SMUT WITH PLOT] [This novel has Tsundere, Yandere, Glasses Girl, Slut, Kuudere, Tall Girl, Tanned, Tomboy, MILF, Dark-Skinned, and lots more!!] Warning: -This novel is R-18. -I can't promise you high-quality content since I write two other stories, I can't put all my time here. - You may found some errors here in there but I'm confident that this novel will be readable. -If I don't like the performance of this novel, I will drop this after hundred chaps. -I only accept a one-star rating. -I will update 5× a week. - The plot may become nonsensical sometimes, but it's because of Calix's unique luck. Don't nag me if you found that the plot lacks common sense. This is smut, duh. -I will put all of my shit here in this story. - Please leave a shitty review.

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  • Classroom of the eliteClassroom of the elite

    Classroom of the elite

    The story takes place at Advanced Nurturing High School, a leading prestigious school with state-of-the-art facilities where nearly 100% of students go on to university or find employment.The students there have the freedom to wear any hairstyle and bring any personal effects they desire. The said high school is a paradise-like school, but the truth is thst only the most superior of students recieve favourable treatment. The protagonist Kiyotaka Ayanakoji is a student of D-Class, which is where the school dumps its "inferior" students in order to ridicule them. For a certain reason Kiyotaka was "careless"(wrote exam badly on purpose) on his entrance examination, and was put in D-Class. After meeting Suzune Horikita and Kikyo Kushida, two other students in his class, Kiyotaka's situation begins to change.

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  • All my toysAll my toys

    # R18

    All my toys

    A pervert father that tries to hold back his nature.. A bitchy devout wife that treats him like a servant. A father in law that collects most of his earnings. This is Carl’s life. Now Carl decides that it is time to put everything behind him and start anew, but an incredible discovery about his father in law makes him decide that it is time to teach him a lesson… of course in his own, pervert way... This is my first attempt at writing. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Also, I am not a native english speaker so do expect grammar errors to pop up. -The tags clearly indicate that this novel is not something that everyone can stomach. If you can't handle it, then don't read it. leaving a review that only says "this is disgusting" just exposes your bigotism. -All character and situations are pure producs of my imagination. Any resemblance to actual people or events is completeley coincidental. DON'T TRY TO REPRODUCE THE ACTS DEPICTED IN THIS BOOK IN REAL LIFE! NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE, IT IS CRUEL AND ILLEGAL!!!

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  • The Ladies Gang Puppet Leader (18+) (Warning: Explicit sexual content)The Ladies Gang Puppet Leader (18+) (Warning: Explicit sexual content)

    # R18# HAREM# MAFIA

    The Ladies Gang Puppet Leader (18+) (Warning: Explicit sexual content)

    My name is Caiden Black. I am a 17-year-old ordinary guy you can find anywhere in the world. My life’s ambition is to propose to my childhood friend; Lily Storm. I was all prepared, but my destiny decided to fuck me over and through a series of extreme unfavorable events, which include raping Lily, I am now surrounded by a bunch of women and being forced to become the head of their ladies crime organization… Someone save me… Note: This story takes place in Arasia, a planet almost exactly the same as Earth. Only the geography and a few little things are different. To support me and for early chapters: Get updates: Tags: R-18, Adult, Mature, Criminal world, harem, different world, Huge Breast, extremely beautiful women, Rape, weak to strong MC, Smut etc

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  • Idol DreamIdol Dream


    Idol Dream

    The synopsis made by a reader called Lecc Daeho reincarnates into the body of someone of the same name just 16 years old. The body he is in is actually a failed idol that debuted too early, for strange reasons he dies. MC used to be an aspiring musician that never really realized his dream, now he has a system, a younger body, and a chance to become an actual idol, and climb the ladders of the industry.

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  • The Legendary ActorThe Legendary Actor


    The Legendary Actor

    After getting the final relief from his past sufferings, Chu Jiashu was given a second chance when he found himself in the body of an infant from an aristocratic family of Hall. Now, nothing is going to stop him from achieving his long-cherished dream of acting. Enter Renly Hall, a Hollywood miracle of 21st century. Note from the translator - from me, that is. "Honestly, I get frustrated too much when I look at countless subpar novels being translated day after day. So much human resources wasted. I kinda get what Qidian International is doing, but it is just, I can't bear the notion of having so many wonderful novels that belong to the Chinese platform to be left in the dust. English-speaking community should know of the existence of such brilliant works, and more so, they should enjoy them. The novel is by a Chinese dude "Qiqi Jia D Mao Mao", whatever that might mean, who wrote several showbiz novels (he is probably the best at what he is doing). It is not my work, I'm just a dude who, with the help of two free machine translators (DeepL and good ol' Google), can show you a hidden gem. Wait, you said machine translators? Sadly, yes. I can't speak Chinese at all, but fortunately, this novel is structured in a machine-translation-friendly way, like really so. Most of the time context is saved. I'm just polishing the edges with my superb (not really) editing skills, so you all chaps have a splendid experience with this good staff indeed. Actually, you can go and read machine translation or just wait for my updates. Up to you dudes and dudies. And then I go away...blewb, blewb, blewb, blewb, blewb....." P.S. "I am a knife for a hire. So the managers of the site can employ me for this novel, but please don't remove it. Oh, please, I'm begging you on my knees. You guys won't even think of translating this novel, and here I am "translating" it for free,.... well for the time being, that is mwahahaha!" P.S. for P.S. This novel does not contain the following: Harem, definitely not NTR, stupid characters, NTR again (God, I hate NTR (secretly beating the meat for a one in hentai)) But this novel contains: Great storyline, relatable characters, realistic situations, very fun moments as well as tear jerking ones (so much so, you will find your throat hella sore from crying all the time), surprise after surprise for the decisions that author went with. You will have a good time indeed WARNING! READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!

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  • Now, where am I? [Completed]Now, where am I? [Completed]


    Now, where am I? [Completed]

    Blessed with six wishes, join Kyle on his adventure to the Marvel world. It is going to be a fun ride. So hold your seat. You may find this story to be somewhat similar to some of the other fics initially, but believe me it will change drastically.

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