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100% Princess of Lunaris / Chapter 10: Trail

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Chapter 10: Trail

Fast forward to the present, as days later, the Royal Council of Lunaris had called for a meeting and requested Luna's presence. The main reason for this meeting was to decide what to do with Luna and her title as heir. Traditionally, after a ruler died, their heir took the throne. Which in this case was Luna, yet there was one big problem.

"Princess, I believe you are aware of your tarnished reputation. Though you are the heir of Lunaris, we, the council, do not feel at ease with placing the leadership of Lunaris in your inexperienced hands," said one of the older men who was a member of the council and a relative of Luna's, just like all members appointed on the council.

His words caused Luna's mother to narrow her golden eyes suspiciously at the man. Days had passed, yet the Ruler of Solis remained behind on Lunaris to cater to her daughter's needs as she went through this tough time.

Luna's days passed by slowly as the meaning of life felt lost on her. Sometimes she would even ask herself if this was all a horrible nightmare, yet the council calling to meet with her woke Luna from that delusion.

Their piercing, judgemental stares stabbed through her skin. Their objection to her as heir and princess of Lunaris was displayed clearly in their eyes. To them, Luna was a disappointment who failed to live up to the honor and glory of Lunaris, an utter disgrace.

"Which is why we wish to present the princess with an ultimatum. As you know, the enrollment for Starlight University, the top prestigious college in the Starry Galaxy, opens up in a week from now. Not only must you attend, but during the four years of enrollment as a student, you must show significant improvement and graduate from there before we bestow you the throne. If the princess does not wish to comply, we sentence her to relinquish both her title as heir and princess of Lunaris!"

The grovel banged against the desk, sentencing Luna's life. Her mother, outraged at the council's decision, stood up from her chair and began arguing with her aunt, Mika's mother, the one who read Luna's ultimatum to her. The woman bore a remarkable similarity to her daughter.

'Choice? What choice do I have! They would rather banish me than see me succeed. What am I supposed to do!?' Luna asked herself, only to hear a voice speak into her ear.

"You know what you need to do! Remember the words your father said to you! It's time to stop being afraid and bravely embrace your destiny. You can do it! I know you can!" said a cheerful and encouraging voice of a female child, bewildering Luna.

'Wha the?! Who was that voice?!' Luna began searching the area yet saw no one. Mika's mother called forth her name, locked into an intense glaring contest with her mother.

"Ruler of Solis, after your divorce, you hold no power over this realm. So do not involve yourself in it. Princess Luna, do you accept or relinquish your rights?"

Instantly all eyes in the room were drawn towards her, and Luna felt her palms become sweaty. She was nervous, scared, yet her mouth opened and moved on its own. "I will accept the ultimatum and attend Starlight University." Luna's decision not only shocked herself, but even her mother and the council.

The latter jumped to the conclusion that the princess, who showed no strong ties to either of her titles, combined with her introverted nature, would have relinquished all rights. They would have expected her to be happy to get rid of her burden, yet instead, she accepted their request. After getting over her shock, Mika's mom seemed to have realized something and smirked.

"Alright, but remember, if you drop-out or fail to show improvement, the princess will automatically relinquish all rights. Until the princess is ready for the throne, Mika, the Royal Advisor, will take up the mantle of regnant. Dismiss!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After the meeting concluded, Luna sat on her bed, thinking to herself, "What on earth have I done?!" She clutched at her hair and yelled.

"How am I supposed to attend and graduate from Starlight University!? It's the top prestigious school for royals and gifted individuals! It's official; I'm royally screwed!" lamented Luna, who mentally began to weep.

The academics at Starlight University were extremely high-level, even though it was easy for royals to attend without taking the entrance exam. Many of them dropped out before the second semester because the lessons they were taught were so advanced.

"Times like this, I wish I was one of those smart and intelligent transmigrator female lead characters I'm always reading about in novels." Laying flat on her bed, Luna began reminiscing over her favorite novel theme.

Turning to lie on her side, clutching a fluffy pink donut pillow to her chest, Luna groaned into it. "Even a reincarnator would be better than going in blind! I'm no savvy, highly-intelligent, drop-dead beauty that can instantly conquer all her fears!" Feeling herself getting angry, Luna sat up and tossed the pillow aside.

"Stupid council! They want me to fail! I'm only a princess in name, but no one truly respects me! Not only that, but where did that strange voice come from?! I swore I heard someone speaking to me!"

"What's this about a strange voice I hear?" As the woman entered her room, Luna was happy to see her mom.

Gracefully taking a seat on Luna's bed, her mother said, "Attending and graduating from Starlight University is like a right of passage for all royals. But to survive there, you must either have talent or smarts and, in a royal's case, both."

Immediately Luna got a whiff of her mother's perfume as its flora therapeutic aroma caused Luna's frustrations to disappear. Leaning her head on her mother's shoulder, she said, "I hate the council."

Such a blunt response caused her mother to laugh and wrap an arm around her shoulder. "Can't say I disagree, but this is something you cannot back out on now that you agreed to it. Do you think you can do it? Even if you relinquish your rights as princess and heir of Lunaris, you'll still be a princess of Solis, without the burden of heir on your shoulders anymore." Her mother tried to comfort her, and though her words were tempting, something inside of Luna refused.

"I'm not going to lie. A part of me is scared and is very tempted to run away from it all, but... I can't keep running away forever. I think it's time for me to finally start facing my fears, mom." Luna nervously fiddled with her sweater, eyes on the ground as her mother sighed and nodded her head.

"Okay, but remember, if things become too much of a burden, you have an option. "

"I know, mom, and thanks!"

"Anytime, sweetheart, but since enrollment starts a week from now, I think it best you start packing now. After all, you'll be living on campus, away from home! It would be best if you had all your necessities. Oh, how about we go shopping before you leave! We can even pick out new clothes!" Luna smiled as she listened to her mother excitedly ramble on about all the fun activities they could do together.

'Thank you for still being here, mom.'

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