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In a harrowing display of justice, a group of armed cops confronted a notorious criminal on the rooftop.

His name was Leon, one of the most wanted criminals of the present. He was charged with the murders of many influential figures with a bounty of 5 million Dollars over his head.

The tense atmosphere fluctuated by low humming sirens from dozens of vehicles surrounding the building below.

The noise of clicks and shutters echoed one after another as a horde of people surrounded the road trying to film the happenings at that place.

Instead of worrying about the circumstances that led to this scene, they were rather excited about the prospect of shooting the scene and posting it on the internet to gain views.

The cops aiming the gun breathed with palpable tension on seeing an indifferent expression on the evil-doer face who had killed countless individuals with the slightest shred of mercy.

Today, he entered the main building of Secure Corporate and killed the CEO along with various individuals occupying the top positions of the company.

The blood drenching his body still hadn't dried off and created a ghastly illusion of a sinister cruel monster.

"Raise your arms and drop onto your knees. Don't struggle or try to resist and if you think of running, I am emptying this shit into your ass."

"Don't struggle anymore. You have no way out. You are surrounded."

One of the cops shouted in a voice filled with righteous confidence while thinking of his prospect after arresting this vicious criminal. Just as he imagined a scene of being interviewed and becoming famous, a shout echoed, halting his train of thought.

"Who the fuck made you cops with that dumb shit brain of yours."

The cop's eyes widened with confusion as the man dared to scold them in such a condition. If it was any other criminal who had dozens of people pointing at him, then he would have already laid on the floor or screamed of his innocence or begged for mercy.

But the man just stood at the edge of the railing with a nonchalant gaze.

"You dare to condemn me."The cop screamed while threatening to shoot.

"Yes, I do. It is because of idiots like you that heinous criminals were running wild while good men were suppressed with no one to look for justice for them."

"Did you see any panic on my face or did you see me resisting? If I wanted to flee or struggle, I would have fought on the lower floor and used people as hostages. Didn't I already throw the gun at one of you? Being a cops officer you don't even know shit about criminal psychology. You might already be thinking about the prospects of catching a big fish instead of justice."

"Stop blabbering and get down otherwise I will sh..."

The cops jumped aside to dodge expecting it to be a weapon but it turned out to be a blood-dyed shoe.

"Do you think I am afraid of death?"Leon snorted and ridiculed them.

"Do you know why I ran here?"

Confused by narration, one of them blurted out loudly.


"Screw you!"Leon cursed showing his middle finger.

"You can't even understand such a punny thing. You are lucky that I don't know you or your petty crimes otherwise, I would fucking shoot holes into you."

With that, the man under everyone's horrified gaze turned around and jumped while opening his arms wide.

"Wait! Is he going to jump?"

"Shit! This thought escaped my mind."One of them screamed in panic as this was the first time they had seen a vicious criminal fearlessly attempting suicide.


"Shoot him. Who knows if this is a trick of him to escape?"

The cops screamed in panic and shot a few rounds but by that time Leon had already jumped off.

"Now, I am free. Rejoice, you have one less menace to deal with."He screamed as loudly as possible.

Leaving behind his parting words, he leaped off the railings with a burst of maniacal laughter.

The sound of gun firing echoed and a bullet even hit his shoulder but it didn't bother him a bit rather it made him laugh as if he was resistant to pain.

His body descended down towards the concrete jungle with increasing momentum with each passing second. Strong wind tousled against his closely fitted clothes.

Sounds of exasperation, shock, fear, and bewilderment echoed all across the streets.

Yet amidst all this, time seemed to slow down for Leon, who was submerged in the depth of his river of memories.

His life had been a roller coaster of events one after another.

Many think of him as a psychopath and killer condemning him in every possible way but not a single person has ever questioned the reasons behind all this or how he became this.

Up to the age of five, he was just a regular kid, miles away from being rotten by the world's filth.

However, fate suddenly decided to play with him.

It was a normal fine morning that was filled with the warmth and laughter of a family of three but everything changed when a group of armed men forcefully barged into the building.

Knowing the severity of the situation, his father acted as a blockade while his mother pulled him and attempted to flee from the back door.

Sadly, one of the armed men noticed this and shot his mother making her stumble on the floor.

And soon a gripping display of unsettling scenes unfolded before his eyes. The group of armed men engaged in a distressing act of violence, casting an ominous shadow over his heart, one from which he was never able to escape.

Soon his vision was dyed with the shed of red as before his very eyes, the group of people butchered his parents while laughing wildly as if they were having a barbeque party.

An intricate web of darkness followed thereafter as they cut his parents into pieces and were about to do the same with him but cops arrived saving him from going through hell.

However, he was already in hell of his own after witnessing a gruesome sight of viciousness, and one of depraved things a human could attempt.

He tried to forget but he wasn't able to.

The file was closed and justice never prevailed for some goddamn reason, unlike stories where good triumphs over evil. This forced him to take matters into his own hands and he submerged into the darkness of society, killing men of evil, one after another to enjoy the pleasure of seeing criminals wriggling in pain, and one day he finally found them.

The members who were responsible for all this.

They were still unhinged and roaming in the underworld partaking in the enthrallment of darkness.

Investigating on his own, he found that a group of people were hired by the company for whom his parents worked. They accidentally found out the dark side of the company and reported it to the cops as a result of causing such a disastrous calamity.

And with the way things were, he fucking knew that the same cops who act as enforcers of justice were involved in this and were the reason for the case of such brutality being closed off.

The last straw of his sanity finally broke apart and he went on a killing spree yearning for the sweet taste of revenge yet when he was finally done with it, he couldn't find any peace rather it left behind a great turmoil seeking an answer to the question of what did he live for.

If there was a real depiction of a knight fighting in darkness, he would surely get a chance as spending most of his life in the filth of society, he had done what can only be imagined and shown in movies.

Unable to find any more meaning in his life, he decided that it was enough.

Having the scenes of his life flashing before his eyes, a smile formed on his lips.

"Are you watching me now, mom and dad?"

"If you are, I am sure you would be spitting and cursing me from heaven for all the evil acts. I know what I did was not correct but at the end of the day who cares?"

"I did what my heart felt was right. Though I have killed a lot I have never harmed any one whose hands weren't dirty. I am neither a hero nor a villain, I am just a mere man trying to keep my feet from submerging into the dark side while trying to clean the darkness that always looks for prey to engulf."

" And at this very moment, as I embrace death, I don't have much regret except one, that is I wasn't able to kill enough son of bitch."

"I wish I could kill more until every piece of shit disappears from this world but it's okay as soon as I am going to reunite with you."

Drop of tears leaked from his eyes that were blown away by violent winds as his body descended, pulled by the force of gravity, and finally, he crashed onto the floor with a loud bang.


The body burst apart with pieces of flesh splattering on the street painting a gory painting of blood and horror, an etching nightmare in the hearts of many.

Dozens of people who were walking across the same lane of the street, found themselves shuddering in fear and shock.

Some people in the crowd started vomiting when they saw it while some with cameras still recording stumbled backwards with their bodies shivering

The cops below the street saw the commotion and started taking measures immediately.

This event finally brought an end to Leon's sad, arduous yet thrilling journey of bravado.....

Or so he thought...….

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