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Protagonist?Antagonist? I Reject Both

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Author: Lonelythree

4.48 (75 ratings)

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Was he a pawn or would he reach the end of the board and flip it over?
At the age of 5, Leon's parents were slaughtered in front of him, but instead of getting arrested and punished, the case was closed off, with the villains of the incident running free.

At the age of 24, he had turned into a mass murderer crazy psychopath. After sending many criminals to hell, he finally got his revenge and killed the people responsible for his parents' deaths.

However, instead of finding solace, what he felt was never-ending emptiness making him lose his will to stay alive.

Surrounded by cops, instead of struggling he leapt off the building deciding to end his life.

Alas, fate played another joke on him.

He was selected by Deity and was sent to a world filled with protagonists and antagonists of urban cultivation novels.

And to his utter dismay, when he woke up he found himself in the body of trash fucked by fate brutally.

His mother divorced his father and remarried.

His fiancee was taken away by another one.

A girl whom he fell in love with later turned out to be his step-sister and engaged with someone else.

His stepmother had thrown him out of the house and blocked his cards.

Recounting all the bullshit, Leon finally lost his sanity.

"Screw you all and Screw the world."

"I wanted to have peace but since you are not going to let me in peace, you will see my dark side."

Follow Leon's journey as he tramples over the so-called childrens of heaven and destiny villains, and strives to the top of the world.


I am a complete novice. My English sucks still I will try my best.

However, despite all the flaws, I hope you can give it a try.

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    The novel is cool, interesting and unique in its own way. The novel is well written, the author's idea is a little unique.If you are tired of other novels about villains and heroes that are mostly monotonous, then this novel can be said to be a breath of fresh air. (Sorry for my English, but it's not my native language)

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    UTTER TRASH !!!! This is kinda villainous novel but Author say he doesn't want MC to go down on evil path so MC held back his hand many times also feels guilt here & there. what kind of Villain is this? Author just keeps adding up his biases & this type of novel doesn't suit the mindset he is trying to potray, he seems to be in conflict about MC's personality.

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    LV 3 Badge

    #harem is a lie im already at the current chapters, around 180 and the heroine is not confirm even tho its confirm because he still hasnt confess, according to him. the only disappointed i guess is that the villian are already stealing heroine at protagonist collecting hero. MC has nothing. im not sure if thats the point of the novel but it has #harem #18 and I dont see that anywhere. even the mild #18 is from the pov of the villian. which as reader is not evem interesting

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    LV 3 Badge

    This is my real opinion, after reading the rest of the article, if we consider the heroes as one faction and the villains as one faction, the third category is definitely the idiots, and MC is one of them (more like a hypocrite now. And a stupid villain). . In fact, he is not a villain or a hero, he is stupid, shocking and crazy. It has strange tendencies, but the world building of the story is good. It would have been much better if the MC had a calm and cool personality and tried to use heroes and villains instead of getting involved. In the current situation of the novel, the author has made the other characters more stupid to make the main character smarter. In any case, if you read this novel, you will be disappointed with both the hero and the villain. Although this is a story, but if you read psychology, you will realize how wrong the concept of the novel is, there is no good and bad, and recently the author has used terrible dramas, and also, while reading, you feel that the story is changing every moment. It's like the author is changing his mind. To be honest, I've read worse novels than this one, but this novel makes me angry, it's so bad that everyone is wrong, in any case, it's good, spend your time, just skip the parts of MC's mother๐Ÿ˜ต(google translate)

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    Brother. This novel touched my heart. I could feel my emotions going haywire.It was an unfathomable experience.I was searching for a novel like this for 6 months now and I finally got one today.Brother I will await future chapters. Good luck and I hope you do great in your future endeavours.

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    A MC that was nerfed since the first chapter , chapters make him seem like a real dude character . Hope it gets better later on

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    Hello author I wanted to know if there is win chest in this novel ?

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    I sense the presence of NTR in your novel. Every woman was taken away from him. however, I still want to ask, was he subjected to NTR in the past by his lover, fiancรฉe, or mother???

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    Started for good and ended for bad (at the time of 224 chapters). In the first few chapters, the main character was really doing what he was supposed to be doing, but as the story went on, the less attention the author started to pay to it all. This makes it seem like he's just another protagonist who wanders around the world doing all sorts of things. Okay, if only that, but as the plot progresses, the intelligence of our hero falls exponentially, and logic and began to go out for a smoke (for example, high-level martial arts experts can not think of holding their breath so as not to die from smoke. And there are tons of examples like that). Also, cultivation seems to be purely for show. No one will tell us what the differences between the levels of cultivation are, what their features are, etc. They just are and that's it. Get over it. That's the reason why gg doesn't level up, even if he has enough points. He doesn't level up just because. The author tried to give some sort of explanation, but it was some random throw-in rather than anything clarifying. There's not much to say about the world structure. We were given some basic information at the beginning and that's it. Don't expect any more details. The characters, as befits the genre, are cardboard. It seems that the author is trying to create drama (which, more often than not, is out of place) to make the reader empathize with the secondary characters, but alas, everything looks rather artificial and dry. The only one who shows any character and is "alive" is our hero, but it's also very bad. We are shown his personality and beliefs based on a lot of plot holes. There were moments when he had a real way out of the situation, but at that moment his aikyu has fallen to a negative value, and he does not take advantage of all the opportunities only to then stand pompously in front of the mirror and argue about the fact that he is too weak. And that kind of thing, to me, looks very ridiculous and inappropriate. Because of which you simply do not believe in the growth of our hero's personality. The combat, by the way, is as dull, boring and uninteresting as possible. When I got to the ongoings, I actually flipped through whole pages with the description of the fight, so it was tedious to read. And the villains and main characters are just one plot hole.

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    A novel with a lot potential and having read one of the previous works of the author im sure that the story will unfold beautifully.

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    Is this novel ,a netori or netorare?? Why do I feel the mc family is full of netori and other heroine family?? Is this your fetishes??...the mc is dumb..the story is great but full of netori and netorare

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    It's good novel but till now didn't see any romance.also ahh it's stupid of me to think like this but watching MCs mother and a protagonist making out made me a little uncomfortable (I know you didn't write a chapter where Austin and MCs mother fked but even then they did FK.And even if there is no wince*t I still felt uncomfortable)haha NVM me I'm stupid.

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    I have read 100 chapters and this feels like an ntr even tho it has no ntr tags like mc is so dumb when it comes to love stuff and why is there harem tag when he have 0 woman beside that red hair shopia or whatever her name is I hate this just wasted my time reading this

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    Man, although I was expecting some average work to pass my time but only after a few chapters, it completely blew my mind. It has all the things that i wanted in a novel like this and it was executed quite well in my opinion and Mc's morality is one of the many things I liked the most. Although, there were some grammatical errors in some chapters but it was more like a childish error nothing serious. Love your work author, and i expect you wouldn't drop it midway. ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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    I can't describe how much this novel touched me. It made me view a perspective I never knew existed while reading those, op chinese protagonist novels. This novel really touched me . Idk how or why but I assure you that I haven't felt this sort of emotions, feelings in a long time. And it's been a lomg time since I have started reading novels. Can't describe how good this novel is especially with some good background music.

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    One of the better novels you can find on webnovel

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    Hello! Is there a hope for winc est here? Pretty please ๐Ÿคฉ

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    I wish to read more chapters of this amazing novel[img=update] The main character of the story is ruthless and uses his mind in knack of time. The struggle and pleasure to see mc getting stronger is the best to read in this novel

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    LV 12 Badge

    I really liked this novel, the system or status remarks, the jokes and the situation the mc finds himself in are all funny. I had laughed multiple times and found the story and the plot of the novel interesting, with very good interaction between characters. Some things that i found annoying from this would be sometimes the fights drag too long with unnecessary words, and the mysterious are sometimes feels like plot holes but i am sure author will fix that in the later chapters. a sound 4.4/5 from me hope you continue this work and don't drop it in the middle.

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    Author Lonelythree