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92.56% Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) / Chapter 223: Shinpaku Alliance's Win

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Chapter 223: Shinpaku Alliance's Win

"Why is he like that!? Idiot!" said Chisato

Niijima was shaking his head while Thor was laughing his ass off.

Captain C didn't intend to stop his attack so the moment Takeda got busy in removing his restraints he dashed forward with the steel wire in his had ready to take Takeda's head off.

Seeing him coming towards him Takeda ducked and did a rollover to his right to get out of Captain C's range and remove his restraint throwing it towards his friends for safekeeping.

Thor caught restraints and found out that they were at least weighed around 15 to 20 kg at least.

"You don't play by the rules do you!?" asked Takeda.

"It's your fault for wearing those restraints, not mine," said captain C.

"Well alright let's finish this," said Takeda as he dashed towards Captain C.

Takeda's speed was much faster than before and Captain C wasn't even able to react but still, he used the steel wire to guard his face.

Takeda didn't go for his face but he used his left hand for a massively large swing at his ribs.

*CRACK* came the sound as Takeda's punch landed at Captain C's ribs crushing them.

"Ohh..." groaned captain C in pain and placed both his hands on his left side leaving himself open for a right hook of Takeda right at his jaw which was followed by a left straight knocking him out.

"And Fighter Takeda may have just set the record for shortest one on one match!" shouted the announcer "Looks like The Shinpaku Alliance will be proceeding to the next round! We all will be having a 5-minute break for all those who need to use the bathroom." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-win_44747171618152209">;s-win_44747171618152209</a> for visiting.

"Come on, I want to check on Mizunuma," said Takeda as he entered back the booth before lifting Ukita to his shoulders "Plus we should get this guy a proper bed."

"Agreed, but Kenichi and others match hasn't started so we should leave someone behind as scout and also informers who will call us if their match comes," said Tsuji.

"I will stay with my loyal servant Siegfried," said Niijima, "Kisara and Kaname can stay behind as well along with Matsui"

"Will you be all right alone?" asked Shiratori.

"Feh, with these guys, I don't think I have much to worry" grinned Niijima pointing towards Akisame, Elder, Apachai, Shigure, Shizuha, and Kensei. Sakaki wasn't there as he left the seating area right after Takeda's fight in the name of the toilet but in reality, he went to scout the shady areas on the island.


Sakaki was casually jogging away from Colosseum and towards whatever suspicious place he could find. This scouting was being only done because of Kenichi who told his master about his skill Ki sense which allows him to sense his surroundings and through that skill he found about the prisoners on the island. After learning about that Elder Hayato had decided that before creating Havoc they will free those prisoners and here Sakaki was looking for a place to enter the prison. One of the buildings that had many cables leading towards it was something to be suspicious about hence Sakaki stopped to look at it. But then he soon noticed someone near him.

"So you have decided to come too my fiance" stated Jennifer as she came out of hiding.

"So it's you, Jenny" stated Sakaki with his eyes narrowed before relaxing, "You won't pul-"

*Bang Bang Bang*

He didn't get to finish as he had to dodge several shots from Jennifer.

"That's dangerous dammit!" cursed Sakaki as he managed to get behind Jennifer, grabbing her arm to stop her from shooting, "Why are you still a wildcat? Being hit still hurts like hell!"

"You broke your promise" pouted Jennifer, "You promised to marry me, you big liar!"

Sakaki sighed as he didn't think that Jennifer would still be holding onto that promise "That was something I said when you were little and I was drunk!"

"Liar!" cried Jennifer "You promised so you should fulfill it!"

"*sigh* We will talk about that later but you tell me what are you doing here!?" asked Sakaki.

After that Jennifer explained everything to Sakaki that she is here as a spy to free the American marines who were imprisoned by Fortuna. Then Sakaki decided to help her as that's what he came here to do as well.

So they made a plan of taking Sakaki as a prisoner to the prison so that they could free the imprisoned American marines from there.

So Sakaki was 'arrested' by Jennifer and three others and then was taken to a base. When Jennifer mentioned the code word 'Angel', Sakaki grinned as he punched one of the guards through the wall, simultaneously freeing the imprisoned American marines and knocking the guards unconscious. Jennifer swiftly turned and fired the two guards, who could barely believe the betrayal of their captain. They were quickly knocked down by Sakaki who appeared behind them. It was there that Jennifer revealed herself to be a SHIELD special agent. Hearing which Sakaki was shocked as he knew about SHIELD as they had tried to recruit him much time but he said no to their offer and he only thought Jennifer to be an FBI agent that's all.


Back at Colosseum, it was currently the Nanken (Southern Fist) team versus the Three-Headed Dragon. Though both teams were from China, it didn't stop them from doing their damn best to show which Chinese team was better.

While in the Fighting was going on, Fortuna's chair specifically the armrest, vibrated for 0.01 seconds before falling silent. Fortuna glanced down on his chair before deciding it was just his imagination.

Back at the command center, Jennifer had managed to disable the alert system just in time while Sakaki took care of the rest of the guards.

So back at the Colosseum once more.....

"I am bored!" yawned Sho but his face scrunched in pain due to the swelling.

"Hmm, you would think Chou Enshin would be interested in this fight, considering its Chinese martial arts" commented Rachel. "Though wouldn't you be interested too since you practice it?"

"Bah, I can take all Five of them out easily. It's just ants vs ants. Eight seconds flat to kill them all"

[A.N- Sorry for not posting any chapters for almost a month guys. My Final Term exams for my last semester started so suddenly that I couldn't do anything about it and then I got COVID. Well, it can't be helped since my uni decided they wanted to conduct Physicall examination this was a risk that every student had to take. only now I had the time to take a breather hence I am posting this chapter. Hopefully, this will appease you a little. I will try to get more chapters in the coming days to make up for the time lost. So please stick with me for a little more time.]

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