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Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot)

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Author: shashank_bhatt

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Luck wasn't on his side as when he was just few steps away from becoming the world champion in karate he was killed by his by his opponents scheme who was afraid to fight against him and wanted the cup. But he was once again given a chance to reborn as Kenichi Shirahama and become the strongest martial artist.

Watch and see how he conquers the world by becoming the strongest disciple and also how he conquers the women's he likes in his Harem

I have reuploaded the chapters again as to the problem of Power stones that occurred in the previous one.

Discord: https://discord.gg/uxYX3n7


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I can't vote any stones for this novel. Did you use Japanese characters somewhere in the novel? We all know how the Chinese hate the Japanese ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜’

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Im a fan of the original and definitely wants to see kenichi become much stronger. But in just 10chap he was already trading blows with a master like apachai which doesnt know how to hold back and is 1 of the masters while wearing 35kg anklets on each limb. While he didnt win, he came out unscathe, then i dare say he's already the mightiest disciple at this point. Not to mention that the author is a virgin fat otaku, who would even get girls by telling them their his girlfriend already at 1st meeting? All characters degraded with negative IQs. Honestly I'll still keep reading as there's no other kenichi fanfic but this is such a low quality, seriously.

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Great story so far and the relationships are not rushed. If in the origional you got tired of Kenichi getting his ass handed to him in practically all his fights and just barely winning then this is for you. This Kenichi is way stronger and he is not afraid to tell the girls he loves them. There are also a couple of new elements so far that might be leading this world to be a mixed anime one, so if you like those then give it a try. One thing that I like but others might not is that the pacing is pretty slow, but then again the original was pretty long. Looking forward to where the author takes this.

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A very normal fan fic where the author don't really care about writing anything good and just throws us what he writes, was enjoying the story but the grammar is so bad that you would need to try hard to actually make the mistakes: freind(friend), there(they're), hitted, buyed... I'll stop cause it hurts remembering. No use giving advices or helping with the grammar since the author just ignores.

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The MC is crap. There is almost no logic in his actions. The world was made in a polygamy accepting society(meaning world-wide), however, it seems like only the MC can benefit from that. Other women(his mother even) get offended when their man even mentions a harem, the MC's women, ofc they are happy to be sidelined...Harem can be fun to read. If the author can make some sort of emotional connection with the girls, and then the girls talk things out with his and they all agree, then it's a good harem. Here? Well the MC sees a girl goes to her and sais "You are my wife from now on!" and ofc the girl blushes and nods...even if they have no Idea who one another is. I'm really sorry that this is so bad, it's one of the few Kenichi stories and I really wanted to read something in that fandom.*sigh...*

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The novel that you write is very fun and interesting to me. I love reading it very much when I'm free. Every story plot in all the chapter is great and good. I wish I could read it every day to fill my day. I like a characteristic of all your character especially your main lead. I also hope that the authors continue writing to the end and I always support your hard work. Thank you for your hard works and donโ€™t drop or reboot it or hiatus because I love to read your novel. Even though I spent a stone spirit I still hope you carry on your novel. I hope can read more and more a chapter for every day.

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This story is what an amazing fan-fic should aspire to be. Sometimes you don't have to completely change the story when writing/making one. You just need to change the transitions and give more/different backgrounds to people.

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Last review... It's waste of time. This site is very fair! Those numbers display TRUE popularity and quality of novel. Thanks for bringing hope in good social behaviors! I don't know how would real gems got discovered if not fair system of reviews. Good job Webnovel!

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A good story, with a Kenichi that I wish would have been the mc of the anime, as this Kenichi is much more enjoyable to watch/ read about. The story is progressing at a nicely, and at a good pace. Though something that keeps distracting me from the story and immersing myself fully is that there are a lot of spelling/ grammer mistakes and using words that don't make sense in sentences. Other than that it is a very good story.

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Hey awesome you brought it back and you are able to keep posting because it is a really good story and there aren't many Kenichi stories. So keep up the good work

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I have to say this novel was really good Until they started to add marvel fanfic and yes he add other characters from other anime but they still they where in the level of Strongest disciple, But now you added marvel their gods and super powers. I donโ€™t hate marvel is so Many marvel fanfic it getting Boring and their Many fanfic could have added like Baki or other Martial art that been added.

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Story starts out good, has good ideas but really goes downhill after ch100. All the auth writes about is MC having sex for several consecutive chapters and then have the next few chapters be a list of abilities/skills with a paragraph along the lines of โ€œoh so I of these itโ€™s best to learn: xxx xxx xxx xxxโ€. The several chapter of just listing skills/abilities/moves. Author uses a lot of sex and skill list to fill the chapters throughout novel. Dropping

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the story seems the same as the other one so not sure on why the reboot but it is a great story so far. keep up the good work. Hopefully they can fix the problem with giving power stones but it isn't that big of an issue so just write and we will read.

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Very good, the story is good and the MC is not bad at all. I admit that I had decided not to continue reading the story when I heard that you introduced the MARVEL universe, but until now ( 368 Chapter ) the story continues with a good rhythm and a good feeling, so keep doing a good job. PS: just a suggestion from me, you really need to find monsters or evils for the MC because he really lacks high level combat experience even if he is very good at the same level.

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The first 150 chapter is great the story flows fluently which i really enjoy but when it reach the later chapter the author decide it best to add marvel world to this which make the chapter before this and every effort put into becoming what the mc is now useless.... All in all its a good story while it last for those who are new do give it a try as for me im leaving im disapointed this used to be my gem and now its just a shard of broken glass what a pity

Reveal Spoiler
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The dialogues made it a pain to read because there's no punctuation marks such as comma's(,) for example and also the way he keeps calling girls his girlfriend (kisara) and tricking them into a relationship with him(shigure) by making them promise him just feels forced, then his half assed reason like and i quote 'I won't force them into a relationship with me, i just want to establish a connection between us' is just lame, also the way he managed to go toe-to-toe with apachai with weights and,survived and managed to remove the weights while being hit with the achai kick just does'nt make sense because he came out unscathed, frankly, the romance feels forced, the dialogue is a pain and the masters became stupid and did'nt even question how the mc got that strong and did'nt question how the hell he could control ki since a young age is just lazy writing as deadpool would say it..i'll still read it for the heck of it of course and the plot course is still the same, the only difference is a far stronger kenichi and a harem...that's it...honestly?...i'm surprised it's this high, must be because its a harem and the sytem's rigged..

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I've read worse stories, but the grammar is so awful this is just hard to read..............................................................................

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I am truly impressed with your work. It has many good elements like the characters design and story development. However, adding marvel element in this story doesn't sound good to me. I would prefer if you add other japanese martial arts works or manhwa to this story as it will be a great addition to your story. Anyway keep the good works author-san & all the best.

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